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pros and cons of pre orientation hiking trip vs. canoeing trip? — Asked by littleredpeacoat

I’ll answer this because I didn’t do a pre-orientation trip during my Orientation so I am OBVIOUSLY super objective or whatever.

Pros: You gonna WALK a lot! Carry a really heavy backpack! Not shower but MAYBE swim if there is a body of water nearby! You cook your own meals because you are NOBODY’S burden! If you like canned goods you’re in luck! You’ll probably get a sweet tan! And smell of firesides and dirt! You’re gonna bond SO much with your friends! You’ll learn how to set up a tent (maybe you already know! Maybe it’ll be more fun because of that!) 
Cons: I mean I dunno, you could get hurt? Maybe scrape your knees really bad if you trip? What if you don’t like canned goods? Or beans? What if you’re not ok with not showering for like, FOUR days? WHAT IF YOU DIDN’T PACK SUNSCREEN?

Pros: OMG you get to carry a canoe around. AND you can still pitch a tent if you’re into that! You like bodies of water? Because GUESS WHAT YOU’LL BE DOING IN THIS TRIP? You’ll probably develop incredible upper-body strength, and come back to campus looking very buff and partially tan! Canned goods YUM! Cook your own beans, make your own fire, wow these two trips are very similar huh?
Cons: If you don’t like water, or getting wet, or getting wet and not being able to shower, or getting wet and maybe getting hurt, then this trip is not for you? I dunno ~littleredpeacoat~ these trips seem like a lot of fun no matter what you do, and I think you’ll be just fine. Do you like to walk a lot and see pretty sights or do you like to walk around and then canoe around bodies of water or what! It’s up to you, ~littlereadpeacoat~!

~Carlos ‘14


Hold on to your skeptical sights you non-believers, the future is here and it is full of Bennington College Alumni

David King ‘11 has been selected as part of the 705 candidates that passed the latest cut in the Mars One’s Red Planet Colony Project! The Netherlands-based nonprofit Mars One, which aims to establish a Red Planet settlement beginning in 2025, recently announced that it had sliced its pool of potential colonists from 1,058 down to 705. The remaining astronaut candidates now advance to an interview round with Mars One’s selection committee. An interview round David will surely dominate for he is a very interesting man of many passions, that made crazy sculptures, studied architecture for a bit, built his own furniture and was part of Gamers Onymous, a gaming club that projected Mario Kart in the Student Center among many other things, during his time at Bennington. 

Mars One plans to launch its first crew of four Mars colonists in 2024, with touchdown on the Red Planet coming in 2025. Additional crews will blast off in two-year increments after that, gradually building up the million-dollar social experiment colony. There are no plans at this moment to bring back these inter-galactic pioneers back to Earth though, so good luck David!

This is his Mars One Community Profile because people NEED to know the man behind the name, the real David Henry King. ‘11. 

This is so much fun to report and read about! HERE is the original link I paraphrased most of this report from! 



~Carlos ‘14

PS: That is not David King ‘11, but a Deviant Art user’s rendition of a realistic Buzz Lightyear!

I have realized I don't have a single recent picture were I look decent. Can I send an image with a funny face for my ID? — Asked by Anonymous

Personally, I think it might be time to take yr best selfie to date. 


//Ben ‘14

and also Carlos ‘14

Hello! Is there an accepted students facebook page for 2018? And also, what's the dealio for if you are flying to school. What's the shuttle system what date should I book my flight for? — Asked by Anonymous

Hello there,
the angel from my nightmare,
the shadow in the background of the morgue

Yes yes there is an accepted students Facebook page! Email Mr. Evan Braun at so that you can have access to that virtual space of interests and potential friends.

There is also a shuttle system in place that the school offers for everybody coming to the school! You should have received information regarding those dates in a “Countdown To Bennington” email, or something in that vein. REGARDLESS, we are all about solutions here, so email Student Life ( or call them at 802-440-4330.

It is so hot out I LOVE it I might fall in love or something I am SO happy!

~Carlos ‘14

Systemic and Generative Visual Investigations Final: Instructions

You have:
296  2” x 4” x 8’ pine wood boards
Rhino, 3D modeling software 
Python, programming language
50 lbs. of screws
8 people
48 hours

That was the assignment, and this is what we came up with. Words cannot describe the amount of pride, joy, and soreness that our class feels. We’re very happy to be part of this adventure, and now that it’s done, we can look back at all the thousands of screws and know it was worth it. 

"Those who stay will be champions"
- Bo Schembechler, Michigan Football Coach

-Carlos ‘14 and Glennis ‘15

Can you easily tranfer credits to another college, since Bennington has a plan and other colleges don't? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes you can!

It really depends on what kinds of courses you take here before deciding to transfer, and the college you want to transfer to itself.. Since most traditional schools require General Education Credits during your first year or two, you’ll be able to transfer your credits from Bennington only if the courses you took here match the GE requirements that you have to fulfill there. So if you took Intro to Applied Math, Markmaking and Representation (drawing), Style and Tone in Non-Fiction Writing, and The Magical Object (playwriting), the latter may or may not transfer. It really depends on them, and your choice of what your first years of college can look like.

It’s the difference between following a path set by others, or a path that you decide for yourself.

Conforming vs Agency.
Chinese food menu vs Intention.
Mandatory humanities electives vs MEANING.

~mic drop~

~Carlos ‘14

I was wondering about game designing courses in Bennington. Can you guys help me out? — Asked by Anonymous

Very good question! Although there aren’t specific game design courses at Bennington, it doesn’t mean you can’t pursue it (the same goes for any discipline you might be interested in that doesn’t show up explicitly in the curriculum). Because Bennington doesn’t have specific academic programs that everybody follows, you’re allowed to design your own education, by following an inquiry or question that is to be explored through different disciplines. So you could totally study game design here by taking classes in computer science and physical computing, drawing and painting if you become interested in conceptual art-making for video games, animation, literature to understand/create narratives, etc. Then you can also take into account the fact that you’ll have 4 Field Work Terms during your time here, where you can work with a video game company directly and immerse yourself in the experience.

A friend of mine, Jess ‘14, studies narrative, specifically in literature and video games. She’s works from school for Kill Screen, a video game arts and culture company, and she had THIS to say:

"I’d say it depends on what aspect of game design you’re looking for. As someone trying to study narrative, I had a hard time finding someone who spoke both the language of games and storytelling. But in terms of visual design and programming, you’d have a much easier of time of it. But in general game design at Bennington is a mostly self directed endeavor. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Game design itself is a DIY industry. Getting that kind of training in resourcefulness and collaboration is exactly the type of practical skills you’ll need to develop for the gaming work environment."

Hope this helped!

~Carlos ‘14

Hi there :) I was wondering if there is someone studying architecture who could briefly explain me, and the others, what courses should we take into consideration and stuff. Also I would like to know what are the possibilities after we graduate in Bennington? Is one qualified for work only with the bachelor degree, or masters-specialization has to be done? — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there!

Your first question is tricky to answer, because I think that architecture is the one true liberal art, that can only grow and benefit from making interdisciplinary connections with other visual arts, sciences and areas of study. Or at least that’s what I’ve studied during my time here, so I am VERY biased. I’m interested in how architecture can act as a lens, or filter, through which all my other interests go through. Because of this, I think that you should take EVERY course into consideration. Bennington allows you to make seemingly hidden or unknown connections between different disciplines, either because you want to complement them with each other (dance and music!) or you want to find what underlying idea brings all your interests together (the intersection of film, electronic music and painting through personal narratives, I don’t know!). Because of architecture’s capability to benefit from other disciplines (and viceversa), I’ve taken electronic music, ceramics, drawing courses, digital modelling, some literature, a bunch of assorted social sciences (political science, sociology), public action, etc. Do whatever you want with architecture, because it allows you to do so! 

You’re qualified to work in an architecture firm with any degree really, as long as you’re good enough and they see in you whatever they’re looking for in an employee! Will you be working with their design team, legal team, planning, construction, reasearch, etc., depends on your skillset, and not your degree necessarily. Legally though, you can only be certified as an architect if you have a certified architectural degree from a school that offers it. That being said, students do go to grad school for architecture after Bennington, and do end up working as AIA certified architects with their own firms. 

Listen to this song!

~Carlos ‘14

THIS IS THE NEW BATMAN THIS IS BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN WITH A NEW BATMOBILERELEVANT TO MY LIFE SO I AM SHARING THE EXPERIENCEWhen tent-pole summer movies like this come out (LIKE GODZILLA, THIS FRIDAY) students like me can really abuse take advantage of the fact that matinee tickets go for $5 at the local movie theater (Cinema 7). I saw The Avengers 3 times in one week so I know what I’m talking about here. ~Carlos ‘14



When tent-pole summer movies like this come out (LIKE GODZILLA, THIS FRIDAY) students like me can really abuse take advantage of the fact that matinee tickets go for $5 at the local movie theater (Cinema 7). I saw The Avengers 3 times in one week so I know what I’m talking about here. 

~Carlos ‘14

I have committed to Bennington, but now I am experiencing sticker-shock as well as general anxiety as I read more information on websites like Forbes and Princeton review. Do you have any advice as a seasoned Bennington student? — Asked by Anonymous


Don’t worry about it. Just don’t. Life advice time from two seniors, two well-cooked, seasoned, Bennington students: 

"I don’t think you should worry at all about the price of college in that way. At least don’t just see the price tag, and not factor in the fact that there’s financial aid in the mix. A school that seems more expensive than others, might not really be when you consider average size of aid packages, and what the real cost of college is.” 
~Liam ‘14

"WOAH. You gotta stop worrying about stuff like that! No regrets! Things cost money! This school does an excellent job of giving aid to those who need it (like me!). I wanted to go to Bennington. I wanted to stay at Bennington. I appealed my financial aid package every year I’ve been here, because I wanted more aid! These things work themselves out, but like most things in life, they are sacrifices that can be necessary to the fulfillment of individual desires! Or whatever!”
~Carlos ‘14

Hey so I have a compliment and two questions! First I have to say I loved the tour at Bennington, and our tour guide Sam did an amazing job at showing us everything and he is one of the most intriguing people I have met in a long time! So thanks for that! At Bennington is there every any trouble getting into the classes you want? When you're applying how many letters of recommendation can be sent? — Asked by mollykrugman

SAM is so COOL ! ! ! And ~intriguing~.

Classes at Bennington are either 2000-level or 4000-level courses. 2000-level courses are introductory in their nature, and as such don’t have any pre-requisites. Getting into a 2000-level course is completely dependent on a lottery system, where everybody writes down what class they want, and if the demand is higher than the supply, they do a lottery to see who gets what class. Of course, it gets more complex than that; for example, every spring, spots are reserved for the incoming first-years so that they have a chance to get into (most of) their intro classes of their choosing. Eventually, you can get a Plan waiver to bypass the lottery system altogether. This is only applicable when the 2000-level course is of VITAL importance to your education (“I’m a photo student! I need to take that photo class!”), and is most likely only possible after your first Plan meeting, which happens during your 3rd term here.

ALL OF THAT BEING SAID, this system is in place for a reason: students are encouraged to branch out as much as they can/desire their first couple of terms here, so that by the time their first Plan draft is written, they have a better sense of what kind of specific approaches they want to take to answer and/or explore their specific inquiry. That’s when 4000-level classes come into the mix. 4000-level classes are considered advanced courses, and they do have pre-requisites. So it could be that you need to have taken a specific class, specific kinds of classes in different areas of study, permission of the instructor, or a combination of all of these. I can only speak for myself and others, but I think that generally students don’t have much trouble getting into the classes they want, mainly because this school is designed to encourage self-advocacy in its students.

Question Número DOS: We require two letters of recommendation from your teachers that teach you your core academic classes. The Common App allows you to submit up to five letters of recommendation though. So, we want 2, but accept up to 5!

~Carlos ‘14

What is the maximum number of credits us newbies can take in the Fall? I just did a rough add up of all the classes I want to take... 22 credits. (Btw, when classes clash and you have to remove one from your list - much sadness.) — Asked by Anonymous

Hello hello!

The maximum number of credits anybody can take, without permission of the Dean’s Office, is 18. You gotta take at least 16 credits every term to graduate in 4 years. So everybody takes between 16-18 on average!

Now, I would definitely advise against taking 22 credits during your first term at Bennington. You’re gonna be adjusting socially, mentally, and academically, and 22 credits isn’t probably the best way to start your college career. But that’s just me!

DON’T LET THEM TELL YOU HOW TO LIVE YOUR DREAM (except taking 22 credits, I think you shouldn’t take that many credits during your first term here!)

~Carlos ‘14

In what ways did Bennington surprise you? — Asked by Anonymous



"Every morning I wake up and it’s still here!"
~Parke ‘15


"This one time Randy (the electronic music faculty) sent me an email telling me that I should allow myself to be a musician, even though my instinct told me to act like an architecture student. To have a lauded electronic musician try to make me feel better during a rough week, creatively speaking, was the best kind of Bennington surprise I could’ve asked for."
~Carlos ‘14


"I never thought I would re-imagine my education as much as I have."
~Genelle ‘15


"Bennington surprises me with how serious student’s work, at all levels, is taken. Don’t take a photo of me please."
~Emily ‘16


"The ability to exchange Youtube videos with faculty as intellectual fodder. Or breaking down why Comic Sans affects a reader in the way that it does."
~Ben ‘14


"UHMM. I don’t think I would’ve bought this shirt if I went to a different school. Bennington allowed me to embrace my 70s Fashion Aesthetic."
~Alan ‘15


"I feel like this is common for other people too, but I’m surprised that I’ve been able to live in rural Vermont for almost two years now (including one summer!)."
~Doug ‘16

~Tuesday Afternoon Crew + Parke ‘15


We did the soft wind.

We danst slowly. We swrld

Aroned. We danst soft.

We lisin to the mozik.

We danst to the mozik.

We made personal space.


When asked by Yahoo News about the poem, Michael had this to say (rather eloquently may I add): 

"I loved it! It captured the truth about personal space. The misspellings make it more primal and deliberate. At the end there’s an epiphany about dancing and what that means."

Primal. Deliberate. Epiphany. Admissions Intern Carlos ‘14 approves of this review. But wait, dear reader, there’s more:

"This poem, to me, coming from a first-grader, has so much spark and originality. Anytime you put a word on the page, you are making a choice.”

Did you guys feel chills down your spine yet? Because I did. Did you hear the metaphorical crow erupt in cheers as Michael casually hits his review out of the ball park? Because I did. And as I write these words down, I too, remember, that I am MAKING. A. CHOICE.

~Carlos ‘14

Hi so can I know what science courses are available at Bennington. I've been a science geek all my life, and even though I want to study psychology but I love biology so much And I have atleast 10 other things I want to study, I'm a confused person — Asked by wajihashehzad

Hello confused person,

First of all, it’s ok to be confused. I am still confused about many things (how do strapless dresses stay on? why don’t we pronounce the L in calf, or half? why does octopus have SO many plural variations? where does the time go?) and I think it’s ok to not know it all. BETTER YET, it is of utmost importance to not only acknowledge internal and personal confusion, BUT to also want to find the answers to your questions! 

There are many science courses at Bennington. Some are offered on a cyclical scheduling basis (Chem 1 & 3 are always offered in the Fall, and Chem 2 & 4 are always offered in the Spring, for example), others are offered depending on what the students want, while also acting as introductory courses on different subject areas ("How Do Animals Learn and Remember?", offered this term, or “Women and Men: The Biology of Sexes” offered next Fall, both introductory courses in Biology). Check out this year’s curriculum if you wanna know more!

Science geeks are welcome at Bennington! If you have a passion for learning, for finding out why you’re confused, for wanting to know WHY, WHY IS SCIENCE SO FUN, then you’re gonna fit right in with the rest of the sleep-deprived passionate student body.

~Carlos ‘14