Does bennington offer any physical education electives? like yoga or swimming and is there gym with machines to work out? — Asked by Anonymous

Students find ways to exercise from classes to the gym to physical activity outside. There are dance classes each term that offer yoga (check out this class), and the Meyer Rec Barn offers yoga classes, too. The school just purchased new exercise equipment, specifically some great new elliptical machines and treadmills.

For swimming, the Bennington Rec Center in town has a pool, and when I was going regularly a couple terms ago, I was surprised to see how many Bennington students were also there. 

Whatever gets your blood flowing, there will be other students around you who are into the same activity. When the weather is somewhat warmer than it is now, we flock outside to walk, hike, run, play soccer, basketball, or tennis. 

-Kate D. ‘14

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