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What is your architecture program like? also other design classes? do you ever have fashion design classes? — Asked by Anonymous


so sayeth Architect Carlos ‘14.

As far as fashion design goes, some students choose to study that mainly through costume design. Courses on fashion design itself are pretty few and far between, but with a Plan that combines, say, costume design, art history, social science (because hey who doesn’t need that?) and maybe some independent work, fashion design is definitely manageable here.


Hi there :) I was wondering if there is someone studying architecture who could briefly explain me, and the others, what courses should we take into consideration and stuff. Also I would like to know what are the possibilities after we graduate in Bennington? Is one qualified for work only with the bachelor degree, or masters-specialization has to be done? — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there!

Your first question is tricky to answer, because I think that architecture is the one true liberal art, that can only grow and benefit from making interdisciplinary connections with other visual arts, sciences and areas of study. Or at least that’s what I’ve studied during my time here, so I am VERY biased. I’m interested in how architecture can act as a lens, or filter, through which all my other interests go through. Because of this, I think that you should take EVERY course into consideration. Bennington allows you to make seemingly hidden or unknown connections between different disciplines, either because you want to complement them with each other (dance and music!) or you want to find what underlying idea brings all your interests together (the intersection of film, electronic music and painting through personal narratives, I don’t know!). Because of architecture’s capability to benefit from other disciplines (and viceversa), I’ve taken electronic music, ceramics, drawing courses, digital modelling, some literature, a bunch of assorted social sciences (political science, sociology), public action, etc. Do whatever you want with architecture, because it allows you to do so! 

You’re qualified to work in an architecture firm with any degree really, as long as you’re good enough and they see in you whatever they’re looking for in an employee! Will you be working with their design team, legal team, planning, construction, reasearch, etc., depends on your skillset, and not your degree necessarily. Legally though, you can only be certified as an architect if you have a certified architectural degree from a school that offers it. That being said, students do go to grad school for architecture after Bennington, and do end up working as AIA certified architects with their own firms. 

Listen to this song!

~Carlos ‘14


The beauty we live. Great shots.


Bennington Term Two Photo Series: Part One

"We must first acknowledge that the computer homogenizes expression."

-Anthony Titus, visiting Architecture professor just dropping an epiphany-inducing bomb of knowledge in the middle of a critique the other day.

~Carlos ‘14

Scenes from an Afternoon Walk

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our favorite places to study/hang out on campus. So we (Carlos T. and Tommy M.) asked around the office, went out on a photo-journalistic adventure, and decided to create a little series of photos and related anecdotes. We want to show you how the spaces at Bennington end up being used, and why we end up loving them. And so, without further ado -

~Scenes from an Afternoon Walk~


The Architecture Studio (or the place Carlos sleeps standing up).

TOMMY and CARLOS enter, walk around.

TOMMY, a rising sophomore from Cambridge MA, studies music, writing, and Japanese. He is energetic, skinny, and brown-haired.

CARLOS, a rising senior from Guayaquil, Ecuador, studies architecture, drawing, assorted visual arts, and social sciences. He is brown-haired, brown-skinned, a thinker, and a screamer.

Carlos gravitates towards his personal workspace.

What can you guys tell me about the sculpting/architecture programs at bennington? Do they offer a lot of practical experience? Would you recommend them to students with little to no experience in those fields? What sort of FWTs do you get in those concentrations? — Asked by Anonymous

First, there are no formal programs at Bennington in any discipline, just a bunch of cool faculty members  who want to teach students no matter what their experience level or expertise is. 

That being said, sculpture and architecture work in a similar way as literature or math might, from day one you are working in the studio, diving in dumpsters for cardboard, or cutting up butter board or doing whatever you need to do to make your work. The other cool thing about those disciplines, like all disciplines at Bennington, is that students in the classes are coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. So, for example in one of my sculpture classes a music student (who also builds his own guitars) made several sculptures surrounding music. Another student who studies costume design was in a self declared “Princess phase” and decided to make a throne when we were asked to design a place to sit. 

Field Work Terms vary greatly between students. I worked for a furniture builder building furniture. My friend who did the music sculptures worked for Jason Middlebrook, a sculptor. Another sculpture friend went to Uganda to teach art. Architecture wise students sometimes find jobs in architecture studios. A friend of mine wrote articles about old historic buildings around Philadelphia and another worked as a TA at a university in Ecuador. Basically whatever you can dream up you can find.  

If you have any questions or would love to chat more I would love to talk, shoot me an email


It was a slooooooooooooow day in Admissions so we thought we’d go out and photograph some rooms for ya’ll in the various houses. Some are clean, some are messy, some are doubles and some are singles.

- Riley ‘13 & Anushka ‘14

The architecture studio. Drink it in.

- jason

Intersection: Art and Physics

Trying to help my friend construct a sculpture earlier this month pushed me into foreign territory. I found myself wishing that I knew more about physics. It didn’t help when I looked around and saw this:

A creation by Chendru Starkloff who is using his understanding of physics and tapping in to professors here to make some really interesting work. 

The assignment for the Intro to Sculpture class was to create a sculpture that captures a movement you do everyday. His action: mounting his bike.

My friend Jillian Japka ‘12 studies architecture and philosophy (among other things) here at Bennington. The other day I joined her in the architecture studio to learn a little more about what she’s working on. 

I was working on a site plans and sections for my senior project, which is a multi-program design in Philadelphia. The site is a quarter mile strip in a neighborhood that is bordered by two highways, a bridge, and the Delaware River. These conditions have resulted in a lack of vitality for this neighborhood. My design aims to reconnect the neighborhood to the surrounding areas of Philadelphia and protect the street from the influence of the highways and bridge.   -Jillian

Those last three pictures are of the cartoon she drew about her project - just a little studio inspiration with anthropomorphized buildings!

- Ellie