Part of our new Wednesday morning series.

Part of our new Wednesday morning series.

hey friends are space heaters allowed in the dorms — Asked by Anonymous

Sort of, sometimes!  You can have one if it’s got an emergency shutoff feature when tipped over and one of those heating-element guard doodads.  Also everything you plug in in the dorms has to be 1000 watts or less.  All of the rooms do have radiators that you can crank up, though, so you probably won’t need a space heater.


Ray ‘15

Parke, do you have any of your writing available to read? I'm now fascinated! — Asked by Anonymous

If you want to email me we can chat —

And here’s a poem by Nick Flynn to chew on!  It’s from his fantastic collection, Some Ether, which I seem to be unable to stop reading.

— Parke ‘15

Hi! I'm considering Bennington, but I'm wondering how it is viewed from an outsiders' perspective, like its reputation? Of course, I love it, so I know that the "hippie" stereotypes are not true, but what do employers think of it? Also, what would you say the benefits are of going to a non-traditional school? I don't feel like I'd be missing out on much, but still, something is holding me back. Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

 Depends. Do you want to have the type of job where you get hired because your interviewer was like “oh d*mn you went to harvward here’s a job”? Because that probably wouldn’t happen with a Bennington degree (I dunno how often that happens at all these days…) No one will see that you went to Bennington, though, and not hire you because of that.

You’re just going to have to learn how to advocate for yourself and your skills, which is definitely something most Bennington students learn how to do through things like the Plan Process and Field Work Term. We’re like, self-advocacy pros. Having to constantly think about and back up the hows and whys of you’re studying what you’re studying will do that to a person. Plus, after four Field Work Terms, you get pretty good at applying and interviewing for jobs.

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes down to it, who you are is more important than where you went to school.

it’s still not the 80’s, pal!



EDIT: look at this thing i yoinked from the FWT office! 


(tbh i didn’t yoink it they gave it to me)

Okay: so I'm a high school senior, and Bennington is one of the schools I'm interested in. I'd like to talk to one of the students or alumni maybe via email or something just to get to know about the campus on a one-to-one basis, since I currently do not know anyone attending Bennington. Help? (Also I'm terrified of college and college applications and scholarships and careers and tuition and yeah.) — Asked by Anonymous

hi im here to help

you can also call us at 802-440-4312

do NOT be SCARED let’s talk (this goes for anyone+everyone! i can answer a million emails a day EASY)



I'm interested in attending this college but I didn't see a sociology major on the website. Is that offered? — Asked by Anonymous

I actually asked this exact question on the blog when I was applying to Bennington! First off, Bennington doesn’t have “majors”. Students write plans that incorporate different subjects and areas that they are interested in. Bennington doesn’t offer sociology courses, but we do have social psychology, which is quite similar. I am a social science student and I have found aspects of sociology in anthropology classes, psychology classes, and many other areas. So, while Bennington doesn’t offer an explicit sociology “major”, you can definitely study similar subjects here.  

—Varney ‘17

So, I am really averse to the people I go to high school with. And, I live in a city that I really hate (mostly because I hate cities). As a result, I have spent much of high school wallowing through the day to day, and I feel like my last four years and my application-- barring my writing where I try to express some of these grievances-- just comes off like a rich private school kid. Bennington looks like utopia, but I'm worried I'm not "self-defined" enough to fit in. What can you tell me? — Asked by Anonymous

We urge you to really think about what it is about cities that bothers or discomforts you because Bennington, VT is really almost the complete opposite of an urban area. Doug is from Los Angeles, CA and while he also felt like he wanted a different experience in geography and landscape, he’s become aware of many things he took for granted about living in a city, as well as the things he misses, that he now seek in cities close by like NYC. Bennington may very well be a “utopia” or a dream for you because despite it not being a city, there are beautiful things to discover about this environment.

We get a lot of questions like this one on the blog. “Because I’m X I don’t think I’ll fit in at Bennington.” The honest answer is that we have never met a prospective student passionate about Bennington that will not fit in here. In terms of self-definition, we’re not sure what you mean by that, but I think Bennington is a process of self-definition. We design our majors, so if you come here than you can work on your passions, your interests and what defines you. Lots of students come in with ideas of what exactly they want to do, and then they totally rediscover themselves and change their minds. No one comes in or leaves Bennington 100% self-defined. People define themselves throughout their lives and complete self-definition would allow no room for growth.

For now remember that here at Bennington, the admissions staff is really interested in who you are, what you’ve done, and how well you fit into the Bennington community. So don’t worry too much about one part of your application, take advantage of your strengths, share your story, set up an interview (optional), submit additional works you’ve done (if possible), and just make yourself stand out in whatever way possible. The truth is, there is no defined formula into which we plug our applicants and see what the outcome may be, each and every student is looked at individually, and all aspects of the admissions process are fully weighed and considered.

That being said, of course Bennington is competitive and grades are an important part of the application, but also don’t forget that sometimes the story behind those grades is relevant. The admissions staff will look at everything you submit and will by no means compare you with other applicants (because that’s really not the point). So like Chernoh says to all applicants, just apply and worry about the outcome afterwards. Don’t undervalue any part of the application, give it your best shot. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel if you walk far enough.   

Hope this helps!

Chernoh, Doug, Varney, Maddy and Arden

Hi! I'm really in love with bennington from what I'm reading here, but there some things that I can't get out of my mind. Is the philosophy major a popular major there? Because it seems to me that Bennington in really focused in arts, and so philosophy would end up just being considered as a minor for most students interested. I hope that's not the case! Also, what is the percentage of international students there? Is the application different someway? Thank you so much! :) — Asked by carbonopautado

Philosophy at Bennington is so many things, but unpopular is not one of them, I promise. There’s Existentialism and Phenomenology, Wittgenstein, Nietzsche, and well, I’ll just link you to the curriculum. There are new courses every term. My lovely former roommate spends quite a lot of time on her philosophy work (her other loves are painting and astronomy). 


There are no majors at Bennington College.

Nope. none.

Here at Bennington College, we create our own course of study. Whereas a traditional major system would ask you to name your topic (ie Philosophy) and then tells you what classes are required to meet that goal and gives you the steps to becoming the illustrious Philosophy Major of your dreams and tells you to fill out some paperwork, we ask you: 

1. What do you love?

2. Why?

3. How are you going to explore/ challenge/ develop/ subvert/ fall more in love with that here?

It is at times extraordinarily challenging, at times intensely inspiring, and often both of those at once. You get to do all that questioning, revising, developing, reflecting, etc. with the help and guidance of a faculty adviser, friendly faculty, and intelligent and self-motivated peers. This whole process of sculpting and pursuing your passions is called “The Plan.” It’s interdisciplinary, rigorous, playful… and I could continue for quite a while. Instead of hearing it all from me, you can also check out the Bennington Wesbsite!

Happy Trails,

Sylvia M. ‘16

You need to be able to make fun of each other!
Professor Becky Godwin during a plain china meeting
When applying do you really need two recommendation letters or could you still apply with only one recommendation letter? — Asked by Anonymous

Yeah I mean you really do need two recommendations, if there’s some kind of dire extenuating circumstance, feel free to call 911 or just get in touch with your admissions counselor. OR you can always just give us a call here in the office (800) 833-6845 and one of the admissions interns will point you in the right direction!

-Alex ‘16

hey, I have an interview coming up, any suggestions? — Asked by boardingthewonderland

Hello there!

The interview is simply a chance for your admissions counselor to get to know you and for you to get to know Bennington. Think of it as a conversation. There is no specific checklist of formulated questions that you’ll be expected to answer. Because we really want to get an authentic sense of you, my suggestion is to just be you! Tell us about your hobbies, share a tasty recipe, talk about your favorite season––the interview is a natural way of getting to know you as a student and a human.

So relax and don’t stress about it! All is groovy. 

~Jacqui ‘17

Hello! I am interested in the visual arts section and would like to know what kinds of works we have to put in our portfolio, and maybe if there is a way to look at portfolio's from the past years? And is it okay if I don't have great drawing skills? Thank you! — Asked by Anonymous

Hey!! Don’t worry about “drawing skills”, just put in any work that you feel good about. There is nothing specific that we’re looking for. I really do mean that— we are much more interested in your love for visual arts than any technical “skill” you may have. The portfolio is just another way for us to learn more about who you are. I’m sure we’ll love love whatever you have to show us.

Here the admissions counselor blog that posts some of the portfolio portions of Bennington applicants!

Nila ‘17

(here are some foxes)


Hi! I really want to go to Bennington and have some questions 1. How miserable is the cold on a scale of 1-10 2. What do they ask you in interviews 3. Will you be accepted if you just do you? Is there such thing as fitting in? I like weird people — Asked by Anonymous

Hello there,

On a cold scale of 1 to 10, 10 being:

And 1 being:

Bennington is something like this:

As for interviews, it’s about you. We want to know what you think about and what drives you. There is no set of formal questions that your interviewer is looking to check off. All we want to do is get a better sense of YOU! So do you! 

As for weird, there’s plenty of it! Welcome friend.

Jacqui ‘17 & Sam ‘16


We’re open on Saturdays now, and if we have time for this photo-op not enough of you are visiting us!  Come brighten our weekends!
Also, tours are entirely parkour-based now, so if you’re not ready to go hard, be ready to fall behind.*
-Ray ‘15
*This is not in the least true.  Tours are conducted at whatever pace is comfortable for those taking them, and very few of our tour guides are versed in parkour.


We’re open on Saturdays now, and if we have time for this photo-op not enough of you are visiting us!  Come brighten our weekends!

Also, tours are entirely parkour-based now, so if you’re not ready to go hard, be ready to fall behind.*

-Ray ‘15

*This is not in the least true.  Tours are conducted at whatever pace is comfortable for those taking them, and very few of our tour guides are versed in parkour.

Can I just say that you all make Bennington so AMAZING! I don't think any other college is as personalized as Bennington! I visited last year and still cannot get Bennington out of my mind due to how AMAZING the tour and interaction with everyone on campus was!! Can this count as a question? — Asked by Anonymous

we can count it.

Alan ‘15