on top of the many reasons that i love benn, i love it because its so musically oriented and involved (right?) i've been involved in music and playing my instrument since 4th grade (im in 11th now) anyways, i dont plan on pursuing a carreer in music but i certainly don't want to lose it completely, since it's basically been my life for 7 years. suggestions on how to do this at benn? — Asked by Anonymous

Great question. I’m actually in a similar boat — my dad is a music professor, I’ve been interested & involved in music since I was a wee lad, but I study mainly theater and social science at Bennington. Because each student creates their own educational Plan here, there are countless ways to structure your interests in an academic context. You might discover that your love of music can directly feed into your main academic interest (for me, music, especially vocal performance, is absolutely a part of theater). You might decide to take music classes on the side just because you like it (my friend Ben studies science & education, but also takes bass lesson just for kicks). Or you might not take music classes at all, and just collaborate with people socially. Anyone can perform in the weekly Music Workshop, which music faculty and other music students attend.

Another thing to consider — if music is truly your life and you can’t live without it, who knows, you might even realize you want to go for it as a main area of study in college. Our annual Field Work Term, when students go out and intern or work for seven weeks in a position that relates to their academic Plan, is a great time to reconsider what it means to pursue a career in something. Bennington is an excellent place to take risks and try to go to the core of what you’re passionate about.


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