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I am tired of listening and saying cool things about Bennington. Tell me some hot things xD — Asked by Anonymous

we have an observatory. observatories look at stars. stars are hot.

capa is geo~thermally~ heated. hot.

the floors in merck are heated. that’s hawt. 

carlos works in admissions.


he’s hoooOOoot.


not carlos. 

Join Carlos (‘14), Alan (‘15) and Ben (‘14) on an enthralling tour of Bennington College’s newest academic center, southwestern Vermont’s shining marble centre of public action, The Elizabeth Coleman Center for the Advancement of Public Action. (Aka CAPA.)

Yo dude Carlos, how can I become an architect like you? Give me some tips. — Asked by Anonymous

HA! You wanna become an architect like me? Is this what dads feel like? :’)

I am not an architect (yet), but an architecture student. I don’t know when or if I will become one, but I can assure you that it’s a couple of years down the road.

FIRST: You gotta want it! Does architecture serve a purpose in the quest that is inter-disciplinary academic, professional and personal growth? If yes, what about architecture? Is it design? Or maybe drawing? Does the slowness of the hand-drawn process makes it all worth it? Do you like the idea of staring at a piece of paper, terrified of making a mark that will indicate a door because you know that it will never be properly erased? Is it about making spaces? Homes? Hospitals? Problem-solving through multiple scales of action?

SECOND: You gotta have an open mind! Architecture is not just Design 101, or Intro to Drafting, or “How to Make a CAD Drawing”. This is a craft that delves into speculating about space-making. You’re gonna have to go to other disciplines to help you in this horrendous noble path you’ve chosen. Be it ceramics, painting, set design, playwriting, music, anthropology, math, biology, or even (dare I say it) dance, your process will no doubt be informed by these other modes of thought (and this applies to any discipline!).

THIRD: Be proactive! Where do you think you wanna intern for your 4 Field Work Terms? 4 different architecture offices around the world? Maybe 4 different experiences that have nothing to do with architecture? Become a better rounded person my friend, as architects need to be the world’s best problem-solvers (but I’m biased).

Always remember that good work leads to more work and that this path, like any other path that carries meaning, will require your own self-encouragement, individual agency, and a lot of epiphanies at 4 AM.

~Carlos ‘14 


When I’m not working in Admissions, I also work as B.A.D. Coordinator, which means that I get to be a referee during Dodgeball season. I also play for my house team, Merck Wahlberg, and plan on giving my blood, sweat and tears to the achievement of the team’s ultimate goal and objective: ULTIMATE DODGEBALL DOMINATION.

This is a promo for last term’s Halloween themed Dodgeball League Tournament Final Judgement Day. I am jumping around in excitement at precisely second 33.

~Carlos ‘14

I am super confused and I feel kind of silly. I am an international student who just got accepted to B. I have a Huge finaid award. But I am worried because lately I have been reading about these phantom numbers for international students, like taxes or something, is there anything I should be aware of? Can someone international help me please? Also, from the offers I have gotten so far, Bennington's has been the only one that does not seem to mention anything about health insurance money. — Asked by Anonymous

Hello there friend!

First things first: be cool, stay chill. As a fellow international student from Guayaquil, Ecuador, I know how stressful and terrifying these issues and numbers can be. But you’ve already solved most of these ‘problems’, you just don’t know it yet. Bennington goes out of its way to help each student out with any financial, academic, and/or personal problems, and the school understands that things might get a little more tricky when dealing with international students, since we’re handling visa statuses, tax returns, health insurance, etc. I can personally vouch for the outstanding individualized treatment that students get from the different administrative offices. 

As far as health insurance goes, we changed to a new provider last year (Bollinger), and we are billed about $680 per term (if you choose to not opt out!). These are case-by-case situations however! I urge you to email super international student counselor Nick Forcier at for any and all of your specific questions, because 1) he’s the man and knows who you are and 2) he knows all the answers to most of your questions and if not he will make sure to get an answer. I have seen it happen and it is wonderful (and kinda crazy, Nick gets this fire in his eyes that does not dwindle until all his international students are at ease and calm and happy).


~Carlos ‘14

I GOT IN. I'm in shock. — Asked by untamedfreebird


It’s ok to be in shock! But just not for that long ok? Your loved ones might worry.

Congratulations ~untamed free bird~. You are now part of a rich history of students who decided they were going to design their own education, become self-advocates for their interests, in a dynamic and exciting social environment!


~Carlos ‘14


India K’s "Share Landscapes" feel like a cool breath of air in my winter shriveled lungs.

Former intern extraordinaire ~India Kieser ‘12~ has popped up in many Tumblr dashboards around the world so I figured I’d let you guys know that 1) I SAW THIS IRL (that’s internet slang for In Real Life by the way) IN VAPA TWICE, ONCE DURING HER SENIOR REVIEW AND THEN AGAIN DURING HER SENIOR SHOW and 2) isn’t this wonderful? Something poignant and eternal about it.

This was part of India’s senior work and I am very glad to see it attract the attention it deserves. Her work explores themes of nostalgia, memory, and self worth, and I took that from her website.

Here’s to you India! 

~Carlos ‘14

Hi there, I am Nayeem-an international applicant applying under the regular decision. So far people from Bennington College have been the most friendly ones I have encountered. And the more I read about Bennington the more I grow feelings for it. I feel it will be a perfect fit for me. Now the thorn in my way is my financial need. It's creating an anxiety day by day. So I was just wondering if there's someone like me in tapped in who got in with similar circumstances-just for the peace of mind. — Asked by Anonymous

Hey Nayeem!

As a fellow international student, I can try to give you some peace of mind. I didn’t consider attending (or even applying to) Bennington because I had so many worries about my financial need and my potential financial aid. This was a mistake! My advice is this: DO NOT WORRY. If you have a strong desire to come to this school, or any school, do not let financial need prevent you from even trying. You’re allowed to be excited, you’re allowed to grow feelings for a school, but try to not let the financial woes bring you down! Calm down, take a deep breath, and don’t worry! I know how stressful this process can be, but I can assure you that worrying too much about it won’t help anyone, especially yourself and your ~inner peace of mind~.

Once you have your financial aid package figured out, feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office if you want to talk about different options and/or ways to improve your aid.


~Carlos ‘14

Challenge of the Day: WATCH EDITION

One of the biggest hurdles that the Friday Morning shift encountered today was changing the batteries of a watch that Marta (our wonderful overlord and boss) owns.

Since we all failed in opening the contraption, Marta took matters into her own hands.

~Carlos ‘14

"If you could give one winter advice to a large group of people what would it be?"

// Friday morning shift gives advice in the style of Humans of New York //

"Ice melts. Everything melts! At some point…" 
-Kagan ‘16

"Bring lots of socks!!!11"
-Anushka ‘14

"watch out for black ice kiddos"
-Batman ‘16

"Tights tights tights. Underneath everything. Two pairs if you can manage."
-Sarah ‘14

-Carlos ‘14
                                               ”It’s New England. Deal with it.”
                                               -Evan ‘13

So it's been a while since I stalked this tumblr, but I just read someone who posted a while ago about whether or not it was a good idea to post a long research paper (I think he/she said like 50 pages?) in his portfolio. I too have a super long (but awesome!) research paper. Is it too late for me to upload it onto my portfolio? (I applied RD). — Asked by Anonymous

Hello there friend!

You can definitely submit your super long (but awesome!) research paper! Whatever you think will show us a better representation of yourself, and puts you in a revealing, and positive, light!

~Carlos ‘14

Why did you choose Bennington? I'm an accepted student, with a good problem, trying to figure out which school to attend. So, why Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous


A good question will only generate multiple responses so here you go (courtesy of the Friday morning shift):

Julius ‘17: “It’s halfway across the world (Julius is from Japan)”

Liam ‘14: “I still needed time to explore different disciplines. If I went somewhere else I wouldn’t be a music student.”

Ray ‘15: “I wanted to study in multiple disciplines and I fell in love with the sense of community here.  And also Oceana Wilson (Crossett Library Overlord).”

Kagan ‘16: “I had a lot of financial aid given to me by the school and I really liked the idea of adding 3-4 lines to my resume through Field Work Term during my time here.”

Rachael ‘15: “Bennington was the opposite of my former college. And my former college was not a wonderful place! I also wanted to go to a school covered in trees.”

Glennis ‘15: “It was love at first sight. I really liked the idea of designing your own curriculum.”

Carlos ‘14: “I came here because I could study architecture through different disciplines. And Field Work Term seemed to be a great opportunity for academic and/or professional growth while still being an undergrad.”

Sara ‘14: “Bennington was among my first choices and they were very generous with their financial aid. I was very lucky!”

We wish you luck with your decision-making!

~Admissions Interns of the Friday Morning Shift

What do employment rates look like after graduating from Bennington? I wonder because it might look a little weird to an employer to say you got a BA in Liberal Arts "with a concentration in X", rather than just getting a degree in X to begin with. — Asked by Anonymous

Great question! I’ll answer it in parts, but short answer: I think that the Bennington alum is very employable and can be considered competitive in the job market.

As a current senior that just recently spoke to a bunch of alumni from Bennington (specifically, 6 alumni, in a school-sponsored retreat for seniors), I am very confident of my individual chances of landing a sweet job after college, and/or being employable in a specific field, and there are many reasons for that:

1) After 4 years of studying here, nobody will be able to talk as passionately as you can about your ‘concentration’. Even though that little line in your resume will say BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in “X”, I can assure you, nobody will be able to talk as articulately, with a great sense of agency and individuality as you could.

2) You don’t leave Bennington only with a piece of paper that tells you that you’re a college grad. You’re also leaving with potentially 4 internship experiences that can range from volunteer opportunities, assisting an artist or a scientist, working for a design firm, all the way to working at Google or the White House. It’s completely up to you to decide what kinds of things your employer may learn about/how high you want his eyebrows to be raised through potentially 4 lines of info on your resume. 

3) Here you’ll be asked why you want to study the things you like, instead of asking you what vocation do you think you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Both are very hard questions to answer when one is 17-18 years-old, and if you leave Bennington with anything, it’ll be with a greater sense of how to navigate that wonderful, chaotic and unpredictable academic mind of yours. 

Have I discovered what I want to do for the rest of my time on this Earth? Probably not, but I have a better idea now. Have I learned more about me as a person, a student, a future professional, learning how to deal with academics in a school where the only thing pushing me forward is exactly that thing that keeps me up at night doing work that I feel passionate about? Absolutely.

~Carlos ‘14

Hello, this may be a very basic question, but do you guys have an architecture program or anything of the like? I've had to re-evaluate all of my college application list because I've fallen completely and madly and randomly in love with architecture recently and I want to make sure I have an option for pursuing that field of study... — Asked by Anonymous


First of all, we don’t have ‘programs’ here, but we most certainly offer architecture courses! And there is an architecture professor, who could become your personal mentor and guiding light in the great adventure that is personalized college education! And there are architecture students here (SPOILER ALERT: I’m one of them) who do eventually go to grad school for architecture to become working architects if they so desire

Short answer: Yes, you may definitely pursue that field if study if your heart calls out for it, and become an architecture student yourself! You can also just take it for fun, in a spur-of-the-moment kind of decision, and still get something out of it (or with any discipline for that matter).

If you’re interested, here’s a link to my final project for last term

And here’s a quote from one of my favorite architects, the late Luis Barragán:

"Any work of architecture which does not express serenity is a mistake"

Maybe you can join us one day to learn how to make the impermanent beautiful, how to transcend the human condition through drawings and design, how to express serenity


~Carlos ‘14

I'm sorry if this sounds dumb, but what are the meal plans? If for example, there are 14- and 21-meals-a-week plans, and I opt for the former, do board rates go down? I can find no information on the prices of these? — Asked by Anonymous


There is only one kind of meal plan, and most students are on it by default. The school’s meal plan can be explained through the following bullet points:

- Monday —> Friday :  ~ Breakfast   
                                   ~ Lunch       
                                   ~ Dinner 

- Saturday—>Sunday: ~ Continental Breakfast OR Brunch
                                   ~ Dinner

- Grand Total:            ~ 19 Meals

With love,

~Carlos ‘14