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I've heard that Bennington is where the "weirdos" of high school come together? Fact or fiction? — Asked by Anonymous

Ahhh, come on. Who told you that? Psh.


People at Bennington are—well, we’re people. Some of us are more or less athletic than others; some of us are always early to class and some aren’t; some of us are Macs and some are PCs… Some of us do (and some of us don’t) choose to identify as “weirdos.”

But I guess the only way you could find out for yourself would be to come visit…


…and tell us yourself… are we weirdos? Maybe we are, maybe we’re not. Solid?




Is the size of Bennington ever, too small? — Asked by Anonymous

Sometimes we ask ourselves this very question,


The college actually isn’t (quite) small enough for any student to know literally everyone. You’ll meet new people and learn new things about the ones you already know. 

That being said, neither the college nor the town is large by any relative standards. Do we have all of the modern comforts of urban life—grocery stores, Radio Shack, cute diners—even, perhaps, a bowling alley? Good golly, yes!

If, however, you are a regular concertgoer who loves seeing each next big act come through on tour, you’d have to drive somewhere from Bennington to do that. Campus really comes alive on weekends with student events: concerts, open mic nights, movie showings, study groups (the struggle is real)… But we’re by no means urban. Bennington may not be big enough for everybody, but it’s never too small.


Does Bennington take in to consideration an upwards grade trend when considering admission? I did not do that well in 9th and 10th grade- I had health issues so I put less effort in to my school work. I went from a 3.5 GPA in 10th grade to a 4.0 GPA in 11th, and also took a more solid workload that year (and in 10th all of my B's were in core classes!)... I LOVE to learn and I desperately want to go to a school where I will have the opportunity to get a great education,and I think that is... — Asked by Anonymous

Better upwards than downwards, am i right??

but for real, health issues are a perfectly valid excuse for this sort of thing. 3.5->4.0 doesn’t sound too extreme, but if you’re concerned at all, just make sure you’re in communication with your counselor so that they know what the story is. 

This goes for any concerns, grades or otherwise! talk to your counselor! they know that things are literally changing all the time and that some things are just beyond our control! We’re all humans here! 

we must maintain the balance


How feasible is it to be granted an assistant animal for stress and depression? A cat would really help... — Asked by Anonymous

I reached out to the Dean’s Office on this one, and the answer I got back was that requests for disability-related companion animals - other than service dogs - are handled on a case-by-case basis.  The required information you must submit to the school in requesting an accommodation can be viewed here. I do know of one student previously who had a cat for an anxiety disorder, but it’s really between you and the Dean’s Office.

-Ray ‘15

So I was accepted into Bennington, I love this school so much, but I didn't want to commit right away to a four year college. Will I be accepted again if I apply in let's say a year or two? — Asked by Anonymous

While there are no guarantees, I encourage you to apply again. There are a lot of students who have taken gap years before coming here and also while they were studying. It’s all good — go have some life experiences! Travel, or meet people, learn a new language and do something outrageous or thought-provoking. Then you can tell us what’s happened since we’ve seen you last. We wish you many adventures out there. It’s important that you are discovering what you want and you are going for it (that is, in a way, what Bennington is about). 

Happy Trails,

Sylvia M. ‘16

Hi! I'm applying early action and am very excited (Bennington is my first choice). Is it possible for me to attach an art portfolio? If so, where and what are the parameters? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, it’s 100% possible! Actually, we just launched something called the “dimensional application” - which you can learn more about here. Through this application, you can upload any work that you feel reflects you as a person & what you’re passionate about. There aren’t any “parameters” to what you attach - just put thought into selecting work that you feel demonstrates who you are and how you could thrive here at Bennington.

If don’t choose to participate in the dimensional application and decide to apply via Common App, you will receive an email inviting you to access your personal application status page, where you can upload a portfolio. Again, there are no limitations there - you can attach any documents/files/images you would like to.

!!! you do you !!!

Nila ‘17

Taste of the Townhouse

Chocolate, avocado, coconut, vegan/gluten free mousse!


-Selina ‘15

Is it better to have an interview on campus as opposed to when the rep visits your school? Like does it look better for you? ( I have already done the tour and the info session and visited campus twice) — Asked by Anonymous

Glad you asked.  Here’s the rundown: if you live in the southeastern states or Montana, it’s crucial that you interview in person; those counselors place a lot of weight on it.  If you live elsewhere and have more than six freckles on your left arm, a school-visit interview is your best bet, and if fewer than six freckles, a phone interview.  It you have exactly six freckles or if you do not have a left arm, you must interview via Skype.  Unless you live in the southeastern US or Montana.

No, but really, whatever.  We don’t measure people’s commitment to getting into Bennington via some sick metric of how much they’re willing to drive/fly to see us.  We do encourage people to visit so that they can really see the school, but if you’ve already done that, then it is 120% up to you how you interview.

-Ray ‘15

In regards to transferring in, how important are the letters of recommendation? I've been in and out of my current university for several years due to a family illness, so it's been unrealistic for me to build strong relationships with many professors. I am positive that I can get one very strong recommendation, but finding a second will probably require teeth-pulling. — Asked by Anonymous

Letters of recommendation are certainly something we place weight on, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.  Go ahead and get that one that you know you can, and then maybe expand your frame.  There are other people in your life, I’m sure, who can speak to your character and competence — bosses and coworkers, scoutmasters/other volunteer-y stuff, friends of the family, etc.  Your teachers from high school might also be good sources.  Get together one or two of those, and include them in your supplement.  Or don’t.  I can’t give you any guarantees of what will or won’t make you application look best to Bennington; I can only say that we understand difficult circumstances, and… well, this is corny, but if you find yourself unable to dig a tunnel, build a bridge instead.  We’re all about getting at what’s important in unconventional ways.  

-Ray ‘15

Hi! Could you explain Bennington’s Dimensional Application a little bit? I've started the Common App, but want to learn more about the dimensional application before I decide to continue my application that way! — Asked by Anonymous

It is deceptively simple.

You know you better than we do, so we aren’t going to design a checklist for you. If we frame the conversation, you might not be able to put your best foot forward: maybe your transcript just isn’t the best way for us to get to know you. Maybe it is. You decide.

So, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to help us see in you….

The capacity to       
       design an inquiry, create and revise work
       find, analyze, and use resources
       apply your understanding to new situations and connect your work to broader contexts
Dexterity with words and with numbers, so as to communicate your ideas and take in those of others
Intrinsic motivation
The wherewithal to continue when things are hard, when they don’t make any sense 
A tolerance for ambiguity
A facility for collaboration
Aesthetic sensibility and cultural sensitivity
Self-direction, self-reflection, self-restraint

What materials will convey that?

It is hard to do. But high school me would do it because it is an opportunity to have an enriching application experience that’s hopefully kind of fun and not just a drag. Having said that; do what you are comfortable with — we are going to get to know you through the content of your application, not by your choice of application. And you still have the opportunity to include all of this miscellaneous stuff on the common app supplement as well.

That’s a student’s take.
The more official one is here.

Alan ‘15

This is happens when a broom breaks in the sculpture studios - - The Quick Sweep 5000 - - a late night collaboration between my fellow studio mates, Cian and Maren, and myself. 

This is happens when a broom breaks in the sculpture studios - - The Quick Sweep 5000 - - a late night collaboration between my fellow studio mates, Cian and Maren, and myself. 


Are interviews supposed to happen before or after you submit the application? — Asked by Anonymous

Not a huge deal either way. It depends more on when you and your counselor can schedule one, so if that happens before you submit your app, that’s ok. If it happens after, also ok!



Part of our new Wednesday morning series.

Part of our new Wednesday morning series.

hey friends are space heaters allowed in the dorms — Asked by Anonymous

Sort of, sometimes!  You can have one if it’s got an emergency shutoff feature when tipped over and one of those heating-element guard doodads.  Also everything you plug in in the dorms has to be 1000 watts or less.  All of the rooms do have radiators that you can crank up, though, so you probably won’t need a space heater.


Ray ‘15

Hi! I'm considering Bennington, but I'm wondering how it is viewed from an outsiders' perspective, like its reputation? Of course, I love it, so I know that the "hippie" stereotypes are not true, but what do employers think of it? Also, what would you say the benefits are of going to a non-traditional school? I don't feel like I'd be missing out on much, but still, something is holding me back. Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

 Depends. Do you want to have the type of job where you get hired because your interviewer was like “oh d*mn you went to harvward here’s a job”? Because that probably wouldn’t happen with a Bennington degree (I dunno how often that happens at all these days…) No one will see that you went to Bennington, though, and not hire you because of that.

You’re just going to have to learn how to advocate for yourself and your skills, which is definitely something most Bennington students learn how to do through things like the Plan Process and Field Work Term. We’re like, self-advocacy pros. Having to constantly think about and back up the hows and whys of you’re studying what you’re studying will do that to a person. Plus, after four Field Work Terms, you get pretty good at applying and interviewing for jobs.

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes down to it, who you are is more important than where you went to school.

it’s still not the 80’s, pal!



EDIT: look at this thing i yoinked from the FWT office! 


(tbh i didn’t yoink it they gave it to me)