Best things about FWT, so far…

I asked a couple of my friends how their FWT’s have been going and these are some snippets of the best things so far.

Ranleigh ‘13 - Architecture Firm: Barcelona, Spain

Went on a “business trip” to Cadaqués, a little fisherman’s village on a bay on the Coasta Brava with my FWT supervisor to take measurements for a house I’ll be drawing next week. She also taught me how make a traditional Tortilla Española (spanish potato omlette) and gave me a tour of the village which was a popular hang out for young artists including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and John Cage. 

Eissa Saeed ‘12 - Paper Magazine: 5th Avenue, NYC

First day at work and I score some super fly new sneakers and get to see the Empire State everyday.

Alex ‘14 - From the set of the horror movie “Schism”: New Orleans, Louisiana 

I could not be getting a better exposure as to what it’s like working on a small, low-budget film. It’s hectic, it’s messy, it’s tough, and it’s so much fun. We have great actors (from Dead Like Me, The Human Centipede, and How to Make It In America, as well as THE Vinnie Jones) and an unbearably friendly and professional crew. And this is just pre-production; the three weeks of 14 hour night shoots start next week…

Carlos ‘14 - Guallart Architects: Barcelona, Espana

For the 1st time in my life, I feel like I’m doing important things, that actually relate to what I’ve been studying. I also have a desk with a computer and sticky notes, and it makes me happy.

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