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Hi there :) I was wondering if there is someone studying architecture who could briefly explain me, and the others, what courses should we take into consideration and stuff. Also I would like to know what are the possibilities after we graduate in Bennington? Is one qualified for work only with the bachelor degree, or masters-specialization has to be done? — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there!

Your first question is tricky to answer, because I think that architecture is the one true liberal art, that can only grow and benefit from making interdisciplinary connections with other visual arts, sciences and areas of study. Or at least that’s what I’ve studied during my time here, so I am VERY biased. I’m interested in how architecture can act as a lens, or filter, through which all my other interests go through. Because of this, I think that you should take EVERY course into consideration. Bennington allows you to make seemingly hidden or unknown connections between different disciplines, either because you want to complement them with each other (dance and music!) or you want to find what underlying idea brings all your interests together (the intersection of film, electronic music and painting through personal narratives, I don’t know!). Because of architecture’s capability to benefit from other disciplines (and viceversa), I’ve taken electronic music, ceramics, drawing courses, digital modelling, some literature, a bunch of assorted social sciences (political science, sociology), public action, etc. Do whatever you want with architecture, because it allows you to do so! 

You’re qualified to work in an architecture firm with any degree really, as long as you’re good enough and they see in you whatever they’re looking for in an employee! Will you be working with their design team, legal team, planning, construction, reasearch, etc., depends on your skillset, and not your degree necessarily. Legally though, you can only be certified as an architect if you have a certified architectural degree from a school that offers it. That being said, students do go to grad school for architecture after Bennington, and do end up working as AIA certified architects with their own firms. 

Listen to this song!

~Carlos ‘14

Hello, this may be a very basic question, but do you guys have an architecture program or anything of the like? I've had to re-evaluate all of my college application list because I've fallen completely and madly and randomly in love with architecture recently and I want to make sure I have an option for pursuing that field of study... — Asked by Anonymous


First of all, we don’t have ‘programs’ here, but we most certainly offer architecture courses! And there is an architecture professor, who could become your personal mentor and guiding light in the great adventure that is personalized college education! And there are architecture students here (SPOILER ALERT: I’m one of them) who do eventually go to grad school for architecture to become working architects if they so desire

Short answer: Yes, you may definitely pursue that field if study if your heart calls out for it, and become an architecture student yourself! You can also just take it for fun, in a spur-of-the-moment kind of decision, and still get something out of it (or with any discipline for that matter).

If you’re interested, here’s a link to my final project for last term

And here’s a quote from one of my favorite architects, the late Luis Barragán:

"Any work of architecture which does not express serenity is a mistake"

Maybe you can join us one day to learn how to make the impermanent beautiful, how to transcend the human condition through drawings and design, how to express serenity


~Carlos ‘14

What didn't exist before you made it? — Asked by Anonymous


Yesterday, I had my final critique for my architecture class, Twisted Siblings: Relationships Between Painting and Architecture. I designed a pavilion and the landscape it sits on based off specific compositional cues that I took from two paintings that I analyzed during the term (for those interested, they were this Christopher Wool painting and this painting by Sarah Morris). I was interested in the idea of designing a landscape that is informed by specific axial gestures, and that is only understandable through the pavilion that sits above the entire landscape. In a way, the landscape would only be readable because of the pavilion, and the pavilion is only there because of the landscape. 



A proud Carlos!


Site plan view of my model!


Model detail with George the 1/4 scale male model!


Plan and section (pencil on bristol)!


Exploded axonometric/sketch/conceptual drawing (pencil, pen, on bristol)!

I don’t know if this is the answer you were looking for, my friend, but this is something that didn’t exist until two days ago, that stems from the things that keep me up at night you know? To most people, these images are just cool-looking drawings and models, that relate to architecture. These are the results of my passions here, the craft that I don’t mind not sleeping a lot (or at all) for. I try to rationalize why I like making meticulous pencil drawings on paper that does not forgive my mistakes, drawings that take hours to make, a process that does not allow for erratic decisions or irrational gestures…but it’s what I love doing. The beauty of slowness, of process, of not sleeping more than 2 hours in 2 days just to talk about an idea for 15 minutes!.

But look at how happy it makes me!

~Carlos ‘14