Bathroom Review: Tree #1

Quality bathroom. Utilizes the Bennington motto of experimenting with alternative styles of bathroom use, influenced by the minimalist bathrooms of always. Bathroom is located in quality location with access to both snow and grass. This tree extends from the ground by use of stump. As it reaches up to the heavens, the sun provides it with subtle nutrition. Mix that with the nutrients in the soil and the nutrients in water and you’ve got one awesome bathroom tree. It is brownish gray. The tree does not have any heating, which is a minus, but what it lacks in comfort it makes up for in design. Wow. Great design. You can pee anywhere on this thing! The stump is convenient but it can be just as fun to climb it and pee down on things. Tree #1 is located right outside of VAPA and I climbed it and now I cannot get down. Help. I am still up here.

Safety: N/A
Comfort: 4 out of 10
Design: 10 out of 10
Me: Cold

and i have run out of hand sanitizer

-Alex BG

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