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Is it easy designing a schedule so that classes start no earlier than say 10am? As a night owl, I tend to stay up late and am not a morning person! — Asked by Anonymous

Yes. If that’s what is important to you than go for it. It is a little harder if you want to study a foreign language, though, or if you want to study with Becky Godwin. She sent me an email at 4:30 in the morning one time. That’s just when she wakes up!

My approach is typically to take as many four hour classes that meet once a week as possible because I find it liberating. This year, I managed to have an extremely condensed schedule on Mondays and Tuesdays — I’ve got Wednesdays and Thursdays off and a two hour class on Friday. I’ve never really approached making my schedule from that angle, but we will see how it goes.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Look at the curriculum.

Alan ‘15

Hey! I'm sure you get this a lot. I haven't visited Bennington yet but I have a really good feeling about your school from all I've read about it. The problem is that I'm not a very good high school student, I don't have a very high GPA-- it's actually pretty low. On the plus side, I think I'm a pretty talented actor and highly articulate! I'm not really sure what I'm asking here but I guess it's how much does the low GPA affect an application? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

Fortunately for you, we give you a bunch of platforms to ~*~shine!~*~ Besides the common app stuff and transcripts, we’d love to see a portfolio of anything you want to share (act for us?), and we’d love to chat (it’s really more of a chat than an interview). SAT/ACT scores are optional, but if you rock them, tell us. If you didn’t, don’t — we really don’t care that much. Strike up a correspondence with a current student if you’d like ( We want to see the whole picture, not just some impressive stats. We were high school students once and we know the numbers aren’t everything.

Okay, so. To answer your question: no clue. It’s a case by case thing. If you’re as talented as you claim, I’d recommend you try and find other ways to show us that you apply yourself. I’m no counselor, but that’s what would worry me about a low GPA in this situation. Prove to us you’re not lazy. Moreover, that you’re enthused. How are you going to do that? That’s on you.

Alan ‘15

Normal to be getting cold feet ? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, absolutely, 100%, definitely. 

You’re already nervous about going to college, don’t get nervous about being nervous. 

It may seem like everyone is super excited and just can’t wait for this new adventure but trust me, everyone going to college is at least a little scared, probably terrified. You’re starting a whole new phase of your life and likely moving away from home for the first time how could you not be terrified? 

Talking to the folks around the office it seems that everyone was pretty freaked out before coming to Bennington. But it worked out for all of us so your odds are pretty good. 

I’m not going to tell you not to worry because that would be futile but just try to be open to all the new opportunities coming your way. And for the last few weeks before you start college try distracting yourself, for instance I’ve heard good things about Cold Feet. It’s a British comedy-drama show from the ’90s about three couples experiencing the ups and downs of romance…or so the wikipedia page says. I remember watching it as a kid and it was pretty good. 

Eliana ‘15

Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League

Not posting this to put these schools down…I have many friends at them who are receiving wonderful educations…but I’ve been pondering a lot this summer about what a college education is really for, and how Bennington can help support that need.  So often on tour, I get strange looks about lack of grades, lack of pre-conceived requirements, the size, etc…but these are all qualities of Bennington that (in my opinion) are put in place in order to help teach “to the soul.”  When my parents asked me why I was so set on going to Bennington, I remember saying, "At any other school, I could learn to be a better student.  But I’m already an incredible student…I don’t need to prove that to myself.  I need to learn how to be a person.”  What do you think?  

It’s a national conversation, and you’re a part of it.

— Parke ‘15

I just got my ACT scores back- 26 composite. Am I doomed for admission to Bennington? In my defense, I was bit by a spider before taking the test so I didn't feel that well during it! lol! — Asked by Anonymous

You know who else had some difficulty after a spider bite? This guy!imageAnd Bennington would totally consider Spiderman as an applicant — just think of the interdisciplinary options! I mean, physics, public action, biology, journalism, costume design, urban planning, it’s all there. Really, numbers don’t count for much with us unless they count for much with you. We don’t even require your scores. We try instead to look at the person you are — your interests, passion, growth, questions, and anything else you want to send our way.

The bottom line is: If you feel that this number 26 reflects who you are as a person, then feel free to send it in. If you do not feel that it reflects who you are as a person, feel no pressure to send it in. 

( Also, if you experience side-effects of: an undeniable urge to wear Lycra and practice parkour, a surge of intuition you might call “spider senses,” and the inability to let evil go un-fought in your city, you might want to speak with your doctor, and tell him you’re Spiderman.)

All the best,

Sylvia M. ‘16

What was the admission process like for you guys? Did you have an interview or a ton of recommendations? How important was your SAT/ACT score and stuff? — Asked by Anonymous

Well, Julia and I just told eachother our admissions stories and they were actually surprisingly similar. Both of us found Bennington sort of by accident in the Fiske Guide, both of us were the younger sibling in a pair of sisters close in age, and so had watched our older sisters make the decision before us, and there was a lot of serendipity, chance and expectations turned on their head involved in both of our processes.

The SAT and ACT were a sort of terrifying time for me, but they went fine in general. When I asked Lauren Magrath, director of Admissions and great person that she is, she told me that the office really doesn’t mind whether or not you include your scores in the packet. The number itself says little to nothing about you as a person, and you as a person are what we care about. So add them if you think they are important, and don’t if you don’t want to. I hated quantitative evaluations in high school and so I didn’t send mine in. 

Recommendations… I had a bunch, because I accidentally asked too many of my teachers to help out. I think the office here asks for two. If you really want to send more, (or accidentally send more, as was the case with me) you are totally welcome to send them on in. 

The admissions process overall is a kind of magical one, I think (I’m clearly partial to it — I chose to work here at admissions because I think it’s so cool). It’s a fascinating, occasionally stressful and nerve-wracking, and generally transformative experience. You almost never get exactly what you expect, you get to learn a lot about yourself as you begin to think about what you want and need in the way of your education, and you get to spend time imagining all the people you might become four years down the road. It’s hard, yes, and the work of applying can be a lot, but it’s such a great opportunity for reflection and adventure. I hope you have a great time with it!

Good luck,


Bennington College: Kalopsia: Rachael Meyers, "Educational Microaggression"


Part of an event we had this spring called “Kalopsia”. This was an effort to address some specific issues of race on campus from some of us non-white folk!

It went fabulously, was received beautifully, and marked a time of progress for Bennington. Here is my section of the talk, where I discuss the hidden problems of studying literature at Bennington - but this really applies to most liberal arts colleges and the US education system in general. More recordings of the other magnificent speakers shall be up on the youtube channel shortly! Stay tuned!

Please take note - the faculty and administration have been massively receptive and wonderful. President Mariko was our final speaker for the event, and gave us her full support. We may have our issues, but we’re moving forward, HOO-RAH!

Rachael ‘15

So, uhm, do you guys have any recommendations as far as winter coats go? I'm a southern belle with no idea where the hell to even begin looking. — Asked by Anonymous





North Face.

Rachael ‘15

(A true-north Vermonter)

Questions, Questions

Hello everyone! 

Our shift has spent today answering some questions on the blog and we wanted to create a helpful guide to understanding where you should ask your questions. 

To Incoming students: Use the facebook page! It’s not just to get to know other incoming first years, it is there to act as a resource. All the interns and counselors who have facebook are part of that group. Your facebook questions will receive a more immediate answer than the tumblr. 

Personal questions: We get asked a lot of really personal questions on this blog. We understand the urge to stay anonymous and talking to people on the phone or email can be scary. Personal questions are great on a one-on-one basis. Call us or email an intern and we can give you a much better answer than if we answered an anonymous tumblr post. 

Repeat Questions: We get a lot of repeat questions and we intentionally answer these questions to provide multiple narratives. Usually there are several really amazing posts already written about that subject. For example, I typed in “social life” and got all these wonderful posts! This can be a good first step before asking a question. After seeing other answers it can help define what your own specific question is.  

All questions: CALL US! We love to talk to students. Whether it is a simple yes/no or a question that requires a more in-depth response we would love to hear from you in person. Call us at (802) 440 -4312 and toll free at (800) 833-6845.

We love your questions but looking for a right platform can give you a more immediate and thorough response.

Arden J. ‘16 and Alana C. ‘15 

PS: Are you an incoming student and not part of the facebook group? Email 

Ok so this really has nothing to do with Bennington- though Bennington is my first choice so maybe it does, but I need someone cool to tell me what to do- because I am torn! So I need a vote- World Religions or Honors Philosophy & Ethics for my next school year? — Asked by Anonymous

Lucky for you, I am a cool person.

You should take World Religions. You said it first so you obviously care about it more.

Okay, now that I told you that, are you disappointed? If so, take philosophy.

Listen to your gut.

Not me, just because I’m cool.

My adviser is cool and I don’t listen to her.

That’s what Bennington is about. If it was a Fleetwood Mac song, it would be Go Your Own Way.

But it would be covered by Lissie because it is edgy.

Alan ‘15

So I have a really awkward question. I'm working on filling out the housing questionnaire, and there's something i'm not quite sure of. See, I smoke weed semi-regularly (about once or twice a week), but I don't smoke cigarettes. I'd prefer not to live in a dorm that constantly reeks of tobacco/be exposed to secondhand cigarette smoke, but at the same time I want to respect my roommate and make sure they're comfortable with my habit. So, what would you recommend I fill in on my questionnaire? — Asked by Anonymous

Well, well, well.

We appreciate your honesty. (Like actually, though.) Phun Phact: The consumption of marijuana, or Cannabis sativaCannabis sativa formaindicaCannabis ruderalisis an illegal action. It is also against College law to smoke or have anything on fire in a house, except for logs in a fireplace. So, the baseline of this answer is: You are not allowed, by US law, to smoke weed and you are not allowed, by Bennington College rule, to smoke ~anything~ inside of doors. There are some hefty fines for doing that. $250I’m partially inclined to leave it at that - to let you know the consequences. As for your consideration of your future roommate’s comfort, you already have a Bennington community mentality, as every house is a courtesy house here, in that issues are resolved through conversation and agreement (aka being a good communicative person), not telling-on and people. Leave illicit activity off of your questionnaire - save personal matters for the person you will live with. The administration will not be sharing the air in your bedroom, but they (and Campus Safety) have the right (and responsibility) to inspect it if something seems….um…fishy. Once here, you will have plenty of time to sit down and talk at length about how you want to share your space. Most importantly: be open, be honest, be well, be safe


If you have further questions, shoot me a message on my blog or at

I hope this helps and that I didn’t harsh ur mellow. ;)

-Ben ‘14

DISCLOSURE: This post/blog does not promote the use of Cannabis sativaCannabis sativa formaindicaCannabis ruderalis.

I got into Bennington (yay!) with a generous financial aid package. Though my package was significant, it only made my attendance *slightly* more feasible instead of impossible. Basically, I am able to afford Bennington but it is a stretch. I'm worried that when FWT comes around, it will push the cost from ~just manageable~ to ~over the edge~ Are there any FWTs that offer room and board? I know FWT differs with every student, but on average how much does it set students back financially? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

There are all kinds of options for affordable FWT’s. For one thing, students can always get a job near home to avoid rent. For another thing, students tend to team up in terms of housing in the major cities like NY, San Fran, Boston, LA, etc. There are also lots of alumns and parents of students who are willing to house Bennington students over FWT! Then there is the FWT grant - I’ve personally been saved by the FWT grant. You can apply for the grant and get a little bit of help with things like rent, groceries, transportation, etc., which means you might not get set back financially at all, if you plan it well!

Do not despair! 

Rachael ‘15

Will you please include transfer students on the class map this summer? Puh-puh-puh-please? — Asked by Anonymous





Rachael ‘15

(ps. will pass along your request!)

Is there any course on entrepreneurship in Benn? — Asked by Anonymous


Also, you can start a business during FWT (Jan2-Feb20) instead of doing an internship, which is something I think more people should take advantage of! If I wouldn’t lose all my money due to poor business sense I would definitely do that. Wait…. maybe I should take a business class….

(Info about the entrepreneurship option for FWT, bottom of page 1!!!:

Rachael ‘15

I heard there's some kind of collaboration between Bennington college & Williams College. What's that about? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes! Students from Bennington can take classes at Williams, and Williams students can take classes at Bennington. 

I’m hoping to take my first Williams class this fall, I cannot wait! The class is called “Complexion Complexities,” and it’s about colorism and skin color. So pumped.

Will keep you updated!

Rachael ‘15