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Questions, Questions

Hello everyone! 

Our shift has spent today answering some questions on the blog and we wanted to create a helpful guide to understanding where you should ask your questions. 

To Incoming students: Use the facebook page! It’s not just to get to know other incoming first years, it is there to act as a resource. All the interns and counselors who have facebook are part of that group. Your facebook questions will receive a more immediate answer than the tumblr. 

Personal questions: We get asked a lot of really personal questions on this blog. We understand the urge to stay anonymous and talking to people on the phone or email can be scary. Personal questions are great on a one-on-one basis. Call us or email an intern and we can give you a much better answer than if we answered an anonymous tumblr post. 

Repeat Questions: We get a lot of repeat questions and we intentionally answer these questions to provide multiple narratives. Usually there are several really amazing posts already written about that subject. For example, I typed in “social life” and got all these wonderful posts! This can be a good first step before asking a question. After seeing other answers it can help define what your own specific question is.  

All questions: CALL US! We love to talk to students. Whether it is a simple yes/no or a question that requires a more in-depth response we would love to hear from you in person. Call us at (802) 440 -4312 and toll free at (800) 833-6845.

We love your questions but looking for a right platform can give you a more immediate and thorough response.

Arden J. ‘16 and Alana C. ‘15 

PS: Are you an incoming student and not part of the facebook group? Email 

can I use a black and white image for my ID? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes. Go Crazy. Get rid of color if you so choose.
-Alana ‘15

Are headphones a hat? in other words, can I have them in my id photo? — Asked by Anonymous

Personally, I think these headphones would be best for an ID photo:image



If you want to further talk about styles, color choices, or positioning your headphones for the photo feel free to email me at

Best of luck in choosing that perfect photo!
-Alana ‘15

can I learn a new language at Bennington? if yes, what are those courses called? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes please:

Chinese? French? Italian? Japanese? Spanish?

and thank you, gracias, domo arigatou, grazie, merci, Xièxiè

…But seriously, the language classes at Bennington are taught through immersion. For instance if you wanted to take a Spanish class you wouldn’t take Spanish 101 but you could take “Contemporary Issues on Film” or “Theories of Revolution” which are both Spanish courses. See here for more details on languages at Bennington!

-Alana ‘15

How many students are there from Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh,India,Sri Lanka? — Asked by Anonymous

I don’t have the exact break down, but I do know that we have students from 29 different countries including Pakistan, Denmark, Nepal, Vietnam, Bosnia, Turkey, Syria, and Albania. The most exciting part about this is that next years incoming class has 50 international students and the entire class size is around 200 so that is a 25% population of students from outside of the US joining our community.
-Alana ‘15

Inside Scoop

So I wanted to give you a ONCE IN A LIFETIME sneak peak into what some people do on Thursday May 8th in the year two thousand fourteen on the Bennington College Campus after our work shift ends:


“Get a quick lunch and then go shopping for the camping trip (we are taking DREAM kids that we mentor on a camping trip this weekend) and then going to Historical Grievances and Retrospective Redress. Then I am going to dinner with my friend Kiley and her parents and then finishing the second half of my exhibition proposal for my Art History class.”


“After work today I am helping Noelle, the French professor, with assembling some videos for her husband’s birthday present. Then I am going to be in the video editing studio for a long time tonight with your basic meal breaks. Then I am going to the film screening tonight called the Black Powered Mixed Tap”

this is a heavy one. i'm transgender, i have no expectation that that would hurt me socially or that anyone would take any problem with that at bennington (thank god). but i'm also a fascist. i believe in the ideology of fascism (but i'm a social liberal who likes LGBT rights and drug legalization, etc.; italian fascism was explicitly a nonracist ideology and mussolini himself said that "race is 95% imagination"). how discriminated against would i be for this? — Asked by Anonymous

Our Thursday morning shift had a discussion about our understanding of facism. I realize that we all have our own prejudice against the idea of fascism in relation to its historical context. I would like to assume that you are not wanting to promote politically promoted racism and oppression and I would like to know more about how you identify with fascism. Why do you believe in fascism? On what basis do you identify as a fascist?

Bennington is notorious for asking students WHY. I believe that you cannot make an informed argument unless you understand the “why’s” and the limitations of your thinking. So I would like to turn this back to you and ask:


The example that we used to think about this was about a student coming onto campus and believing that abortion should be illegal, they could argue in various ways. If they were well informed and open to healthy debate, then they could be well received because promoting a belief with a broad understanding of its basis as you understand it gives way to better conversation.

If you want to talk further, feel free to email me: (I am also involved in the Gender and Sexuality Minority Alliance group and Sexual Wellness Advocacy Group so we can talk about your other identities as well)


CONGRATULATIONS!!! We can’t wait to see you in the Fall :)

Alana = Bennington!
Stop sitting on that bench and come join the fun!

Behind the scenes, behind the sleeves of a goofy video from Thursday morning shift! Enjoy!

-Alana and Arden

To answer your question…. 

My final project is very open ended for my Experiential Anatomy class. I wanted it to be personal so I decided to dig in and learn more about the ossification process of bones when they are healing from a break (I currently have a broken humerus bone from arm wrestling for charity).

I was in my friend Tess’s room getting lost in science research on my screen and beginning to get frustrated. Tess is studying medical anthropology and has her eyes set on med school post Bennington. She asked what I was working on and then enthusiastically dropped her math homework and brought my to “her section” of the library. I was so scared as I am taking my first bio class this term, but glad to have a friend to help me find what I needed. 

Little did I know, I would find my friend Sam working on his research for his performance project about the fluids of the body. He was calling on the help of a fellow student Hillary for her neuroscience wisdom and problem solving in the library!

Just thought I would post about collaboration at it’s finest!

Have a great Weekend!

Bennington candy shop creates world record peanut butter cup


Bennington’s First Friday: The World’s Largest Peanut Butter Cup!

Did you have a slice? I sure did, but it was way too rich to finish myself…

p.s. We also have the World’s Largest Ladder Back Chair. I have yet to sit on that…

What are your records?
-Alana ‘15

Posted this to my blog instead…. must be Friday afternoon!

Employers Want Broadly Educated New Hires

After a year in the office, I am still figuring out the ins and outs of Tumblr, excited to reblog this! -Alana


 aka: Employers are looking for thinkers and people instead of just students who have proven professors can fill their minds with knowledge.

aka^2: people want to hear from the minds of Bennington Grads

How is the queer community at Bennington? Where would I look/who could I talk to for more information? — Asked by Anonymous

Just like most communities at Bennington, the queer community is apparent in various ways. We have a group called queer @ Bennington which can be a great resource. Bennington, like most any college, is a space for you to come in with a mainly-blank slate to really explore yourself as a person, questioner, and thinker. I think Bennington establishes a safer space for queer identified or questioning youth to do just that.

If you are looking to see if you will fit in here, no worries… you will find like-minded people and be a part of various communities. As a queer individual myself, I am personally not very involved in the queer @ Bennington group; however, I still feel a part of the queer community on campus. There are various ways to be involved as a queer person on campus. I took a bunch of people to the gender and queer conference at Hampshire this term and that was a wonderful way to spend part of my weekend! If you have any other questions or just want to chat about this more, please feel free to contact me at

I know I can only speak for myself, but I have felt very accepted here. I have enjoyed meaningful conversations with friends, events through SWAG (Sexual Wellness Awareness Group) that have opened my eyes to other conversations, and finding general acceptance of various identities on campus.
-Alana ‘15 

Heat!  Ceramics!  Outdoor kilns! Final projects!

I am in a project-based ceramics class called Grand Vessel in which we are looking at what vessels have shown us throughout history and how we define a vessel today. Myself and my friend Nina are firing our pieces in a once fired soda-ash kiln this week. On Monday we bricked the wall to our “Salty Dog”. Yesterday we started our firing and have continued to control the slow climb of temperature, turning it up every two hours or so. I went to bed at 1:30 am last night when it was at 847 degrees Fahrenheit and now it is almost 2000 degrees. We will be adding the soda-ash solution to the kiln tonight once it is at cone 10!!! Can’t wait to see what comes of this kiln. It is always a surprise taking down that door. I will post a “results” post once things cool down.

-Alana ‘15

Spring called to take us out of the office on a nice meandering walk through campus while the flowers started blooming…

-Alana, Glennis, and Julia ‘15