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List the best houses in your personal opinion! (no cop-out answers about how they are all unique and special in their own ways... I am asking you specifically, question-answerer!) GO — Asked by Anonymous

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(How else was I supposed to answer that, question-asker?!)

But, the folks currently in the office live in these houses and can tell you they’re the best because: 

Alana ‘15: “I live in Woolley, and I like that there’s a community but the people in the house have enough transparency to be a part of the larger campus community. Our theme this term is ‘Where the Wild Woolley Things are” and who wouldn’t love that? I used to live in Booth, and miss the coffee hour challenges and tight-knit community.”

Jason ‘13: “I reside in Franklin, and it’s clean, quiet, and low pressure.” 

David ‘13: “I live in Sawtell, and there just is a lot of love. It’s really comfortable and supportive”. 

Jessieh ‘13: “I loved living in the townhouse because of its intentional community and lengthy weekly house meetings.” 

As a Bingham-ite, I’ll just say that we have a porch and that is why we are the best. 

- Julia ‘15

Tell me everything about Bingham there is to know. — Asked by Anonymous

Well like Leigh, Bingham is a colonial on second street right near the end of the world. Bingham is a courtesy house with set quiet hours. Every term the whole house will come together and decide when those will be. Overall, it’s a pretty beautiful house because it has a big porch in the back. 

But….. I wouldn’t recommend it considering Evan is the house chair.


p.s. most of the colonials including Bingham don’t have overhead lighting. So if you are placed in Bingham or another colonial I would suggest purchasing a lamp or two.  

hey future classmates (and house chair), I'm going to be at Bingham in the fall, and I was wondering if there's anything Bingham-specific (besides being the best) that I should know as I'm preparing for Bennington. Thanks! Stay classy, admissions office. — Asked by Anonymous

o hei thar

Bingham-specific, something you should definitely bring is a floor lamp and a desk lamp. Talk to your roommate; see if they already have one, because you probably don’t need two. Bingham doesn’t have overhead lighting and most other colonial houses don’t either. Floor lamps are always handy to have around anyway.

Being the best there ever was is also an important trait to have, so, yeah, be conscientious that you’re always doing that. Otherwise, you’ll get a better idea once you get here!

Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

-Evan ‘13

Last term, Riley and I lived together in a double in Bingham for the third and last (wah!) time. I just found some photos of our old room that I had meant to post here last term, but forgot or something. These are some non-blurry shots of how homey and cool a double at Bennington can be.

- Meg ‘12

This past year, many houses on campus created their own Facebook groups for their house communities. During the school year, there may not be many postings because we’re all just a shout away. But during the summer and field work term, it’s a great way to stay in touch as if we’re all still hanging out in in the common room. My house, Bingham, has been particularly active these last few weeks. So far, the wall is full of anything from comments on the Super Bowl to lamenting how much we miss everyone. Because they’re usually closed groups, I’m not sure how other houses are utilizing theirs. This is just one example of the kind of house communities that exist at Bennington!

- Meg ‘12

Christmas Coffee Hour

Last night, many houses had Christmas-themed coffee hours to celebrate the season and our last coffee hour of the term. Bingham’s was particularly magical: after hearing the coffee hour minutes and eating banana bread, berry cobbler, and cheese and crackers provided by our housemates Rebecca and Atticus, we exchanged and opened presents from our secret Santas. It was so touching to see what everyone had gotten for each other and how well we’ve all come to know each other this term. With a holiday record playing and all my friends around me, I felt that I truly have two homes: one with my family in Massachusetts, and one here with my family at Bennington. As nauseating as that sounds, it’s true. Thanks again to my secret Santa Kaytie for the incredibly appropriate gift!

- Meg

A couple weeks ago, some people in my house went on a Bingham family excursion to cut down a Christmas tree for the common room. Over the last week we’ve been adding ornaments, weird stuff people have around, and twinkle lights. For our very last coffee hour this Sunday, we’re having a Christmas office party theme and exchanging Secret Santa presents. 

- Meg

Binghamptons in the library on a Friday night.

With an amazing window garden of geraniums.

- Meg

This morning, the snow is all melting and the sun is way too bright. I’m depressed. But until it all goes away, things are looking pretty magical.

- Meg ‘12

Getting cozy in Bingham while it snows outside…
- Meg ‘12

Getting cozy in Bingham while it snows outside…

- Meg ‘12

You’re the best. After my mom.

My housemate Ousseynou after I fixed the fire in our Bingham common room fireplace.

Meg ‘12

Tonight in Bingham, Ben and Maggie put on some cray cray outfits and did circus stuff in the common room.

This is Ben. He juggles. While wearing stilts. And a clown outfit.

A nice afternoon in the Bingham house common room!

- Meg ‘12