Hello! I have applied to Bennington for Fall'14 and i am really looking forward to interacting with the college to learn more about her as well as tell her more about myself (through writing, interview, constant emails,etc). While my exploration i have really found Professor Wunderlich and his courses very interesting so i wanted to know more by mailing him. While i understand that Professors are extremely busy i am not sure whether it is "OKAY" to mail a Professor without personally knowing him — Asked by Anonymous

Ohhhh hmmm yeah.  I see where you are coming from.  I…I yes…I stalk Mark pretty regularly.  It’s a talent crush, to say the least.  I’m not sure he knows.  Well, he has the internet, so.  He may know now.  I promise it’s light stalking, Mark!  Just the occasional sideglance!  But I’m in his Whitman & Dickinson class so it’s easier to do so now mwehehe.  I’m not sure it’s our judgment call here in Admissions to make, but from my time getting to know Sir Wunderlich, I would say he might be, at the very least, bemused by your correspondence, and perhaps even intrigued!  

Here’s a poem by him to get everybody all excited:


And here’s a wonderful piece he wrote on Plath and her legacy:


Who knows…maybe you might become pen pals?  

— Parke ‘15

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