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Hi! What are some places that deliver food to bennington- pizza, chinese, whatever- and how do people get to like the main street area with all the pizza places and what not? — Asked by Anonymous


If I’m not mistaken, Domino’s pizza is the food of choice that is brought to campus via delivery. Probably because of their awesome PIZZA TRACKER!


It’s pretty rad! You can choose from 6 different themes, and not only does it show you how your order is doing in real-time, but it makes the very detached process of ordering pizza a little more human, since you can see if it’s Ricky who is prepping it, Tom putting in the oven, Melissa doing the quality check, and if it’s Robert delivering to you!

You can also order from Ramunto’s, my personal favorite pizza/wings place in town. And you can order takeout at Lucky Dragon or China Wok (both chinese food places).

In terms of getting there, you have a couple choices. 

1) Go via the Green Mountain Express, the free bus service that we can use and stops at the college.
2) Go via campus shuttle, if it’s after 6 and it’s running!
3) Go via a friend that has a car!
4) Bike (???)

Hope this helps!

~Carlos ‘14

Is it true that nearby Bennington there are more pizza shops per capita than any other metropolis in the civilized world? I sure do love pizza and well... I kinda wanted to make sure before applying! — Asked by Anonymous

In social psychology, Erving Goffman writes about ‘backstage’ and he uses an example of a restaurant: on the floor, waitresses are performing, but the moment they pass through the door to the kitchen they slip into another more candid role. The power went out last night at a pizza place and the whole place turned into backstage. After Parke and I ate our arugula, tomato and garlic pizza by candlelight (romantic), we decided to wait out the storm. Two workers sat down with us and started to speak candidly with us about pizza.

We do have a lot of pizza places, and that’s frustrating if you are an owner of a pizza place. They actually remarked that the pizza per capita, essentially, is insane. So I don’t know if that’s actually true, but it can definitely feel like it. But as a student at Bennington, you’ll probably only interact with four. Ramuntos or Marigolds if you want to go out. Dominos if you want to order in. And Bennington Pizza House if the school is buying you pizza for some reason (study break pizza parties are the best). These four places cover the specturm: from so-bad-its-good to gourmet.

Guys I love Justin Timberlake.

-Alan ‘15 

Independently studying in Brooklyn….

I am a writing machine! This FWT has been so awesome. Basically I’m writing an album based on the 7 principal lines of palmistry. So a song per line (heart, head, life, saturn, sun, liver, venus’s ring) and a song per mount which are the little spaces in between lines ( mercury, sun, saturn, jupiter, mars negative, mars positive, the moon, venus). 


Today I am going to my faculty supervisor’s house for the first time to get my work critiqued by her and the other students working with her this FWT.