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Here is a video that got me so excited to come home! Please enjoy this wonderful snapshot of last term, provided by my friend Erika Lygren.

-Alana ‘15

All right, this isn't actually about getting into Bennington College. I'm a sophomore in high school and I'd LOVE to go to Bennington. But I want to "test the waters" first. I've read a bit about their July program for students in high school, but can't find anything about it on the official website. Is that still a thing? If not, how do you suggest I prepare myself for going to college far away from home? thanks so much! — Asked by Anonymous

Unfortunately, the July Program ended a number of years ago. Bennington no longer has any sort of Pre-College programs—the closest thing being the Young Writers Competition

So, sorry about that.

As for leaving home, I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Coming to Vermont from New Mexico, I think I speak for most people when I say that by the time you graduate high school, you’re just ready. You’re probably gonna want to leave. Maybe (hopefully) it’s not an “Oh man I hate this place get me outta here!” kind of thing, but in more of a Next Chapter Of Your Life (hehehehehe) way. 

~you’ll be fine~

<3 Kagan ‘16


Do you have anyone from the region of ex Yugoslavia on the college. It would be good not to be alone for four years... :) — Asked by Anonymous

Dobar dan!

I’m graduating so I won’t be here when you are, but I lived in Beograd, Serbia from 2003-2005! It’s a beautiful area and I miss it a lot. My friend Sarah did a term abroad in the Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia) last Spring.

The landscape of the international student population shifts from year to year, but people come from all over, and if Nick was recruiting at your school there’s a good chance that there will be other students coming from your area, too.

I think you’ll be surprised how many people you can relate to here about where you come from, and you’ll also be surprised at how quickly you start to call Bennington “home”.

- David ‘13