Hello, I'm applying to Bennington, but I'm a little confused about the Field Work Term. At the moment I'm planning on majoring in creative writing, but I can't think of any place I would be interested in field work terming. Would it look bad if I said it straight that I'm not sure? And if so, is the FWT limited to placed in the U.S. or the state? — Asked by mobiusringtone

If you need some inspiration, here are two lit-related FWTs just around the office:

Anushka- Random House, helping decide the initial round of possible publications to be looked at by editors. 

Emily- Writopia Lab in NYC, helping to teach kids learn to read and write, and editing their literary magazine. 

If you can’t think of anything. my advice would be to not confine yourself to just the field in which you think you want to study; it’s not uncommon for a first FWT to be a bit unrelated while still informative. Last year, I worked with a non-profit art organization in North Bennington, and while it had nothing to do with Chinese or Animation, it was still a cool experience to get to know the off-campus community and learn about the workings of a locally run and funded non-profit.

So if you’re having trouble imagining a FWT in the realm of creative writing, try thinking of another job you’ve always wanted that may not have much to do with your current area of study. And there’s no limit to where you can go— there have been FWTs all over the world. Just thinking within the office, we’ve got Jeremy going to Japan, and Julia to Mexico. 

Don’t worry~Happy Holiday~

<3 Kagan ‘16


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