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Are there any famous people who went to Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

Sure! In acting and film, we’ve got Alan Arkin ‘55 and Peter Dinklage ‘91, in writing we’ve got Bret Easton Ellis ‘86, Michael Pollan ’76 and Jonathan Lethem ‘86, in visual arts we’ve got Helen Frankenthaler ‘49. Those are just a few; there are plenty of other notable Bennington alums in the worlds of dance, science, medicine, public service, music, business and architecture. Here’s a full list (thanks Wikipedia!).

And that’s all not to mention that there are great current faculty members, like Mansour Farhang, revolutionary Iran’s first ambassador to the U.N. (before he resigned in protest of the theocratic takeover soon after the 1979 revolution), Ronald Cohen, a social psychologist who has done research studies concerning justice, and Mark Wunderlich, a poet who has published two collections of poems, with an additional one forthcoming.

-Eric ‘13

Michael Pollan ‘77 on Coffee Hour

I just found this catalog written called “Students on Bennington” that students in the seventies made for admissions. I was amazed to find this titillating piece by The Omnivore’s Dilemma author Michael Pollan of the class of 1977. What a crazy place this was.

-Ezra ‘13

George catered Coffee Hour last night, and, in typical fashion, really outdid himself. He served four kinds of cheese, bagels, Wheat-Thins, Triscuits, sardines, funny hors d’ourvres of tomato and cheese welded to saltines, tuna salad with far too many onions, and Almaden California Red Burgundy (an unfortunate staple at Dewey House).