Hello! Is there a visiting day for new students and if so, when? I can't wait to step on campus again as a pioneer, this is a dream come true! — Asked by Anonymous

Every day is visiting day! The most common time, I think, for accepted students to visit tends to be in the month of April, since everyone has their decision by then and is in the process of deciding which school they ultimately want to attend. But really, any day you choose to visit in the spring, we’ll do our very best to give you a picture of what your Bennington life might look like - we’ll get you sitting in on class, we’ll show you around campus, we’ll introduce you to students and possibly faculty who are teaching in fields that interest you… Really, anything you’re really curious or excited about is something we want to talk with you about.

My suggestion (and maybe this is just me, speaking as a counselor) would be to get in contact with your personal admissions counselor to help set up your perfect visit. We’re the folks who read your applications, typically the people who conduct your interviews, and generally the guys & gals who are personally responsible for getting to know you as best they can. We’re always really excited to help you pick out the perfect day to visit and the perfect class(es) to sit in on. So be in touch! Just because you’ve now gotten in (and congratulations for that!!), that doesn’t mean we’re not still totally hyped on you. We love showing the Bennington story; just point us to the parts that energize you most.

-Evan ‘13

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