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how long is the time I get my acceptance letter to the time I have to tell admissions yes or no? — Asked by Anonymous

Hello there! 

So, it depends on when you apply. Here are some dates that might be helpful.

But in terms of when you have to let us know of your decision:

Early Decision 1: Feb 1st

Early Action: May 1st

Early Decision 2: March 1st

Fall Regular Decision: May 1st

+ All transfer and Spring entry decisions should be made within 30 days of the acceptance letter. 

Any more questions? Please be in touch!

Naima ‘15

In regards to transferring in, how important are the letters of recommendation? I've been in and out of my current university for several years due to a family illness, so it's been unrealistic for me to build strong relationships with many professors. I am positive that I can get one very strong recommendation, but finding a second will probably require teeth-pulling. — Asked by Anonymous

Letters of recommendation are certainly something we place weight on, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.  Go ahead and get that one that you know you can, and then maybe expand your frame.  There are other people in your life, I’m sure, who can speak to your character and competence — bosses and coworkers, scoutmasters/other volunteer-y stuff, friends of the family, etc.  Your teachers from high school might also be good sources.  Get together one or two of those, and include them in your supplement.  Or don’t.  I can’t give you any guarantees of what will or won’t make you application look best to Bennington; I can only say that we understand difficult circumstances, and… well, this is corny, but if you find yourself unable to dig a tunnel, build a bridge instead.  We’re all about getting at what’s important in unconventional ways.  

-Ray ‘15

I just want to go here. I'm applying as a transfer student for next fall, i'd be a junior. Any application tips? (also, any doctor who/ Sherlock fans :3) — Asked by neverendingjoy8

Hey there neverendingjoy8!

Be yourself! We love to hear what interests you and what you are passionate about. Tell us why you want to transfer to Bennington — how will it be different from your current college experience and why is it the right place for you? Think about and share with us what you imagine your plan in. As a junior transfer at Bennington you dive into your plan process pretty quickly after arriving, so it’s good to start thinking about it early on.

As far as Doctor Who / Sherlock goes, I’ve never seen either, but know of people around campus who are obsessed and can talk about them for hours!


— Varney ‘17

FIrst of all, thank you for including Transfers on the Class of 2018 map. Second, when might we be seeing this wonderful creature? — Asked by Anonymous

I am on it.

1 hand-drawn map of the US and 1 hand drawn map of the world.

Currently struggling with the northern Canada area… there are so many strangely-shaped islands. It’s an adventure in details and acceptance of minor faults. 

You will see the lovely creation (well, we’ll see how lovely it is when it’s all done… getting all the borders in Europe correctly laid down is a terrifying prospect) when you arrive here on campus. Maybe we will also post on the blog about it. First things first, I need to finish the Eastern Hemisphere — I’ve almost made it across the Pacific at this point. 

Good things are coming, everybody. The map is on its way.

Go on, intrepid explorers, I raise my pencil in a toast to you.

Sylvia M. ‘16

A few of you asked us if we will be including transfers on our map of the class of 2018 and the answer is YES!

Stay tuned for that ;) ;)  

We love you guys and would  pretty much do anything for you, if you didn’t already know that. 


Are any of you transfer students who transferred in as a 3rd year? If so, how'd it go? Please give as many details as possible! Worrying about how to catch up with creating a Plan. Old school had traditional structure so no Plan made yet! How many transfers are applying this year and what are the percentages that generally are admitted?What if you have 4 or 5 really strong interests and haven't YET figured out how to blend them all together?Will that work against being accepted?Bennington ROCKS! — Asked by Anonymous

I’m afraid we don’t have anyone in the office who transferred in as a third-year student, but here’s what I can tell you based on a quick talk with the lovely Sarah McAbee, transfer counselor extraordinaire.  Numbers first — for fall term, we typically get 80-90 transfer applications, and the overall admit rate is roughly 40-50%.

Coming in from a traditional school and having a bunch of interests isn’t at all prohibitive to being accepted as a transfer student.  Students of advanced standing come into Bennington every term.  However, Plan readiness is something that will be assessed as part of your application.  Anyone who transfers in as a first-term sophomore or later will need to write their Plan proposal in their first term at Bennington, and if you come in as a junior, you’ll need to propose your advanced work at the same time.  There’s a place in the application to outline your ideas for your Plan.  Treat that part with all the rigor you can apply.  It’s okay not to know every single detail about the Plan you want to pursue, but your ideas do need the weight of careful development behind them.

Bennington does indeed rock, and so do you.  Go forth, rock that application, and hope to see you next year.

-Ray ‘15

Will you please include transfer students on the class map this summer? Puh-puh-puh-please? — Asked by Anonymous





Rachael ‘15

(ps. will pass along your request!)

Hello Bennington Admissions interns! :D I've had a question that's been bugging me about Bennington. I know Bennington's transfer out/in rate is very high, and I do really want to make sure attending Bennington is the right choice for me. So, what are some of the reasons people leave Bennington for? — Asked by Anonymous

Hi, asker of good and difficult questions!

Well… This is a question we get on tour quite a bit. And it’s a hard one to deconstruct, because there are as many reasons to transfer as there are students who transfer (shifting financial capacities, home life, health, academic structure, a need to travel the world in a hot-air balloon, and all sorts of other things can inspire a person to take time off). My personal philosophy and the philosophy of the institution are in perfect agreement when we say: any person who has been a student here, for however long they were here, is an alum. To be a student at Bennington is to be constantly asking yourself  what is it that you truly love, what are you actually about, and why? Part of being a Bennington student is allowing yourself to follow the fruit of that self-reflection wherever it may lead, whether that path is on campus or not.  In the same way, many students here who have transferred in also have come here through a similar process of self-reflection — they found that what they were most inspired by could be best explored here on campus.

Is this the right choice for you? When I was looking at colleges I found it helpful to imagine my choices not so much as which institution I wanted (that angle wasn’t helpful — they were all great), but which version of me I wanted to become. I could imagine myself following a very different path at each college, and how I would grow and change and the kind of woman I might become at each place. In the end, only you can know, and maybe a visit will help? Also, feel free to e-mail me to talk more about it if you like. (that’s I wish you the best of luck!

Happy April,

Sylvia M ‘16

So I know its sort of late, but I'm applying for a spring transfer and my professor who's writing my recommendation would prefer to send a written letter, (he's old fashioned that way) is that possible? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes absolutely! Send us your snails! Er… snail mail! 

Tell him that he can send it in to this address:

 Bennington College Office of Admissions 

1 College Drive

Bennington VT, 05201 USA

And don’t forget your stamp! (Extra points if it’s snail related)


~ Ananda ‘16

wooops, I meant to specify for Spring Transfer! Happy Halloween! — Asked by Anonymous

Oh no! Sorry dude! Spring Transfer application is due November 1st!!

Rachael ‘15

Are transfer applications due tonight or tomorrow? — Asked by Anonymous

Howdy friend, happy halloween! 

The priority deadline for the transfer application is March 15th. We accept through the summer as space becomes available, but I would recommend getting everything in by the priority deadline. That way you will be notified by May 1st! 

With love from a transfer student!

Rachael ‘15 

How does the plan process' Change for someone looking to transfer to Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

Nothing changes within the structure of the Plan Process or what’s expected of you and your unique Plan as a transfer - the process really just may seem sped up. For example, if you transfer to Bennington as a sophomore, you’ll still have to write your Plan your first term here, with the rest of the sophomores. Some students choose to work around this and give themselves some more time by transferring over, a term or two behind - as a second term freshman for example.  

~~Doug ‘16~~

Dear Bennington Students: I'm a prospective domestic spring(?) transfer student. I understand that transfers are unpredictable, and of transfers, Spring transfer transfers are even more confusing. Are any of you transfer students? If not, do you have any friends who are transfer students? What are some of their challenges and hardships? What about finaid? I come from a very very low income family and I'd like to apply to schools that can offer transfers financial assistance. Thanks! ~Yana — Asked by Anonymous

Hey Yana,

I am (was) a transfer student (I graduated, aren’t-ya-proud). I can speak a little bit to that process. Coming in as a spring transfer isn’t all THAT different from coming in in the fall - of course the timing of your application is different, and you’d arrive on campus in mid-February - but the only significant difference in terms of the adjustment period is that you wouldn’t be at New Student Orientation like fall transfers and freshmen are in August. Student Life does coordinate a little mini-orientation for spring transfers, so you’ll still get the whole Bennington intro, just in a smaller format.

As far as challenges? I mean, it’d be new. It’s probably pretty different from where you’re at now. Which is probably why you want to transfer in the first place. Because Bennington is a small school and transfers are an even smaller subset of the student body, the Dean’s Office, Student Life, and Academic Services take a really directed approach in terms of orienting you to the Plan process, FWT, etc. Coming in as a transfer, I never really felt isolated or ‘different’ from freshmen and other transfers - you’re sorta all lumped in together and you each get individual care and consideration. Before you arrive at Bennington, you’ll have a conversation with someone from the Dean’s Office about your academic history and interests as a way of helping you to pick your spring semester classes in an intentional and thoughtful way. That conversation also serves as a primer for the Plan process. Depending on how many credits you transfer to Bennington, the Plan changes slightly in terms of pace, but not in terms of what it asks you to do: deeply and honestly self-reflect and consider what guiding questions are the most compelling and enriching to you, and consider with equal thought and care how the classes Bennington offers allow you to pursue answers to those burning questions straight to the ends of the earth.

As far as Financial Aid, transfers (fall or spring) are considered on the same criteria as anyone else: merit and need. I won’t go into the gory details here (because now I’m rambling), but for guidance take a look at this post by Liam on how Bennington considers financial aid. Additionally, you can find some basic facts and figures on our Financial Aid FAQs page. And then, if you have further unanswered questions, you can always feel free to email them to They don’t bite.

Anyway, I hope I’ve begun to answer some of your questions. If you have any that are as yet unanswered, you can always email me at, or the transfer admissions counselor Sarah McAbee (‘07) at Good luck with the transfer process!

-Evan ‘13

how do i transfer credits from another college — Asked by Anonymous

I enlisted the help of Sarah McAbee, admissions counselor extraordinaire, for this question. She said basically said that it depends on who is asking. 

  • If you are a prospective transfer student you should:
  1. email Sarah and chat because she is awesome (
  2. You will get a credit transfer award when you are accepted that will tell you which credits transferred. 
  • If you are an incoming student check out this form
  • If you are a current student call Academic Services ASAP and chat with them (802-440-4400)

Best of luck!

-Glennis (and a lot of Sarah)

what is benningtons policy on earning credit via clep tests? do they accept transfer credits that were earned because of this exam? — Asked by little---darling

I hadn’t even heard of the “CLEP test” — if you asked me to use it in a sentence I would probably say “I got the results from the CLEP test back and the results were negative — but I asked one of the counselors and got the scoop.

Bottom line: we don’t, unfortunately. For more information about transferring credits as a transfer, check out this page. There is a note about credit by exam in the middle of the second paragraph, though not CLEP specifically.

You should note, though, that since we don’t have required classes, there is nothing you can “clep” out of (we think its hilarious that people use it as a verb), so you aren’t really at a disadvantage and you won’t be stuck in some abysmally boring intro class.

-Alan ‘15