I APPLIED EARLY AND I FIND OUT TOMORROW NIGHT AND IM FREAKING OUT IM SO NERVOUS AND EXCITED. i just have a question will the information of whether we got in or not come out EXACTLY at 8:00 pm tomorrow? Or AROUND that time, cus I'll be freaking out if I was just sitting there and nothing happened.... — Asked by Anonymous

Hi there!

Friendly counselor here. All the admissions interns are home for winter break and likely not checking up on the blog, so I’m just here to say that YES, your decision will be released on your applicant status page at EXACTLY 8:00 tomorrow night. You should get an email informing you that your page has been updated, and you’ll be able to see the decision online.

Fist bump! It’s a nervous-and-exciting time of year!

-Evan ‘13

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