Any dorm decorating advice? — Asked by Anonymous

I highly recommend colors.


But I also just like colors a lot, so I asked around the office: Glennis says less is more. Also draperies above beds are a fire hazard (she’s a firefighter, so I take her word on it). Maybe something like this?

Evan says he hung some special pieces of art on the walls, folded the legs of his bed under his mattress and slept in a happy pile of blankets on the floor. Very den-like. 

Check out the Bennington rooms series for real-life rooms here at the college, and how they’re decorated by real-life students. Inspiration galore!

Happy decorating,

Sylvia M. ‘16

Hey there! Are there many minority students on campus? — Asked by Anonymous

Good, and difficult question.

I suppose I would have to ask you first, what do you mean by minority? Racial? Ethnic? Socioeconomic, gender, sexuality… There are a lot of qualifiers for what it means to be a minority. 

That being said, I can speak to my own experience (and this is my own story only, so no promises of everlasting truth here, just what I have experienced). At Bennington, it can be hard to qualify people by your assumptions about them — how they look, how they act, where they come from… All of these things don’t necessarily tell you how they identify. What can tell you how they identify? That person. 

Bennington by the numbers fluctuates pretty wildly. Since there are between 700 and 800 of us students here on campus every year, the addition of 10 people who identify as trans* on paper will change the percentage very quickly. The same goes for those who identify as female, as biracial, international students, etc. As an admissions intern, I personally am very excited for the huge percentage of incoming freshman from overseas. This year we’re going to be very globally diverse! And that means more global awareness for all of us, I hope.

Feel free to Google Bennington by the numbers, and read up on us all you want, but also know that this place fluctuates intensely in the way of numbers, because the student population is not huge, and that what is recorded on paper/ electronically does not reflect the human being and their lived experience. 

In the end, I find that what is most important is that you will be accepted and celebrated here for the person that you are. And if you find that there is more of a conversation to be had about what it means to be a minority (I think there always is — communication rocks!), there is a group on campus called Kalopsia, that puts on events based on the idea of getting minority voices heard, and getting the community to talk about what minority status looks like and feels like at the college. I deeply respect and admire the work of this student-led group, and am very inspired by what I have heard from them.

I hope this begins to answer your question, and also that your question does not end here. Keep asking. Keep talking about it. And thanks for asking. (Please feel free to e-mail me at, if you want — there is always more to this conversation than a simple question and answer.)

Sylvia M. ‘16

What will be my address when I arrive at Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

1 College Dr. 
Bennington VT 05201

The great thing about being at a college this size is that everything, and I mean everything, comes to the same address. If you mail something before the start of school just mark that you’re an incoming First Year so the post office knows who you are. (The mailboxes aren’t set up yet)


For the rooms, are we allowed to bring a small TV set or something? My mom was planning on buying one for my graduation but she doesn't want to if it's not allowed, and I couldn't find anything on the website. Sorry if this has already been asked D: — Asked by Anonymous

Yeah, totally. According to the student handbook TV’s (and other electronics) are allowed as long as they are under 1000 watts. 1000 watts is a lot of watts and I think after some googling that it’s safe to say that most TV’s won’t exceed that. Unless of course, you’re mom was thinking about buying you this.


Which may be a bit excessive. But who am I to judge?


Is there anywhere nearby to swim? lake/pool/whatever body of water — Asked by Anonymous

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!! I am so excited by this question. Yes, we have both a pool and a lake and I am very frequent visitor to both. The pool is in Bennington and the lake, Lake Paran, is in North Bennington. The lake is a 20ish minute walk from campus and the pool is a drive.  In fact, I run the swimming club which is me going swimming and if you want to join you just let me know. If you don’t want to go with me there is also a shuttle that can take you. 

Happy swimming!


In regards to sports at Bennington, I was wondering what is going on with equestrian? On the website it looks like it is an intramural sport; is it an active team? When I looked up colleges that have a good equestrian program, Bennington showed up. But trying to find more information is hard. -Teya — Asked by Anonymous

Hi Teya,

I just went to the Bennington Rec. page and couldn’t find anything on horses specifically. But! I can tell you that several students here have kept horses in different capacities.

Mary, a friend of mine, rides her horse regularly and boards it at a local farm. Rivvy and Maddie, more friends (so many friends!) also ride horses on the weekends. Carl has two work horses, Annie and Snap, who are teaching him how to plow. They’re big and sweet and really helped us this year on the farm. 

Generally, keeping a horse is great if it is worth it to you — there is no equestrian team at the moment, more like a group of devoted horse-lovers who carpool to local farms in order to be with horses. But, as with all things at Bennington, if you are passionate about it, you can make it happen. If you decide with a group of people that you want to make an equestrian club, then the good people at the office of Student Life can help you get funds, transport, etc. That’s how the frisbee team was made, and it’s going strong after its second year.

How curious!  Here they say we have an equestrian team… But misleading. We’ve mostly got a lot of loosely-associated of horse-lovers (who could unite to make an awesome team/ club/ league of awesome, if they should so choose). 

I can’t think of any horse puns to sign off with… so here’s this instead.

Sylvia M. ‘16 (resident farm girl on call)

This past weekend I trekked down to Brooklyn, New York with admission counselors extraordinaire Libby Hux and Ashley Meczywor for GRRRL FEST 2014.

GRRRL FEST was a fabulous benefit celebrating, supporting, and empowering young women in the arts. Bennington College was a proud sponsor of the SOLD OUT, rip roaring success of an event that was the first GRRRL FEST. The main attraction at our booth - aside from us ladies of course - was a button maker featuring a selection of empowered female alumna (I really do hope that’s the right form of alum because there is a strong chance that its not…)

See more pics from the event
and be sure to check out the GRRRL FEST blog


xoxo - Sarah ‘15

As an incoming Californian coffee enthusiast, are there any Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Peets Coffee like places on campus or relatively near? — Asked by Anonymous

Over here on the East Coast we are more Green Mountain Coffee people. (Disclaimer: I say ‘we’, but I’m probably the only person on this campus who doesn’t drink coffee) While there aren’t really coffee shops on campus there are plenty of places you can get it for free. Admissions (bring your own mug), Student Life, the Bookstore etc. I can only speak to the Admissions coffee scene but we have a K-cups of a variety of flavors (blends? coffee is confusing) as well as a lot of teas. 

There are some awesome free range, organic, local (those first two were a joke) places around Bennington/North Bennington. There is Nite Jars which is a tea house and South Street Cafe which is a popular study spot. Not to be forgotten is Brown Cow Cafe which serves Mocha Joe’s coffee which is coffee roaster in Brattleboro. Cathy’s Coffee is also in Bennington and a few other places. 

You could also go the route many people take (I say many people, but I really mean my boyfriend) who grinds his coffee every morning and then uses a seemingly complex process using air to press his coffee. I don’t understand it, but he does so we’re good. 

The coffee drinkers around me urge you take a hiatus from you Seattle/LA/San Francisco coffee and try some Vermont coffee. Plus you will have some cool new things to bring home to your friends. 

Happy coffee drinking!


What's the one thing you wish you had brought your first year that you didn't? — Asked by Anonymous

Sarah wishes she had brought more sweaters

Evan says to bring one comfort book, something that you’ve read before but that you can go to if you need a moment away from everything. But, one book, not 30. 

I say, don’t bring too much stuff! Pretty much every First Year brings too much stuff. Leave all of those books, DVD’s, shoes, and clothes and other sentimental things that you think you need at home. Especially books, you won’t have time to read them and also you’ve got an amazing library at your fingertips. Take a minimalist approach to things. Remember also that Bennington isn’t as rural as you think it is and you can buy things here. 

That’s our advice!


World Cup fever has reached Bennington as this is now what I expect when I walk in to Commons. 
Who says we don’t like sports?

World Cup fever has reached Bennington as this is now what I expect when I walk in to Commons. 

Who says we don’t like sports?


Liam makes good music, most everyone cried at his senior show. You should listen to this, I don’t think it will make you cry, but it might. 

I was really hoping you'd describe job opportunities on campus. I know there are "office" jobs, but what's there besides office ones? — Asked by Anonymous

There are lots of different jobs around campus. In addition to being an admissions intern I am also a woodshop monitor so I get paid to help people in the woodshop and also to make sure they don’t cut off an finger. (10 fingers, 10 toes that’s the motto of my shift) beyond having fun with sawdust and blogging you can work as a darkroom monitor, octopus lab tech, music librarian, regular librarian, Field Work Term peer adviser, student life front desk guru, or as the Baker’s Assistant in the Dining Hall. You can work in the scene shop, the costume shop, you can be paid to do lights and/or sound for theaters. You can work as the physics lab tech, or a chem lab tech, among others. There are also opportunities to be a POD monitor (the digital arts work space), a video cage monitor, a metalshop monitor, a writing tutor, you can work with communications, you could work at the gym, work at the climbing wall, work with A/V, run sound in the student center, work at the bookstore, deliver newspapers, work in campus safety, drive the shuttle, be a recording tech, assist various teachers, staff, and techs. You can work in maintenance, in the ceramic studio, be on the gallery crew in VAPA, monitor the gallery, lead admissions tours (and work in admissions in general), stuff mailings, cook food at the student center, work in the dining hall, or you could work on the farm just to name a few. There are also stipend positions like being a Pre-Orientation leader, an Orientation Leader, being a House Chair, being on the board of the Student Endowment for the Arts, and the head of the Student Educational Policies Committee among others. 

So. There’s a lot and I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff. Don’t ask me details on any of them because I don’t really know - except for the woodshop and admissions, of course. 

Some of these jobs require a little experience (classes) and some are open for everyone. Don’t fret if you’ll find something, it may not be your first term, but you’ll find something.


How de parties be? — Asked by Anonymous

The parties be hopping, from what I hear. I’m less of a work-hard-play-hard kinda guy and more of a work-hard-work-hard guy. I’m kidding myself: work-hard-catch-up-on-the-good-wife (Alicia Florrick is my new hero. I think about her a lot. SUMMER IS GOING REALLY WELL OK?)

But they’re fun! Dancing in the common room of whatever house is hosting that week; maybe a room party in your pal’s room before hand. Recent themes include “Prohibition vs. Remix to Ignition,” “How are You?” and Merck’s Merckenstock: Coachella — there’s also some annual ones like “Risky Business” (the Tom Cruise movie! Like that iconic scene!) and St. Kilpats. And then there’s wonderful wonderful in-house events, like Noyes’s plus one “Noyes to Meet You” or the Christmas plus one “Naughty or Noyes” or one time we gave up on Noyes puns and did “Slumber vs. Lumber.”

The PARTIES BE FUN, yo! But Julianne Margulies performance on the CBS television program “The Good Wife” is more captivating, to me, than the parties are fun. Take from this what you will.

Alan ‘15

Here is my favorite clip from CBS’s ”The Good Wife”

What if I don't have a facebook, but want to checkout my fellow Class of 2018 mates? — Asked by Anonymous

I don’t know what to tell you - make a facebook? wait until orientation? Convince everyone to join myspace? yell really loudly? 

You’re probably not the only one in the class without a facebook, don’t stress. You can make one just to be in the group or call the office to chat with some cool Bennington students. 

Best of luck!


is there an a capella group? — Asked by Anonymous

not currently, but you can start one!