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Still a Mess

Remember me? Last week I was all like:

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Plan and the cold hard truth that it no longer reflects who I am and what I want my role to be during my time at Bennington

I’m Plan in shambles girl. But guess what friends? I re-wrote my entire plan essay and I could not be more pleased. It’s still a working document, still completely able to be changed, but now I have a piece that I’m really proud of, a piece that represents me and can help guide the rest of my time here.

The problem I was having with my original plan was that I was thinking about my education solely in terms of disciplines. Which discipline of the four that I study (theater, radio, literature and photography) deserves most of my attention? How can I hierarchically divide up my time when one subject does not stand out as more essential to my work than any other? I have come to the conclusion that, regardless of what discipline(s) I study, I want to focus on the expression of my lived experiences in order to create something with larger relevance to an audience. It’s what I do in admissions on tours and in emails, what I have been gravitating towards in my coursework, and, really, what I’ve been trying to do for a long time, only without the words to convey it.   

I previously gave you a chunk of Alan’s Plan, but now I’d like to share a bit of mine, from the very last paragraph of the essay: 

In the world’s lamest wrap up, I finished my original plan by writing that, “for the rest of my time at Bennington I want to work on incorporating the personal into my studies here.” I am now proposing that the personal is, in fact, the center of my studies. In plain china the nonfiction committee has been discussing what makes an effective ending. Endings are one of my many weaknesses as a writer. In my playwriting class, I could simply insert a stage direction about the fading lights and call it a day. But in this particular case, I am okay with not being able to concoct the perfect ending. I don’t want to manufacture a false sense of closure, for truly, I am still a mess. The Plan Process has no real ending; when I leave Bennington I will still be pursuing my own lines of inquiry. So I will leave this essay, just like my education, unfinished.  


Emily ‘16

I ran back home for a second and found this view on the way.Alan ‘15

I ran back home for a second and found this view on the way.

Alan ‘15

how long is the time I get my acceptance letter to the time I have to tell admissions yes or no? — Asked by Anonymous

Hello there! 

So, it depends on when you apply. Here are some dates that might be helpful.

But in terms of when you have to let us know of your decision:

Early Decision 1: Feb 1st

Early Action: May 1st

Early Decision 2: March 1st

Fall Regular Decision: May 1st

+ All transfer and Spring entry decisions should be made within 30 days of the acceptance letter. 

Any more questions? Please be in touch!

Naima ‘15

Can you do about anything for FWT? Or are there restrictions? — Asked by Anonymous

You probably couldn’t do this:

Then again, would you want to? But as long as you work the required hours (190 over 7 weeks) and you’re able to articulate why you want to do it, if your faculty adviser and the Field Work Term office sign off, you have the freedom to find a job or internship opportunity that works for you. Field Work Term is a great time to get experience in something you’re passionate about or, if you haven’t written your plan yet, it’s also an opportunity to explore a new city and what it’s like to live and work there. But not Jupiter. You probably couldn’t follow a mysterious black monolith to Jupiter and go on an epic adventure that transcends time and space. But if you’re deadset on it, talk to the Field Work Term office! They’re always willing to help you out. 

- Matt ‘17

Hello all, I'm already part of the 2018 ganga, and am wondering if there is any kind of AAA like eating disorder related group in place. I've always struggled with my image, as do roughly 80 percent of women on average, and have no problem talking about it. Is Bennington aware of this problem, or more importantly, are they trying to help and talk to those in the student body who have similar disorders? Thankyou lots! — Asked by Anonymous


What a great question — coming from LA, I was raised under the (fairly subconscious) impression that beautiful = skinny….until I got to Bennington and realized I was being force fed (oh ho ho) a bunch of crap.  In fact, my creative thesis at Bennington concerns itself greatly with eating disorders, so I end up talking to a lot of people on campus about body image/self image.  We don’t necessarily have an official “support group” per se, but one of the defining factors of the Bennington social experience is the ability to actually “go there” about anything…truly anything…we *want* to have those conversations.  So please come and talk up a storm…it’s so important that we create a space where these issues can be voiced.  It’s up to us to reclaim our pride in our bodies and feel beautiful :)

— Parke ‘15

I just wanted to add that there are resources and support on campus currently with continued events and programming sponsored by the Bennington Wellness (BeWell) group on campus. 

The Bennington College Wellness Peers (myself and three other students which continues to grow) welcome your questions and suggestions for programming, speakers, and services you’d like to see on campus. The Wellness Peers serve as wellness liaisons, referring and connecting students and administration. Again, just please email with your input.

Taste of the Townhouse



Chocolate, avocado, coconut, vegan/gluten free mousse!


-Selina ‘15

Alana reads out loud “Chocolate, avacado, coconut, vegan/gluten free mousse???” and then it continues:

"MMMmmm, yum" -Nina

"What? I don’t know about the avocado." -Alana

"No! They are so good. They-" -Nina
 ”…it’s used as a replacement for butter, right” -Naima
"Yeah, and they are so good because you don’t taste the avocado much and you just get the richness of it." -Nina

"Wait! Pause. This is the most enthusiastic conversation this shift has ever had" -Alan


"Well, if I was to marry anything that wasn’t a human, it would probably be an avocado…" -Nina***

****No, but seriously, Nina made ceramics inspired by avocados last year:

I've heard that Bennington is where the "weirdos" of high school come together? Fact or fiction? — Asked by Anonymous

Ahhh, come on. Who told you that? Psh.


People at Bennington are—well, we’re people. Some of us are more or less athletic than others; some of us are always early to class and some aren’t; some of us are Macs and some are PCs… Some of us do (and some of us don’t) choose to identify as “weirdos.”

But I guess the only way you could find out for yourself would be to come visit…


…and tell us yourself… are we weirdos? Maybe we are, maybe we’re not. Solid?




Is the size of Bennington ever, too small? — Asked by Anonymous

Sometimes we ask ourselves this very question,


The college actually isn’t (quite) small enough for any student to know literally everyone. You’ll meet new people and learn new things about the ones you already know. 

That being said, neither the college nor the town is large by any relative standards. Do we have all of the modern comforts of urban life—grocery stores, Radio Shack, cute diners—even, perhaps, a bowling alley? Good golly, yes!

If, however, you are a regular concertgoer who loves seeing each next big act come through on tour, you’d have to drive somewhere from Bennington to do that. Campus really comes alive on weekends with student events: concerts, open mic nights, movie showings, study groups (the struggle is real)… But we’re by no means urban. Bennington may not be big enough for everybody, but it’s never too small.


Fitting In

Many prospective students post on the blog or send us emails along the lines of:

Um what If I’m not cool enough/what if nobody likes me/no seriously I’m REALLY weird/help friends how do I do that/help social pressure/gahhhhh

Well, I’m here to alleviate your fears.  This stuffed uterus had THE MOST reason to worry about not fitting in at Bennington, and she fits in just fine. Not to mention she raises awareness about gender and feminism on campus.  Below are some images of her having a great time being accepted, considered cool, and not judged on campus.


Gotta do some hw brb


Gettin’ a lil’ first aid from campo

imageWho knows…you may even meet the president…

Does Bennington take in to consideration an upwards grade trend when considering admission? I did not do that well in 9th and 10th grade- I had health issues so I put less effort in to my school work. I went from a 3.5 GPA in 10th grade to a 4.0 GPA in 11th, and also took a more solid workload that year (and in 10th all of my B's were in core classes!)... I LOVE to learn and I desperately want to go to a school where I will have the opportunity to get a great education,and I think that is... — Asked by Anonymous

Better upwards than downwards, am i right??

but for real, health issues are a perfectly valid excuse for this sort of thing. 3.5->4.0 doesn’t sound too extreme, but if you’re concerned at all, just make sure you’re in communication with your counselor so that they know what the story is. 

This goes for any concerns, grades or otherwise! talk to your counselor! they know that things are literally changing all the time and that some things are just beyond our control! We’re all humans here! 

we must maintain the balance


How feasible is it to be granted an assistant animal for stress and depression? A cat would really help... — Asked by Anonymous

I reached out to the Dean’s Office on this one, and the answer I got back was that requests for disability-related companion animals - other than service dogs - are handled on a case-by-case basis.  The required information you must submit to the school in requesting an accommodation can be viewed here. I do know of one student previously who had a cat for an anxiety disorder, but it’s really between you and the Dean’s Office.

-Ray ‘15

So I was accepted into Bennington, I love this school so much, but I didn't want to commit right away to a four year college. Will I be accepted again if I apply in let's say a year or two? — Asked by Anonymous

While there are no guarantees, I encourage you to apply again. There are a lot of students who have taken gap years before coming here and also while they were studying. It’s all good — go have some life experiences! Travel, or meet people, learn a new language and do something outrageous or thought-provoking. Then you can tell us what’s happened since we’ve seen you last. We wish you many adventures out there. It’s important that you are discovering what you want and you are going for it (that is, in a way, what Bennington is about). 

Happy Trails,

Sylvia M. ‘16

Hi! I'm applying early action and am very excited (Bennington is my first choice). Is it possible for me to attach an art portfolio? If so, where and what are the parameters? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, it’s 100% possible! Actually, we just launched something called the “dimensional application” - which you can learn more about here. Through this application, you can upload any work that you feel reflects you as a person & what you’re passionate about. There aren’t any “parameters” to what you attach - just put thought into selecting work that you feel demonstrates who you are and how you could thrive here at Bennington.

If don’t choose to participate in the dimensional application and decide to apply via Common App, you will receive an email inviting you to access your personal application status page, where you can upload a portfolio. Again, there are no limitations there - you can attach any documents/files/images you would like to.

!!! you do you !!!

Nila ‘17

Is it better to have an interview on campus as opposed to when the rep visits your school? Like does it look better for you? ( I have already done the tour and the info session and visited campus twice) — Asked by Anonymous

Glad you asked.  Here’s the rundown: if you live in the southeastern states or Montana, it’s crucial that you interview in person; those counselors place a lot of weight on it.  If you live elsewhere and have more than six freckles on your left arm, a school-visit interview is your best bet, and if fewer than six freckles, a phone interview.  It you have exactly six freckles or if you do not have a left arm, you must interview via Skype.  Unless you live in the southeastern US or Montana.

No, but really, whatever.  We don’t measure people’s commitment to getting into Bennington via some sick metric of how much they’re willing to drive/fly to see us.  We do encourage people to visit so that they can really see the school, but if you’ve already done that, then it is 120% up to you how you interview.

-Ray ‘15