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I heard there's some kind of collaboration between Bennington college & Williams College. What's that about? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes! Students from Bennington can take classes at Williams, and Williams students can take classes at Bennington. 

I’m hoping to take my first Williams class this fall, I cannot wait! The class is called “Complexion Complexities,” and it’s about colorism and skin color. So pumped.

Will keep you updated!

Rachael ‘15

Hi!!! Is it possible to work with students from Williams College who major in the same field — Asked by Anonymous

Hi there - Williams allows a small number of Bennington students to take a class there each semester. You do need to provide your own transportation (it’s a 20 minute drive, more or less). They have other great resources available to Bennington students as well, such as their library and art museum. 

~ Holly ‘13

I heard that Bennington students are allowed to take a class at Williams, provided it's necessary to their Plan. Is that true? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes—Bennington students can, under certain circumstances, take classes at Williams. I don’t think the Williams course has to be necessary to the Bennington student’s Plan, but it certainly must pertain to it. I have two friends who are taking Williams courses now: one is taking a philosophy course on Logic, and the other is taking some kind of more advanced economics course. Neither course is necessary to their Plans—they both could and would graduate without them—but they are related to them, and they are both courses that Bennington does not offer (at least not this term).

-Eric ‘13

This past weekend, students at Bennington College happily celebrated Eid-ul-Adha, a Muslim event celebrated around the world centered on family, community and feasting. A bunch of us were invited to a special congregational Eid prayer service at Williams College where we were delighted to meet other Muslim students from around the world. Chaplain Bilal Ansari, who heads the Williams Muslim Students Association and organizes various faith-based programs there, also invited us to an Eid feast at his house. Finally, we rounded off the celebrations with a Pakistani-food themed Eid brunch back in Bennington!

We dressed up in fancy traditional clothing (we’re talking kurta pajama, Moroccan shoes, lensi) and feasted on some amazing food (including haleem and masala chai and parathas). We also had a great interaction with the diverse Muslim community at Williams College, which we’re hoping to sustain beyond this event by working on creating opportunities for collaborative work in the future. Happy Eid everyone!

-Maliha ’14 (with help from Chernoh ’15)

NB: These pictures are from right after the prayer service. What about the feast and brunch pictures, you ask? Well, we don’t have them since Chernoh diligently captured and then proceeded to lose all the pictures from the feast and brunch events.

How easy is it to take classes at Williams College? Do you have to apply? And how many bennington students actually do? — Asked by Anonymous

It’s not super easy or super hard. Here’s the deal.

You’re only eligible to take classes at Williams if they’re relevant to your Plan. If so, you apply through the Dean’s Office, and they make selections to fill about 10-12 slots per term.

You also need to be conscious that if you take classes there in the fall, you need to return to school early because their term starts before ours, and again in the spring you have to cut FWT short in order to make their start of term.

I’m pretty sure the slots tend to fill up with some competition in the fall, and in the spring it’s rarely 100% full.