Hi, can someone tell me when the acceptance letters go out for the spring 2014 semester. Thanks in advance and happy holidays — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there,

Just spoke with Lauren, our Director of Admissions, and she told me that all the Spring 2014 decisions have been released online and should be waiting on your applicant status page, ready to be opened. If, for whatever reason, your applicant status page doesn’t have a link near the top that says ‘View Update’, or if the link doesn’t appear to be working, give the Admissions Office a call at your earliest convenience at (802) 440-4312 or toll free at (800) 833-6845, and we’ll get you sorted out. Not sure if you’re referring to a Spring 2014 freshman¬†application or a Spring 2014 transfer application, but this information is true for either. So yeah! Just give us a call if anything’s still unclear. Hope this helps!

Evan ‘13

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