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In what ways did Bennington surprise you? — Asked by Anonymous



"Every morning I wake up and it’s still here!"
~Parke ‘15


"This one time Randy (the electronic music faculty) sent me an email telling me that I should allow myself to be a musician, even though my instinct told me to act like an architecture student. To have a lauded electronic musician try to make me feel better during a rough week, creatively speaking, was the best kind of Bennington surprise I could’ve asked for."
~Carlos ‘14


"I never thought I would re-imagine my education as much as I have."
~Genelle ‘15


"Bennington surprises me with how serious student’s work, at all levels, is taken. Don’t take a photo of me please."
~Emily ‘16


"The ability to exchange Youtube videos with faculty as intellectual fodder. Or breaking down why Comic Sans affects a reader in the way that it does."
~Ben ‘14


"UHMM. I don’t think I would’ve bought this shirt if I went to a different school. Bennington allowed me to embrace my 70s Fashion Aesthetic."
~Alan ‘15


"I feel like this is common for other people too, but I’m surprised that I’ve been able to live in rural Vermont for almost two years now (including one summer!)."
~Doug ‘16

~Tuesday Afternoon Crew + Parke ‘15

"If you could give one winter advice to a large group of people what would it be?"

// Friday morning shift gives advice in the style of Humans of New York //

"Ice melts. Everything melts! At some point…" 
-Kagan ‘16

"Bring lots of socks!!!11"
-Anushka ‘14

"watch out for black ice kiddos"
-Batman ‘16

"Tights tights tights. Underneath everything. Two pairs if you can manage."
-Sarah ‘14

-Carlos ‘14
                                               ”It’s New England. Deal with it.”
                                               -Evan ‘13

If you could give your freshman self one piece of advice, what would it be? (Thanks and see you guys soon AHHH!!) — Asked by Anonymous

That’s a really good question! I asked around the office and this is what we had to say:

**Play this for an added feel of nostalgia, of days gone (good)bye**

Doug ‘16: “Don’t stress out about meeting everyone, or finding your people immediately. Best friends aren’t made in a week.”

Tommy ‘16: “First term is not the best term to heap on the academically challenging courses.” 

Rachel ‘14:  ”Don’t take grades! Take pass/fail. It’s a stressful thing that you can avoid.”

Liam ‘14: “Make sure you really explore your first year; there’s plenty of time to take the classes you know you want to take.”

Carlos ‘14: “Go to as many senior shows as you can. It’s a fellow student’s cumulative, final showing of what keeps them up at night. SEE. THEM. ALL.”

Evan ‘13: “Meet people for who they are. Don’t drink the Facebook Kool-Aid.”