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Maybe this is a bit of a sensitive topic, but sexual assault on college campuses have been in the news a lot recently. I'm not going to ask about how safe you guys feel on campus, but rather: what is Bennington doing to address this issue? Would you say the school is doing enough? Is it earning its reputation as a highly progressive school? Sorry if that sounds a bit accusatory or whatever. I don't mean it like that, I'm just trying to be clear. — Asked by Anonymous

There is a “Sexual Harassment Policy Review Committee” looking at rewriting and updating the current policy to be most applicable to Bennington’s campus. However, there are already a lot of policies in place that attempt to keep the entire campus safe. Here is a link to the student handbook:

We decided to answer this question because one of our close friends is one of the Sexual Harassment Advisors. There are students, faculty and staff members that act as resources for questions, concerns or worry about any sexual harassment or assault issue. They can act as a “first step”, counselor and advocate depending on what you need. We are also looking to expand on these positions and create a more comprehensive student wellness advocate.

To answer your question….