Pipettor attack

I am now in my final days of what has been an amazing winter in Brooklyn, NY. What better way to top it off than by seeing the organization I am interning with appear on BBC news (I have a small cameo if you watch closely): 


Genspace is the first ever community biology laboratory. It provides a fully-equipped, dirt-cheap project space for all sorts of biology enthusiasts to work: from curious high schoolers doing simple DNA extractions to engineers trying to make glow-in-the-dark plants. I was lucky enough to be able to observe this unique community and contribute in my own small way. Along with the day to day tasks of researching grants and helping high schoolers and adults learn how to work in a lab (the picture above was not a result of my teaching), I experienced an assortment of other perks such as traveling to Washington D.C., meeting four TED speakers and fellows (including one of my favorite writers), and obtaining a discarded conference bag that belonged to the founder of Wikipedia. While I do appreciate the valuable connections I developed and the precious, precious swag items, the best thing was being able to be a part of such an amazing organization and the work that it is doing. Here’s to internships.

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