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it’s called attendance but it’s really self-actualization manifest
Eileen Scully, history teacher, on taking attendance in my Explorations in Public History class this morning. 
I'm so excited to visit soon! Anything you recommend I ask or do while on the bennington tour? — Asked by Anonymous

We’re so excited to meet you! Before arriving, make sure to check out this fantastic list of really important and helpful questions compiled by Alan. Also, ask your tour guide about Jennings ghost stories and climb for candy.

It’s important to know that the tour is an individualized experience. Mostly likely it will just be you and your tour guide plus any parents, friends, or buddies you bring along. So…. ask lots of questions! Inquire, share stories, tell us what you’re up or about an experience you’ve had that’s shifted your understanding of yourself. 

Can’t wait to get to know you!

-Selina ‘15

What have you, and people you know done for field work term so far? Any amazing experiences? — Asked by Anonymous

No amazing experiences allowed —

Just kidding.  I feel as though Field Work Term requires amazing experiences.  Even if on the surface the job seems to be mundane, there is a certain magic in knowing the work you are doing away from school informs and supports your academic pursuits at Bennington.  There’s no way to categorize Field Work Terms as each experience is subject to the individual student.  So here’s a swath of some favorites from the //kids in the admissions office// //wednesday afternoon shift// //go team!//

This last winter, I was in Tokyo working with an alternative education think-tank.  I was working with some peers to develop a theater piece on the cultural disparities between Japanese and American life.  To put it simply…  My first time out of the country.  I miss Tokyo so much and cannot wait to go back. - Jeremy ‘16 

My sophomore year I went to Bolivia to learn and exchange fiber arts skills with a community of traditional textile artists. My days were spent weaving, knitting, crocheting, taking long walks in the Andes, laughing and trying communicate in my second language. I was able to go back this past summer to visit for a couple weeks and dance in the annual fiesta. Wish I was there now! - Selina ‘15

This past fwt I spent working in a neuroscience research lab in the lovely Eugene, Oregon. The lab was researching the neurocircuitry of decision-making in Caenorhabditis Elegans, a really really really tiny nematode. I had a ton of fun working in the lab but I think the best part was actually living and cooking for myself in a beautiful microhome, and commuting to work every day. - Alex ‘16

Omg ok so my very first FWT was spent at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in upstate New York - a huge and important time for me personally and academically. My days were spent learning how to meditate (and doing it daily), making eggs for Tibetan monks and nuns, making and lighting 1,000 butter-lamps every weekend, filling offering bowls with safron water, incense, and flowers, collecting German alternative pop-rock music from one of the ex-Alaskan-fisherman monks, and converting hours of footage of the community’s many aid trips to Nepal from VHS to digital. -Chloe ‘16

Inspired?  Curious?  Anxious?  Call us! (800-833-6845)

<3 the wednesday afternoon shift

Does Bennington accept CLEP scores for college credits? or if I have a 700+ score in SAT chemistry or math level II, will I get any kind of credits or exemptions? Thanks in advance!!! — Asked by Anonymous


Unfortunately no, we do not accept CLEP or SAT scores as college credits. We do accept some AP scores, but this will have to get discussed and approved by someone in the Dean’s Office. Here is a link to our complete credit transfer policy.


Chloe ‘16

Intermediate Playwriting: Scene and Structure, Day One.We had a big mess of symbols and we had to tell the story of Jack &amp; Jill in six frames. For next class we have to adapt one image into a full scene. Collages! This one was a collaboration between my friend Haley and me.Alan &#8216;15

Intermediate Playwriting: Scene and Structure, Day One.

We had a big mess of symbols and we had to tell the story of Jack & Jill in six frames. For next class we have to adapt one image into a full scene. Collages! This one was a collaboration between my friend Haley and me.

Alan ‘15

Are those reaction jpgs facebook emoticons or characters kagan drew? — Asked by Anonymous

i didn’t draw them


Mobile Girl MiM by Funny Eve


What is the drama application process like? Other than the common app and supplement is there an audition and what is that like? — Asked by Anonymous

The drama application process is the same as all our other application processes because we only have one application process.

Basically, you’ll get an email after you submit the Common App stuff telling you how to access your Bennington supplement page, which is where you’ll upload whatever you want us to see—stuff like acting reels, portfolios, etc… So we don’t have any formal application auditions. If you want to be in a drama production once you get here, there are auditions for those, but nothing before then. 



Hello all, I'm already part of the 2018 ganga, and am wondering if there is any kind of AAA like eating disorder related group in place. I've always struggled with my image, as do roughly 80 percent of women on average, and have no problem talking about it. Is Bennington aware of this problem, or more importantly, are they trying to help and talk to those in the student body who have similar disorders? Thankyou lots! — Asked by Anonymous

What a great question — coming from LA, I was raised under the (fairly subconscious) impression that beautiful = skinny….until I got to Bennington and realized I was being force fed (oh ho ho) a bunch of crap.  In fact, my creative thesis at Bennington concerns itself greatly with eating disorders, so I end up talking to a lot of people on campus about body image/self image.  We don’t necessarily have an official “support group” per se, but one of the defining factors of the Bennington social experience is the ability to actually “go there” about anything…truly anything…we *want* to have those conversations.  So please come and talk up a storm…it’s so important that we create a space where these issues can be voiced.  It’s up to us to reclaim our pride in our bodies and feel beautiful :)

— Parke ‘15

Do students ever get awarded full ride scholarships to go to this school (or close to that amount like 75% or above)? I would like an honest answer. Thanks. — Asked by Anonymous

The answer to your question(s) is YES. We do have a significant number of students who receive significant financial aid. It’s all need-based, so you’ll most likely get what you need once you get accepted. If you are an accepted student and you need 75% or above, then Bennington will try to make it happen.

Here are some links to a summary of financial aid and the Financial Aid Handbook. However, statistics often don’t accurately represent how personal Bennington is. Like everything else, Financial Aid at Bennington is done on a very individual level.

Bennington gave me the most financial aid out of any school I applied to and I know that this was true for many of my friends as well. Additionally, when it was still not enough, the Financial Aid Office renegotiated my aid so I could attend. Each year I can renegotiate my aid based on my family’s need. 

If you have questions regarding applying for financial aid, feel free to email the financial aid office or give them a call at 800-833-6845. They’ll be glad to answer your questions and to work with you on your financial aid application.

Our main piece of advice is NEVER let the price of a school stop you from applying. Many of the schools that are the most expensive are also the schools that give the most financial aid. Additionally, many schools have waivers for the admission fee (including Bennington!). 

Money can be scary, but don’t let it stop you from applying from colleges that you are passionate about. 

Arden ‘16 and Chernoh ‘15 

Hi, I'm applying for fall 2015, and I really want to come visit the school, but I'm having trouble deciding when to come because I have to work around my school schedule, and I want to come when the students are there. The problem with that is that my school schedule is the same as Bennington, and I'm not sure I can miss school. Any recommendation on the best times to visit? — Asked by Anonymous


It’s definitely best to visit when there are students around. The fall is absolutely beautiful here, but so are the winter and spring so really anytime is great. Students won’t be here from December 13th to February 23rd because of Field Work Term and winter break, but all other times campus is hopping with activity. If you can swing it, it is definitely worth a visit to campus, but we also have admissions counselors that hold interviews all around the country. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you on campus!

—Varney ‘17

I just want to go here. I'm applying as a transfer student for next fall, i'd be a junior. Any application tips? (also, any doctor who/ Sherlock fans :3) — Asked by neverendingjoy8

Hey there neverendingjoy8!

Be yourself! We love to hear what interests you and what you are passionate about. Tell us why you want to transfer to Bennington — how will it be different from your current college experience and why is it the right place for you? Think about and share with us what you imagine your plan in. As a junior transfer at Bennington you dive into your plan process pretty quickly after arriving, so it’s good to start thinking about it early on.

As far as Doctor Who / Sherlock goes, I’ve never seen either, but know of people around campus who are obsessed and can talk about them for hours!

— Varney ‘17

SAT scores are optional on the application. My scores were pretty high above average, except in math. I don't know if sending them will hurt or help me. Thoughts? — Asked by Anonymous


First of all, kudos on your SAT performance. You’re absolutely right that submitting SAT scores are an optional part of the application, but that doesn’t mean we don’t look at them. We love to learn more about you as much as possible, so feel free to send along anything that you think reveals who you are to the admissions counselors. The reality is that just a mere number/score may only show one aspect of who you are, we are interested in the complete picture. The key here is that we find the students that best fit the Bennington College educational philosophy and those who will come here, be valuable members of the Bennington community and be successful in their own way. So by all means send those SAT scores if you want, we won’t ignore them. But also remember that not sending them will not by any means affect whether or not you get accepted. There are students here who submitted their SATs and there are those that didn’t. It’s not an important factor. Your choice. 

If you have questions on how to submit your work/other non-required materials, please feel free to email us at or give us a call at 802-440-4312 and we’ll be happy to talk to you. 

Hope that helps! 

Chernoh ‘15

How do you set up your Field Work Term? Do you meet with an adviser? Can you set it all up on your own? — Asked by Anonymous

There are lots of different ways to think about Field Work Term; you can focus on the location, or specific job you’d like, or you can begin with a general area of interest. The process is really self-motivated. If you have an idea for what kind of internship you want to do and you already have a specific place in mind, you will just need to write a proposal and submit it to your adviser and the Field Work Term office. If you are more lost and don’t have ideas (like many of us), then you have time to set up meetings with your adviser and the Field Work Term office and they will help you on the search for the perfect opportunity. There is an online database called WorkLink which has internship jobs posted from all around the world, and also resources from past Bennington Students’ Field Work Term Positions.If you need it, there is lots of guidance available!!

Nila ‘17

Someone mentioned a ghost story about a baby that can crawl faster than you can run at Bennington. Can I have the full story? — Asked by Anonymous

The Office of Admissions can neither confirm nor deny such reports.

That being said, I would recommend keeping an eye out for baby-sized objects moving rapidly across the lawn, especially just after sunset. All I can say is that vigilance is the key to success at this institution. Vigilance and a commitment to survival. 

Goodnight, and good luck.

Sylvia M. ‘16