do any of the houses have wood stoves in them? I adore wood stoves... also what is the process of roommates? are people sent a survey and it's based upon your interests and how much you are alike each other? — Asked by Anonymous

All of the houses with the exception of the Barnes (70’s) houses have fireplaces. Hence an unofficial Barnes house motto: Fires in our hearts, not in our places. See also: 3rd Street: Lights in our hearts, lights in our ceilings. Although Noyes (I can’t speak for Fels and Sawtell) has been known to play the Yule log on youtube from time to time.

As for roommates, a few people in student life go through and do all the pairings by hand after reading all of the surveys, which ask everything from your favorite types of music to when you go to bed. I can’t say much more than that, but how nice is it that it’s humans (with compassion, empathy etc.) rather than, like, an algorithm. (Is that what other schools do? I don’t know… my school only has 700 people.) They’re able to be really accommodating.

-Alan ‘15

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