halloween at bennington? tell us how it goes down, if you please. — Asked by Anonymous

Hey! I’m so glad that you asked this question because we’re having our HALLOWEEN PARTY TONIGHT! There are a couple of key events that happen on Halloween… 

1. My house Swan throws the annual “Swalloween” party. We have a new theme every year but as you can imagine it always relates back to dead things, guts, spooky characters…etc. 

2. Fun Food night at the dining hall. The dining hall cooks up a whole bunch of yummy treats…historically our meal includes mini corn dogs, apple cider donuts, cotton candy, hot wings, BINS OF CANDY, and more. They also always decorate the dining hall with cob webs, creepy ghosts, and a fog machine. 

3. This year a group of students took part in reverse trick or treating, so basically they just walked around campus handing out candy. 

4. Also new this year we’re having a fall festival on campus with live bands, pumpkin carving, student vendors, hay rides (in a shopping cart), and a local pizza shop is coming to campus to hand out free samples.

Swan residents preparing for SWALLOWEEEENNNN two years ago…

Posters we made for SWALLLOOWWEEEEEENNN this year. 

We also put up in a little reminder in the windows of the dining hall. 

Hope all this helps! 

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