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For all of you prospective students out there, march to your own beat! I know we say that casually, but Ringo Starr is so right. We are all little drummers just trying to find our own way. Bennington is a place designed to help you figure out what beat work for you. Not to be the sentimental Senior and all, but I am going to miss this place and I think my biggest take away is realizing that this community gave me the space and resources and challenges to develop my own beat. Soon Bennington will launch me into the world outside of college to continue to play that beat with Pride, after 4 trial launches of FWT of course :)

p.s. I also named my cat Ringo after this drummer!

-Alana ‘15

I ran back home for a second and found this view on the way.Alan ‘15

I ran back home for a second and found this view on the way.

Alan ‘15

Hey! How would you describe the overall feel of Bennington? Are the students generally collaborative or competitive? — Asked by Anonymous


This is a hard one. An overall feel? The overall feel of Bennington can be experienced in as many ways as you can imagine. This blog post would be way too long if I tried to tell you everything that makes this place so important for me. Still, I’ll try:

There are the inspiring friends, the classes that make you question paradigms you didn’t even know you had, the mountains and forests, the dinner conversations that can last for hours, the aspects of self-reflection and self-advocacy inherent in an education that you are responsible for creating and executing to its fullest potential… There’s apples every fall and the experience of the field work term, midnight breakfast before finals and the collaboration of students. I could really go on and on, but I recommend you come see it and feel it for yourself. All the students will be back on campus come September, and if you come for a visit I would love to hear how you describe the feel — it’s so particular and so hard to pin down. 

Here’s a blog that my friend runs, where she posts vignettes of our time here. There’s one for every term she’s been at Bennington, plus several about different aspects of life here. 

Maybe that helped, or at least made you confused and interested enough to come visit us and see for yourself.

Sylvia M. ‘16

are there designated smoking areas? Or is the campus a smoke free environment? — Asked by Anonymous

There are designated non-smoking areas, which are as follows: 

Within 30 feet of any door way
On house balconies

The porch outside of the dining hall
Inside any building 

Other than that, the world is your smoke-filled oyster, my friend. But maybe don’t blow smoke in your friend’s faces. Cause that’s not nice and they probably wouldn’t like it. 

~Ananda ‘16~

Inside Scoop

So I wanted to give you a ONCE IN A LIFETIME sneak peak into what some people do on Thursday May 8th in the year two thousand fourteen on the Bennington College Campus after our work shift ends:


“Get a quick lunch and then go shopping for the camping trip (we are taking DREAM kids that we mentor on a camping trip this weekend) and then going to Historical Grievances and Retrospective Redress. Then I am going to dinner with my friend Kiley and her parents and then finishing the second half of my exhibition proposal for my Art History class.”


“After work today I am helping Noelle, the French professor, with assembling some videos for her husband’s birthday present. Then I am going to be in the video editing studio for a long time tonight with your basic meal breaks. Then I am going to the film screening tonight called the Black Powered Mixed Tap”

Hi! So I have three questions -When is freshman move in? -Are freshmen housed together? -How does the roommate match up/housing assignment process work? Thanks! — Asked by Anonymous

hey hey, 

so first of all // no such thing as freshman housing! As a first year student, you’ll start off by living in any of the houses on campus with a medley of students. 

As for your other questions, the beginning of orientation is when you can start to move into your room and house. You’ll receive your room key at orientation actually. Orientation starts August 29. Once enrolled, sometime in the summer you’ll be asked to fill out a housing questionnaire (just a short series of questions geared towards figuring out what your lifestyle is like) in order to do our best to match you with a good roommate! 

~Doug ‘16~ 

To answer your question…. 

Hey there, I hope this isn't too grim a question. But as a parent, I'm wondering if the students will be given training about what to do if the unthinkable happened and there was someone dangerous on campus with a weapon. I'm assuming campus security and staff has drilled for this. — Asked by Anonymous

I firstly want to acknowledge this is a really valid concern. When we received this question we were all a little freaked out just because this sort of thing has never happened to any of us and we would hate to see it at Bennington. 

Some things you should know:

Bennington is very small with just under 700 undergrad and and a little over 100 grad students. While I certainly don’t know everybody, it’s hard to hide in such a small community. 

Campus Safety does a walk through of all the buildings on campus every shift. They also make an effort to get to know the students really well so if somebody unfamiliar were to show up they would notice.

We have an alert system called ‘send word now’ where students, staff, and faculty can enter their phone numbers and emails to receive emergency notices and instructions.

I talked to one of the Campus Safety officers, Mike, and he said if there was an armed emergency the whole campus would be on immediate lock down, house chairs (who have received special training) would be given instructions to secure their houses, and the local police force would be here within minutes. 

I’m sorry I can’t give more specifics but if you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Campus Safety directly: 802-447-4250.

-Selina ‘15

Some beautiful footage of campus from recent grad Jessieh. Enjoy!

-Selina ‘15

How is the queer community at Bennington? Where would I look/who could I talk to for more information? — Asked by Anonymous

Just like most communities at Bennington, the queer community is apparent in various ways. We have a group called queer @ Bennington which can be a great resource. Bennington, like most any college, is a space for you to come in with a mainly-blank slate to really explore yourself as a person, questioner, and thinker. I think Bennington establishes a safer space for queer identified or questioning youth to do just that.

If you are looking to see if you will fit in here, no worries… you will find like-minded people and be a part of various communities. As a queer individual myself, I am personally not very involved in the queer @ Bennington group; however, I still feel a part of the queer community on campus. There are various ways to be involved as a queer person on campus. I took a bunch of people to the gender and queer conference at Hampshire this term and that was a wonderful way to spend part of my weekend! If you have any other questions or just want to chat about this more, please feel free to contact me at

I know I can only speak for myself, but I have felt very accepted here. I have enjoyed meaningful conversations with friends, events through SWAG (Sexual Wellness Awareness Group) that have opened my eyes to other conversations, and finding general acceptance of various identities on campus.
-Alana ‘15 

Spring called to take us out of the office on a nice meandering walk through campus while the flowers started blooming…

-Alana, Glennis, and Julia ‘15

I used the weather as an excuse to go for a walk — the prospective students need to know!! — and took some pictures. Its 62 degrees out right now, but it will be back in the mid twenties by the end of the week. I might like Bennington better with gray skies and rain.

-Alan ‘15

Does Bennington College have a safe environment for gays and lesbians and what are the chances of finding love at the campus — Asked by Anonymous

It is without a doubt a safe environment for gays and lesbians — I would describe sexual orientation here as inconsequential. Don’t get me wrong, it is still an important part of the identities of individuals  but its not something that affects the way students are treated by faculty or peers. The Princeton Review ranked us in their top 20 most LGBT friendly colleges and unigo put us at number one. There was a really great post that I’m going to link you to for the second half of your question here. (Queer@Bennington have since changed their name to Queer*) To add my own voice, the ‘chances of finding love’ are difficult to calculate because there are a lot of variables.The biggest one is the size of the school: we are a small school and our queer community is proportional, which can be frustrating. Like anything, its a combination of what it is and what you make of it.

-Alan ‘15 

So I’m 95% sure this video has been posted on the blog before, but as I was procrastinating in the office just now my internet travels brought me by way of Youtube and I stumbled upon this once again.

Funny how I’m leaving for the end of term on Sunday (and so ready to be done with finals stuff), but this video still manages to make me nostalgic for Spring term already. And snow! Global warming is the worst.

Anyway, this is probably my last blog post until the spring (except maybe I’ll document some FWT hijinks), so until then, enjoy yourselves, wherever you’re at.

-Evan ‘13


Inspired by the fun we had surveying people for our Bucket List post, Liam and I went out on the field this morning and got up close and personal with some REAL bennington students. The question: What are you excited to do for fun over break?

The answers:

H.C.: Read a million books (especially She Came to Stay by Simone de Beauvoir), and hang out with my dogs.

E.M.: See the Hobbit with my dad.

A.P.: read this super non-academic book called Dirty Snow about a serial killer or something. Finish watching Boardwalk Empires.

Z.W.: Do things I never expected to do, things I couldn’t even fathom, things the farthest reaches of my imagination couldn’t even think of right now!!!