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I am a senior with a strong interest in art. I am planning on applying to Bennington and was wondering if I should include a portfolio. — Asked by Anonymous

oh yes my friend definitely!

After you submit your Common App and Bennington supplement, you should receive an email with instructions on how to access your Application Status Page. This is where you can upload any artwork, sketches, sound files, vids, documents, anything (within a reasonable filesize) for the counselors to see. It’s a little less formal that the usual portfolio, but it’s an awesome way to give us an idea of who you are from the thought process to the finished product. Plus we know a lot of you are doing some pretty cool stuff.

shout out to a lot of you


I want to learn and play cello but I've no prior experience in it. I don't know staff notation as well, but I do play guitar well. Do you think I can dabble in it provided that I'm determined into it? :) — Asked by Anonymous

oh my friend look at this!!

Most instruments have a beginning class for anyone to dip their feet into and learn the fundamentals. Some of them, like banjo, guitar, and mandolin require students to have their own instrument (a LOT of people here have guitars and to a lesser extent banjos or mandolins that you could borrow,) while other instruments can be borrowed from the school. 

I got back into piano my freshman year and (re)learned sight reading just because it was something I’d wanted to do for a long time, but I was in class with people who had never played piano before.



kagan ‘03

Is it possible to be accepted to Bennington without AP's? I have an opportunity to take them, but they cost more at my school that regular courses, which is what is deterring me to taking them. (Note about costs- I attend an online private prep school, not public school) — Asked by Anonymous

hello my friend it is totally possible to be accepted without those AP credits. Some schools don’t even offer AP courses, and Bennington has and will accept students from those schools regardless.

If you think it’s still a concern, the Common App has an additional info section where you can explain any irregularities or issues regarding your application, including AP credits or lack thereof.

kagan ‘07

Hello! I'm an incoming freshman and I am looking for some advice. I was initially so ecstatic for the roommate assignments however they do not seem so thrilled or communicative and I have begun to feel very anxious about the situation. Do you have any advice on really breaking the ice? Should I just wait it out, maybe it's just difficult through online correspondence? I'm worried we won't get along or that they are disappointed with the assignment... :( — Asked by Anonymous

yo hello I wouldn’t worry too much about communicating before you get here. Sometimes people are just crazy busy during the summer with jobs or camp or being bad at going online.

I remember my first roommate lived Tokyo while I lived New Mexico, so time zones made communication a little slow. And some people are also just not huge on communicating not in person! It’s important to remember that even if there is hella correspondence between you and your roommate before you get here, things are totally different when you meet face to face.

My advice at this point may be to just wait it out. You’ve got, like, a little more than two weeks before you get here and meet in person, so don’t stress! Enjoy the end of summer or something!

kagan ‘09

How do I submit a music supplement to Bennington? The common app isn't giving me the option. — Asked by Anonymous

The Common App actually isn’t where that stuff’s submitted. After you submit your Common App, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to access your application status page, and that’s where everything—music, sketches, videos, etc.—can be uploaded.

The application status page isn’t live quite yet (the Common App itself opened like six days ago?) so don’t freak out if you don’t get the email or link in the next week or two.


kagan ‘16

Does community service and being part of National Honor Society greatly impact a student's chances of being accepted? — Asked by Anonymous

Honor Society is good. Honor Society is cool.

As far as community service goes: if it’s genuine, then of course that looks good. I wouldn’t do anything for the sake of padding your app, though, cuz people can tell. 

quality over quantity!! no fakers!!!!


Was wondering how dating and relationships work out with the college being as small as it is? — Asked by Anonymous

We get a question like this every couple months, and while I’d mention that it really depends more on who you are than where you are, the “dating” tag will have more info for U


Is it easy to play video games with other students over the local area network? Video games. — Asked by Anonymous

I’ve had to contact IT to open up ports for different things like to play Elder Scrolls Online this spring and to use Nintendo WFC on my 3DS, but other than having to do that, super easy. You just have to email the IT help desk and they’ll let you know what they need and how you can find it.


semper games

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do you receive grades in the conventional sense? is there a standard 0-4.o scale? — Asked by Anonymous

You can opt for grades (you need about 2 years’ worth to establish a GPA) but if you don’t, it’ll be pass/fail.

either way, you get a written evaluation at the end of term for each class by the teacher, and those can be really valuable. They’ll talk about your work in class, what can be improved upon, everything. And again, you get that with letter grades or with pass/fail.

with both the written evaluations and the option to take grades or not, you’ll be unstoppable!!


kagan ‘16

My analytical essay is in a word document. It doesn't have any teacher comments on it, even though it was graded. Do the teacher comments and grade need to be on the essay when I upload it for my application? — Asked by Anonymous

If you can find the graded copy and scan it, that would be ideal, but if you only have the paper, that’s fine too!


The most important thing is that it’s an academic essay and not a personal one. It’s how the counselors are able to see your ability to present and back up an argument, cite sources, etc. 

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Can you actually find a job after spending nearly $200,000 for a degree? If so, what type of job? — Asked by Anonymous

Nothing’s guaranteed! 


But I would say that with the Field Work Term and a Bennington education, most students here graduate with a sense of self-advocacy (and at least 4 FWTs’ worth of job hunting/work experience) that seriously helps with the job hunt (it’s all about the interview!) as well as a network of both past employers and other professionals (even your teachers!) to call on.

Students also aren’t paying $200,000 during their time here. A large percentage (90%) of students receive both need-based and merit-based aid ($36,660 a year, on average!)


This isn’t the 80’s, pal!

Kagan ‘16

When will we be getting our roommate and housing info? — Asked by Anonymous

from Kate’s post in the Class of 2018 Facebook group:


so sometime next week, depending on where you live. It’s via mail, so if your roommate lives closer than you do, expect them to be hitting you up on Facebook or something.

kagan “roommate” ‘16

Do a lot of students bike? Are there good places to bike? — Asked by casualroadmap

Yeah, we got some bikers. I’d actually say campus is easier to bike around than drive or anything, but people will also bike into town as long as it isn’t too gross out. North Bennington is especially bike-friendly, as it’s like ten minutes (five if you’re fast???) away from the middle of campus by bike, and it’s got some good mountain and road biking routes. There’s also a cycle club on campus that started up this last year.

semper games

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Probably an odd question but are you allowed to bring a kayak to Bennington? hahaha — Asked by Anonymous


There aren’t any rules against it as far as I know, but I wouldn’t recommend bringing anything that big. There isn’t really anywhere you’d be able to store it other than on top of your car or in your room, and I dunno if your roommate would be a fan of that. There are also maybe… two and a half months? that you’d really be able to kayak in decent weather while you’re here.

kayak responsibly!

kagan ‘16

Do most students bring a car? I was thinking about bringing a bike actually... — Asked by Anonymous

Enough students bring cars that it’s pretty easy to get a ride to wherever you need to go (within reason!!!!!!) There’s also a rideshare group where people can ask for/offer rides to further away places like NYC and stuff. Someone may even let you BORROW their car as long as you’re a safe driver and not a Rude Dude