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hey all, i need more info for international students.. — Asked by Anonymous

what’s up? what kind of info? i’m gonna need some more info to give you the info.

Nick Forcier is our counselor for international students, so you can email him at with any question(s). He’s pretty smart.


Is there Journalism at Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

Class-wise, not really. There aren’t any straight up journalism courses here, but a lot of courses in CAPA, Literature, Political Science, Photography, Stats, etc., teach things relevant to (photo)journalism. There’s also the BFP, a student-run paper that reports on campus stuff and events in town. 

Also! here’s a secret: you can basically do whatever you want for FWT. You want to work with a journalist? Fine! or with a news agency or site of some sort? Okay! Are you Jason Moon ‘13 and did you work with NPR for a FWT? Probably not but he did do that!

Anyways my point is that there’s not an explicit journalism TRACK here, but if you’re an active thinker you probably could study journalism at Bennington. People have done it in the past. People are doing it right now. 

you can do it too~


Do people debate at Benn? I mean in standard Karl Popper,WSDC or Parliamentary formats? — Asked by sashankaryal


…like this? 

People debate at Bennington all the time in the our-education-is-a-conversation way.  We don’t currently have any student groups devoted to formalized debate, although I am currently propping open my closet door with a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order.  If you were to come to Bennington and find yourself missing the good old days when people only said what the rules told them they could, you could found a debate club.  It’s pretty easy to get stuff going here.  Keeping it going can be hard, but presumably you’re persuasive.

-Ray ‘15

[Image description: two extremely buff shirtless men straining to push on a stack of book with their foreheads.  The stack is between them and they oppose each other, fruitlessly, managing only to keep the books suspended immobile above the ground.  The buff men should learn the value of teamwork, but alas, they are a .jpg file, frozen in time and doomed to their folly forever.]

You Asked UsWhat we all think of the New Pornographers’ new album?

So, of course, the best interns to answer would probably be…the non music students.  Luckily, we came to a brilliant conclusion…one even the great Liam Dailey might have been capable of….

Does Bennington have any independent study classes? I know the school offers a limited amount of classes for students so if I want to study something that isn't heavily taught, can i, i dont know, teach myself and get credit for it? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes! Usually you have to be here for a bit before you can do that sort of thing, but you can essentially design your own courses as long as you get it approved by the deans office. This can take the form of tutorials, or there is a class of misfits which I am doing next year, where everyone can workshops their projects which have no clear-cut home. You can do tutorials for 2 or 4 credits. The faculty is versatile enough that you can usually find someone to cover whatever you are interested in.

In fact… I’ve been working on my own schedule:

The first half are works of queer theory I’ve been interested in; the second half are plays I am going to analyze using the theory. History of Shit and Unlimited Intimacy have almost nothing to do with my project — I’m just reading them for fun.

Alan ‘15

Ok. So I'm having doubts about whether Bennington will be the best fit for me. While this is probably normal given that I'm just joining, I wanted to know around how many students transfer out of Bennington. Also, Is Bennington supportive of students that want to transfer out? I know it's a great school, I'm just getting stressed out because i wanted to go into finance or business after undergrad. Please help! — Asked by Anonymous

I don’t have a number handy of how many people transfer out, but it isn’t important how many people do…it just matters that you can. I definitely know people who have; more than a few.

We will be supportive if you decide to transfer out: we are a school that is about the individual, and sometimes individuals learn that the best school for them is somewhere else. So don’t sweat it. If I were you, I would just enjoy the present moment, and give yourself some time to figure things out before making any drastic decisions. You’ve got four years!

And in the meantime, check out this article.

Alan ‘15

I’m so excited to learn so much again
overheard in admissions
What are the winters like in Vermont? How hard do you think they'd be for someone who's lived in a relatively sunny climate their whole life? — Asked by Anonymous

here is a pic of me and my friend Army James in our respective winter and army wear back home (New Mexico) taken in the middle of february two years ago:


here is another pic of me in typical winter attire in vermont also taken in the middle of february this year:


we adapt. army strong.


if i dont take physics do i still have a chance at getting into Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes! Indeed. I didn’t take physics (I did Earth Science, Biology and Chem) and look at me.

There are no deal-breakers that will immediately disqualify you (unless you got an A in White Supremacy). We’re looking at the big picture: have you studied broadly? with depth? excelled?

I do, however, regret it EVERY DAY. FIGURATIVELY not LITERALLY. I should’ve done physics here at Bennington…and as my time is coming to an end and I still haven’t. So you’ve inspired me to take another gander at the curriculum and see if I can fit it in my schedule. Thank you, sir, madam or other gentleperson.

Alan ‘15

Are their places to rollerblade on campus? I.e smooth pavement? Wondering if my rollerblades would be put to use if I brought them — Asked by loseyourself-losecontrol

Yes, they just laid a sidewalk outside of down commons, which pretty much opens up the whole campus. In fact, you could get anywhere. Oh the places you’ll go.

Alan ‘15

this might be a dumb question but I'm driving up Friday as an incoming freshman and I was wondering what time we should get to our dorms? Also what time should our parents leave if they're dropping us off? — Asked by Anonymous

Check in is from 9am to 1pm, parent send off is at 4pm and ends at 5. I think I had dinner in town with my parents after that but that send off is the *official* time for parents to say goodbye and pls leave. 



What kind of music ensembles are at Bennington? I'm used to being part of an orchestral group, like wind ensemble and orchestra (I'm a percussionist). Are those kinds of groups offered? Also, do you guys have a radio station? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

In terms of orchestral stuff, a good go-to thing is Sage City Symphony, a local full-size symphony that students can participate in. Other than that, there’s usually a brass ensemble, jazz ensemble stuff, but it looks a little different every term. If you’re curious, check out the curriculum’s ensemble tag for fall and spring term courses.

As for radio, we don’t really have a station in the sense of something with a DJ that you’d tune into, but the Bennington Radio Project is a student group that’s focused on generating content in the form of NPR-esque podcasts. You can check them out here, here and here. Glennis is in charge of that. She’s lost in the woods right now but email her at if you want to know more and if she finds her way back she’ll be able to fill you in.

beep boop 


I am currently working on college essays and I want to write about how my mom illegally works since she doesn't have a work visa (she is a Canadian citizen) because we would not have enough money, otherwise. Is this wise? Or should I try to find something else to write about? This is a big part of my life, and so I'm finding it difficult to not write about it. — Asked by Anonymous

While I can see how this would make for a compelling essay, discretion might be the better part of valor in this case.  It’s a tricky thing.  Bennington is not interested in turning your mom in to the feds, nor in penalizing you for your family status.  But depending on the essay itself and how it is received wherever you send it, there could be some risk, either to your mother or to your chances of getting into schools.  I can’t quantify those risks for you.  I just genuinely don’t know what your family might come up against if you put that information on the internet and send it to a bunch of strangers, or how it might be received by colleges.  Once it’s out there, you have no control over how it will be read or by whom.

If it’s essential to you that this aspect of your life is heard, if you need for people to know this about you, consider interviews.  Bennington strongly encourages our applicants to have personal interviews with us, and just generally speaking… in a closed room, with a person you can see and feel out, you can open yourself to the admissions counselors who feel right and be selective about disclosure with the ones where something seems off.  Just be careful, and best of luck to you and your family.

-Ray ‘15

For the analytical paper portion of the application, would the IB Extended Essay count? Only problem is that it isn't actually graded for a class proper -- your teacher serves as an advisor but then it gets sent off internationally and graded there. — Asked by Anonymous

It would be a shame if you put all that work into that paper and are super proud of it and we said you couldn’t send if because there wasn’t feedback written on it. We want to see your strongest work and we’d like to see the notes of the person grading it, but sometimes you can’t have both and we get that. So, go for it.

Alan ‘15

Hey! Is there anyone who has participated in the AVIC Semester Exchange that could share a bit of their experience? :) Thanks ! — Asked by Anonymous

So we’ve actually not had any students in recent memory who’ve participated in the AVIC program. So… sorry about that. If you want a more general idea of how that works here, though, I’d email Kendra Ericson, who’s in charge of Study Abroad and AVIC stuff at