Recap of favorite Fall 2013 final projects from the Friday afternoon shift

Chloe ‘16 studies the mind body connection through the lens of psychology and dance. Her fav final last term was writing a paper about the meaning of life for her philosophy class. 

Julia ‘15 focuses on how culture informs medical systems and healthcare policy. She primarily studies Biology, Anthropology, and History. Julia investigated women’s use of abortive herbs during the middle ages in her Women in Science history course.

Genelle ‘15 studies Neuroscience and Chemistry with specific interest in the molecular mechanisms behind behavior. Conducting research about the escape behavior of cockroaches was definitely the highlight of the Fall 2013 finals season for her.

Anuskha ‘14 studies Literature and Spanish. She compiled an extensive portfolio of translations of selections from Cortazar’s Historias de cronopios y de famas for the Art of Literary Translations. 

Rachel ‘14 studies Political Science and Gender, with a touch of Visual Art. Rachel put together a portfolio of mixed media drawings that expressed connections between patterns, space, and the body.

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