My daughter, a high school junior, is artistic in creative writing, studio arts, dance, music, and theatre with awards & recognitions in each area, maintaining a 4.0. She has already had her tour of Bennington, seen performances and LOVES it! Here's my issue: a personal friend who also serves as an administrator at a selective school has told me three times my daughter will not fit into Bennington in the long run because she is single, straight and occasionally likes to date. Your thoughts. — Asked by Anonymous

Your daughter sounds fabulous! Perhaps your insider administrator thinks so too and is trying to steal her away from Bennington to attend her college?

It seems like you are asking two questions. Do you mean that she will not fit in socially because Bennington is such a diverse place that she will not find others like her (single, straight, girls who like to date)?  Or are you concerned that she will not find single, straight, boys who like to date?

We’re still working on the single, straight boy calendar (male objectification these days is such a problem), but they’re here.

And here’s some advice from a straight, formerly single girl:

“Just relax, it’ll all work it out. Whatever you want is here. I didn’t date anyone my first two years here and it didn’t affect my Bennington experience negatively.” – Glennis ‘15  

In short, we’ve got both here. Your daughter will be fine, should she choose to come here. And if she chooses not to identify herself by those terms anymore, well that’s cool too. 


Emily ‘16

Resident Dating Guru

P.S. He went here:



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