Can you guys explain the Plan Process and exactly what that entails? You build your own curriculum and write a paper on it? Do you just say what kind of classes you'll be taking? Thanks. — Asked by Anonymous

Very basically, with the Plan you’re thinking and writing and talking about what exactly you want to do at Bennington. You may be studying physics and literature, but what about those things interests you? Are there any intersections between the two? Maybe you want to get educated in physics so that your science fiction writing can have really solid scientific backing (I don’t know.) Also, and sometimes more importantly, how do you plan on studying these things, through classes, FWTs, outside research, etc. That’s where building and justifying your own curriculum comes in, as well as potential FWTs, maybe even study abroad. 

If you’re still curious, here’s a quick overview of the Plan Process year by year.


I am a creative person who loves creativity, specifically writing and dance, and likes thinking critically. I love being around artistic people but also need time by myself to think and write. Do you think i would fit into Bennington? Also, I'm a pretty sensitive sleeper so i was wondering what would be the least noisiest house? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes? I don’t see why you wouldn’t. Creativity is our thing, but not just in writing and dance…creative problem solving is a part of all disciplines, not just the arts. There is also a lot of reading, writing and thinking. Traditionally, these activities can be done in solitude or in the company of others.

Franklin is a 24hr quiet house, and a bunch of other houses set quiet hours as a community: on 3rd street, Noyes, Sawtell, Perkins and Merck — PB and Fels don’t (to my knowledge — I might be wrong, but it’s roughly that ratio). So really, you’ll find your place. All are varying degrees of quiet and houses choose their quiet hours as a community. Note that all houses are courtesy houses, meaning if there’s an issue you can knock on your neighbors door and chat about it and they HAVE TO BE NICE (and then solve the issue).

Alan ‘15

Does Bennington ever have snow days? — Asked by Anonymous

Not school-wide; all the buildings are really close together so it’s not hard to get to class.  When your professor can’t make it in from wherever they live, that’s when you get off of class.  Thus: only take classes with professors who live in New York City.  Ever.

-Ray ‘15

Are there any "rockin'" tattoo parlors around? — Asked by Anonymous

I go to Larry at Body Blend studios. There is a closer place (raz-a-tat tattoo), but Larry rocks. There’s also a great place in Brattleboro, but that’s a bit of a schlep: Strange Brew is the name of it.

This scene from Anna Karenina…

…resulted in this tattoo which Larry did.

Alan ‘15

Advice on avoiding Freshman 15? — Asked by Anonymous


Definitely don’t go to Kevin’s on Monday for Burgers and Brew night or the chocolate shop in town. Or the Chili’s. Or the KFC/Taco Bell.

Alan ‘15

How much clothing should we bring? I know that people say "not a lot" but for me a lot would be like one box. So, using boxes as a unit, how much clothing should I bring? — Asked by Anonymous

probably no more than one box


depends on how many outfits you want to have i guess?

-kagan ‘16

Can we use tacks on the walls for pictures? Or is that frowned upon.. — Asked by Anonymous

I sincerely hope it isn’t frowned upon because I just hung up, like, three posters in my room using tacks…


kagan ‘16

I'm from Europe and i want to apply for this collage. I want to apply for full scholarship. My question is how hard is to get the scholarship and what else i have to pay for if i get it (or is it expensive to live on the campus etc.) — Asked by Anonymous

I say, apply and wait to see what kind of aid you get. We’re better at aid than you would assume given our size — especially with international students.

As for costs on campus, you can go all year without spending a dime. You probably won’t, but you could. Once you’re on campus everything is free: you can get all your food through the meal plan and all concerts are free as well. A class in the rec barn might have a one-time fee and you might have a health service co-pay; but beyond that you can pretty much get buy without spending any money.

Alan ‘15

I’ve never been a fan girl of a social theorist before, but I just pre-ordered her new book
overheard in admissions, re: Willful Subjects by Sarah Ahmed
Is there a lot of partying on campus? And if so, are they "good old fashioned fun" parties, or "let's get totally wasted bruh" parties? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes - We have lots of parties on campus. There are bigger house parties, roughly one per weekend, and then smaller parties in people’s rooms. If I’m in the mood (who am I kidding when am I not in the mood) I can always find a party to go to, usually without leaving my house. This past term I hosted a “Safety Party” in my room. I framed my windows and my trimmings with caution tape and covered every surface in my room (floor included) with bubble wrap. I made everyone attending wear a helmet and I played lots of safety related music - (Safety Dance was of course the most played song of the night). I’m choosing not to conform to your two categories of ‘party’ but if you’re looking for either you won’t be disappointed, but I promise parties are plentiful. There is lots of fun to be had. 

- Eliana ‘15

No. I mean, yes there are parties. And the parties party (phenomenology of the party). But the student students, and so I don’t find myself partying. Okay, sorry. It depends what kind of community you are in. Noyes was always pretty quiet on Friday and Saturday nights; people would spend time together watching movies or playing games, but go elsewhere if they felt like partying. We did have a few events which were smaller (“Noyes to Meet You”) which were casual and emphasized mingling over grinding, and tortilla chips over vodka. What I’m saying is, the party scene isn’t in your face and even those of us who don’t want to go wild have spaces to have a good time while still maintaining our sobriety, but more importantly, our dignity.

- Alan ‘15 

Does the post office on campus sell stamps and shipping supplies or would we have to go to another location for that? — Asked by Anonymous

You can get all that stuff here! Envelopes are at the bookstore and bigger boxes you may have to grab from, like, the recycling bin behind Commons, but it is entirely possible to ship something without even thinking about setting foot off campus. 

so simple~!


kagan ‘16

I've been reading some reviews that say that the surrounding city is really isolated and a bit of a culture shock for those who are accustomed to city life. How accurate is that? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, it might be a bit of “culture shock” but “culture shock” is kind of a bad metaphor we use for these things. I imagine someone being thrown into a pool against their will and being electrocuted. Movie Idea: a spin-off of “Hostel” called “Culture Shock.”

Anyway, culture shock isn’t a traumatic experience. You might be sad that you have to drive to Williamstown or Manchester to get Thai Food. This might make you sad for a day or two. Then you will walk to powers market and have high quality Vermont cheese on your sandwich and this will make you happy again.

Beyond that, it is quieter than you’re used to. And your cynicism may no longer be applicable to your environment. Also nice: being able to walk to class in five minutes.

But it is a culture shock for everyone, I think. It was odd for me to go from a large public suburban high school to here, just because the people here don’t all wear Uggs, Northface, drink Starbucks and look identical to one another. There isn’t really a dominant unifying culture, and everyone has to adjust to that.

Alan ‘15

is there still a graffiti wall near / around vapa outside ? — Asked by Anonymous

there is some graffiti on the walls around vapa, but no graffiti wall.  I imagine a graffiti wall may be something that a few students could work out with staff to start up, but as far as I know, if you do graffiti on any wall on campus right now, it’s CRIME. and we’re not big fans of CRIME

kagan ‘16

Is there a way to change my main bton account password? I can't seem to remember mine for more than a week at a time. — Asked by Anonymous

I would advise calling it, and by that I do not mean yelling “password, password!” until it arrives. I mean calling the I.T. office at 802-442-5401 ex. 4476.

Alan ‘15

So, in response to a few of you putting up your emails: are those only for incoming freshman or rising seniors applying as well? #followup: I have a weird track record of talking a bit too casually (like with an old friend) when emailing people. What are you guys looking for in these emails? What do you want out of your own interactions? Or- do you think it varies from intern to intern? Love you guys & thank you, a.d. — Asked by Anonymous

Prospective students are as welcome as people who already got into the college, of course!  We’ll be seeing them in about a week anyway, whereas this is just the beginning with all of you.  

Upon deliberation, we in the office have decided that you can be as friendly as you want in the emails.  But, we’re going to put kissing of girls and all others off-limits… it’s just unprofessional.  Our primary motivation was that we were bored and wanted people to talk to, so if you email us, that’s what we’re looking for.

We love you too, a.d.  Just not in a kissing way.

-Ray ‘15




kagan ‘16