Well, it’s my last day at the Evansville Museum in Indiana, and I’m super sad to be leaving. This has been my best Field Work Term yet.

It’s surprising that after being in New York City and San Francisco for my last two FWTs I could have enjoyed myself so much in a small town in the Midwest. That just goes to show that there is more to the world of art than the big cities. I highly recommend finding a small museum to do your Field Work Term in if you’re interested in art history and have never worked at a museum before. They were so willing to work one-on-one with me and give me a broad experience of museum work. And I made such amazing friends!

Here’s a picture of the terrace looking out on the Ohio River. My favorite view from the museum, and although dreary in winter, it’s still a stunning place to sit and enjoy a break. The other picture is of me in front of part of the history exhibit that I helped to put up.

I’ll miss you, Evansville!!

-Leah ‘13

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