I had a bit of a crisis. I love Bennington with all my heart and I know it's the right school for me. There are daily tears of joy/sadness/ about Bennington; I've never been so emotional. But there's just no way I can afford it. I'm nervous that I'm putting all my energy into a school I can't pay for without making my family uncomfortable. I don't qualify for need-based. There is merit, but thats not guaranteed. I'm just so nervous. Any words of advice? Even a joke to make me feel better? XO — Asked by Anonymous

Start by listening to this Sharon Van Etten song because she just makes everything okay and really understands what it’s like:

No. Stop reading and listen to the music. I knew you were going to just play it in the background and then keep reading. But don’t do that. Listen to the music.

Okay, anyway: just hang tight. You’re still eligible for merit aid; and the good news is, we give merit aid out to people. Like actually. And because we get to know you as a person and not a number (from your tour, interview, portfolio, paper, essays, etc.) the aid decision isn’t based on arbitrary data like SAT scores. There is no use in worrying about the price — in my opinion — until you know what it will be for you. Make the call then.

Alan ‘15

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