Are there a fair amount of male feminists on campus? Or do people follow the whole "women's issue not my problem" type thing? — Asked by Anonymous


I think so! 

I consider myself someone that wants equality for all you know? Equal opportunities, equal pay and equal treatment at your place of work of choice, regardless of your skin color, gender, or sexual preference! So I guess you can catalogue me as a male feminist.

I’m sure there is a fair amount of us at Bennington!

I haven’t met anyone during my 3.5 years at Bennington who has explicitly stated that they follow the whole “women’s issue not my problem” type thing. 

This is just my opinion though. And I’m not someone to make broad generalizations, but I think it’s safe to say that, regardless of the collective knowledge of the exact amount of self-declared male feminists at Bennington College, I can say that the amount is fair, and that the topic is one of active conversation! 

Heck, a group of students even started “Bennington Feminism” this term! They re-brand and define feminism as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” And I agree! So they took this picture:

This is their Facebook group!

This is their Tumblr!

This is their Twitter!

"If anything, give me love with thorns"

~Carlos ‘14

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