Greetings from Alaska! I am currently working with a woodworker, Bob, in Sterling, AK which is on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula. My days are mostly spent in the shop peeling logs, grinding them down, sanding, and glueing the pieces together. So far we have made 7 night tables, two coffee tables, 4 chairs, and are working on two handrails. 

Most of Bob’s work is with log furniture, which is very popular around here, but he also does some cool stuff with burls and weirdly curved wood. We have one piece in the shop where a branch grows of of the trunk and then 6 inches later grows back into the trunk making a perfect handle. It’s is pretty darn cool what nature can do. 

Yesterday we took a break from the shop, bundled up, and went to harvest wood. All the wood we cut down was dead so that we could work with it right away (instead of waiting 2ish years for it to dry). We hitched a sled onto the snowmachine and off we went. I concluded after chopping them down and hitching them to the snowmachine that trees look a lot bigger on the ground. 

Beyond work Bob and his wife Judy have been taking me all over to explore. We have done a lot of snowshoeing behind the house and in the mountains, which are just stunning. I get to watch the sun rise and set every day from the wood shop and a good amount of the time there is snow falling and moose and bald eagles are everywhere. I have also been able to swim in the pool in the nearby town of Soldotna.  It’s fair to say I’m pretty happy. 

Just yesterday as I was flying across a snow covered swamp on the back of the snowmachine I was thinking how lucky I was to go to school that allows me to do this, to have experiences like this. The thought was then cut short as we sped up and I tightened my grip in the snowmachine and wondered if the two pairs of wool socks I had on were enough.  


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