Does your Field Work Term have to be related to your area of study/your plan? — Asked by Anonymous

Hi person!

For your first Field Work Term, your choice of location does not have to be based on your course of study, mainly because you will probably not yet have a strict direction to your work (not that you ever really do……. “just kidding”). However, whatever you intuitively choose will still probably weasel its way into your future studies somehow, just based on the fact that you chose it and will learn about yourself and your interests in the process.

In terms of your FWTs post-first-year, they do have to be somehow related to your Plan, but there are ways of finding connections between an organization and your studies that don’t have to be super direct. Also, because you design your Plan based on your personal interests, it doesn’t really feels limiting to have to choose something that connects to your Plan. ALSO your FWTs often shape your Plan as much as your Plan shapes your FWTs.



Bathroom User Review: Dogs

Quality users. In my bathroom studies here at Bennington have found that a bathroom user affects a bathroom experience just as much as the bathroom’s safety, design, comfort, or quality. It is with this in mind that I am reviewing bathroom users. Today the hot topic is dogs. Dogs are interesting because they put so much effort into not using any sort of bathroom. Cats use litter boxes and humans use bathrooms. Why should dogs stay out of the fun? Dogs have 4 legs (2 more than humans) but no arms. This means they can’t use sinks. Sinks are useless to dogs. They don’t care. They just look away. I have the clever opportunity to interview some dogs myself. After some short e-mails back and fourth I agreed to meet the dogs tied to the fence of the Barn at i’m-bored-of-taking-pictures-of-bathrooms-o’clock sharp. The brown, more outgoing dog was Lola and the multicolored brownish shy dog was Caroline. They gave me their numbers immediately but made it clear off the bat that flirting with them was not okay and that the interview would end immediately if I tried. The situation was tense but I handled it with ease. I asked them what they thought it was about bathrooms that made them want to use grass instead. “They’re disrespectful,” said Lola. “They promote a 2 hand, 2 foot lifestyle, when in reality, plenty of people live fine with 4 feet.” “Woof,” said Caroline (age 8). “Woof bowow woof ahoooohhhhhh!!!” Personally, I believe that what I think is right is right and I believe that toilets are useful. We’re not trying to spread a 2 handed and 2 footed regime. Toilets are just best for us. If dogs want their own bathrooms they’re going to have to grow thumbs fist.

User Rating: 8 out of 10

Best quality is the best.
-Alex BG

The Friday shift interns are awesome! (L) — Asked by Anonymous

Thanks ;)


how many windows — Asked by Anonymous

So many.  We have windows which we use to view windows.

-Ray ‘15


8am vs. 5pm. What the hell Vermont. ❄️➡️☀️


8am vs. 5pm. What the hell Vermont. ❄️➡️☀️

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I GOT IN! Thank you guys so much. When I was waiting for my decision, the only release valve for the tension was this blog. Sometimes, I would cut Tapped In with Cricket Hill Collection to take the edge off. But when I really needed a fix, I always came back to you <3. And oh yeah - Class of 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! — Asked by Anonymous



glad we could get you thru these tuff times.

please blog responsibly.

Kagan ‘16

I know Bennington is known as an 'artsy' school. I want to add the 'science-y' reputation as well. Will you guys stand beside me for this cause? — Asked by Anonymous

Who says science students can’t be artsy?! “I don’t conform to your labels, MOM”image

Amira studied both! There is cutie Jason looking at her art, and here is her research.

But more importantly, there is so much science happening here (so many happy people with test tubes!). And here (so many events). Aaaaaand here:  (I KNOW them!)

-Alan ‘15


I was using up my role of film by taking photos of people in VAPA one night, when I came across this lovely lady. I took a photo of her (developed the photo later) and asked her what she was doing. 

"I’m working on a coming of age puppet show that explores the human experience through personal life, supported by excerpts of Herman Melville’s book, Moby Dick." 

"What are you doing it for?"

"Animation class… and for fun."

Photo 1 - the photo I developed. Photo 2 - another puppet she’s making for the show.



We missed Carolyn Lewon photos! Where have you been? 

Bennington Uncensored
There aren’t just Carob Cookies and Drum Circles we have Half-Trikes in Chandeliers too


We missed Carolyn Lewon photos! Where have you been? 


Bennington Uncensored

There aren’t just Carob Cookies and Drum Circles we have Half-Trikes in Chandeliers too

Does Bennington do fire drills at the ass crack of dawn? I need to know if graduating from boarding school will free me from this. — Asked by Anonymous

Bennington, 9 times out of 10, will not conduct a fire drill at the ass crack of dawn. It’s specifically banned in the Acceptable Fire Drill Agreement Policies Handbook (AFDAPH). In-dorm fire drills are done at specific times and Campus Safety informs House Chairs when these will happen. The house chairs tell their housemates. They usually happen in the evening to the earlier hours of the night. 

Stay safe, 

Ben ‘14



The beauty we live. Great shots.


Bennington Term Two Photo Series: Part One

Because of medical reasons, I can't go skiing, and hiking is a bit of a challenge for me. I'm a bit worried that I may feel a bit left out of group trips/activities. Are there a lot of people who stay back when others go out skiing/hiking/exploring? — Asked by Anonymous

You will not be left out, I promise. Tea parties, homework/ jazz jam sessions, hanging out on the lawn, dramatic readings of children’s books in the library, concerts, performances and star gazing are all examples of activities that don’t necessarily pose a big physical investment. I’ve attached a movie made by a Bennington student about what it’s like to be here. It’s great!

Happy spring,

Sylvia M ‘16

Hi, I am a junior in High School and I looked at Bennington this past December. I really liked it and I was curious about the composition/ jazz program at Bennington. I'd really love to continue doing music, but I don't know if I'd only do music. I have many other interests, but if I really find music to be my "thing," is Bennington a good place for musical exploration? I know it's a difficult question, but pretty much, I'm curious about the music program and how it works! Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

Hello kindred spirit,

I understand. I get it. I was THERE. Actually though, I entered my time here with a huge drive to study exactly those things - jazz and composition. But I also had my interest in sculpture to fulfill. And there we have the intimidating question facing those who approach Bennington: how do I take all my “things” to make an education?

Well, you’ve already given the answer! Exploration. In my freshman year I took a variety of classes in music, visual art, and all the things in between. In the music department, I’ve moved through classes in improvisation, composition, history, and personal lessons, as well as collaborations with dance and theater. Music faculty (and all faculty, in fact) encourage study across the disciplines and within. Students are challenged to engage broadly, from classical theory to the avant garde and beyond into new questions. Take a peek at our current music curriculum and see for yourself!


^ Jennings earlier today ^

xo Sam ‘16

Can you have two areas of concentration? — Asked by Anonymous

I’ve been asking around the office this afternoon, and no one can think of anyone who studies Just One Thing.

A LOT students here have two-or-more areas of study. Like, that’s probably more common than just one. Bennington Students™ are usually encouraged to study so broadly during their time here that it can be hard to stick to one discipline.


kagan  ’16

Different person on the ceramics thing, if someone who isn't taking ceramics wants to do things in the studio, is there a materials fee or studio fee? — Asked by Anonymous

hey there, 

No such thing here - even the thought of materials fees or studio fees are too funny to think about. This I believe goes for all areas of study within the Visual Arts. As a student who has been studying VA for two years now, I can tell you that I’ve paid for very little of what I need to make work here, at least in comparison to other schools that I’m familiar with. Often material is provided for. I’ve really only had to buy things such a paper, personal ceramics tools, film, etc. And when it comes to ceramics, there is no studio fee at all. Being able to use the studios here, without having taken intro courses is totally possible. First of all, it only takes a small conversation with one of ceramics faculty. I can’t imagine that they’d turn down a curious mind. And if you know your way in the world of ceramics, even better. Regardless, If you can crowd-source skills and info from friends here, seek out help from the ceramics tech and talk to faculty in order to become aware of what classes need (space, material, etc), you should be more than okay! 

~Doug ‘16~