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What’s Bennington College like in the winter? Here’s a one minute video to show you.

Being that it’s August, I thought you might want to know what Faebruary is like. Because who wouldn’t go for a little snowstorm now and again?

My friend Erika made a little montage for all of you who have never experienced a Vermont winter before. Erika is from California, and had never seen real East Coast snow until coming here. And she’s happy as a clam! No need to worry about the cold — it’s fun and beautiful and the fireplaces in the houses make for hip and casual evenings with warm tea, toasty feet, and old essays quietly turning to ashes in the fire…

But for now it’s August. No sledding until at least the end of the month.

Love and Happiness,

Sylvia M. ‘16

Because of medical reasons, I can't go skiing, and hiking is a bit of a challenge for me. I'm a bit worried that I may feel a bit left out of group trips/activities. Are there a lot of people who stay back when others go out skiing/hiking/exploring? — Asked by Anonymous

You will not be left out, I promise. Tea parties, homework/ jazz jam sessions, hanging out on the lawn, dramatic readings of children’s books in the library, concerts, performances and star gazing are all examples of activities that don’t necessarily pose a big physical investment. I’ve attached a movie made by a Bennington student about what it’s like to be here. It’s great!

Happy spring,

Sylvia M ‘16

I'm worried that I will get bored at Bennington because it is so small and secluded...what do people do to keep busy and having fun? What type of fun to people have at Bennington? Are there parties? What do people do when they're not studying/getting ready to change the world? — Asked by Anonymous

If you have the time to be bored in college, you’re either really lucky or doing college wrong. For the most part, we’re constantly busy with our coursework, but I think a majority of Bennington students would agree when I say we enjoy our work.

What little free time you have (if you’re not catching up on sleep) will probably be spent trying to make it to as many on-campus events as possible. Just this weekend, we’ve got a concert in one of the houses, a student written and directed play (“Bert on Fire” by Sam Mayer ‘14, dir. Julia Mounsey ‘13,) our bi-annual 24-hour Plays, The Dupont Brothers are performing as part of our March Music Series, and that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.

I could write an essay for you about this, but I think this video by Erika Lygren ‘16 will tell you a lot more than I can.

<3 Kagan ‘16