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To answer your question…. 

How does course registration work? As a transfer student would I have the last pick of courses? — Asked by Anonymous

The initial registration period consists of filling out a registration form that lists the classes you most want to take (determining this generally happens through conversations with your faculty advisor, other students, and faculty)  and getting signatures from faculty who are teaching advanced level courses. The deadline for turning in this form is the same for freshman, seniors, and transfers alike.

After registration forms are turned in and students get their preliminary schedules students go to an event called “Greenwall” where they can register for any courses they didn’t get, get on the waitlist, or sign up for other classes.

-Caseysimone ‘14

Approximately how many students are in each class (that is, the Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior sort of class)? Thank you. — Asked by Anonymous

The average class size is 15 students.

However, this depends on what type of class it is, studio art, lecture series, or discussion based. A studio art class will probably never have more than 15 students where as a lecture series might have 25. Language classes generally have fewer students, I have heard of classes with only 3 students. Some intro level social science, math, and science courses will have about 20 students. As you begin to take more advanced level classes the class size can drop significantly. I have been in classes with as few as 8 students and as many as 25. 

If you were referring to how many students are in each grade I can only give you an approximate answer for the 2011-2012 school year:

Seniors sprox 150

Juniors aprox 130

Sophomores aprox 145

Freshman aprox 200 (which is the largest freshman class the college has enrolled)

-Caseysimone ‘14

Study Spots: Crossett Library

Some of Kate’s and my favorite study spots in Crossett Library.

-Caseysimone ‘14

Caseysimone and I went out to shoot a Colonial house’s common room.
All of these have a piano (this one is out of the frame), and they have a pretty cozy feel. Each has a fireplace, and these spaces are open 24/7 for any late night studying or lounging. 
-Kate D

Caseysimone and I went out to shoot a Colonial house’s common room.

All of these have a piano (this one is out of the frame), and they have a pretty cozy feel. Each has a fireplace, and these spaces are open 24/7 for any late night studying or lounging. 

-Kate D

I was not accepted to Bennington, and it is the school that I wish to attend more than any other. What should I do? I am terribly disappointed. I am not certain if I should wait to reapply because I am terrified that I will be denied again. — Asked by Anonymous

You should definitely talk to your admissions counselor about reapplying. Some students take a whole year before they reapply others reapply for the spring term.

-Caseysimone ‘14

What are the chances of a waitlisted applicant being admitted if Bennington is listed as their top choice? — Asked by Anonymous

In the last five years Bennington College has admitted between zero and five percent of students who were waitlisted. Indicating that Bennington is your top choice will be considered if there are spaces for waitlisted students.

-Caseysimone ‘14 

Weekend Day Trip: Museums

Every now and again I try to get off campus for a full day on the weekends, I thought I would make a couple of posts that highlight some fun things to do in the area during a weekend day trip. This post focuses on Museums.



Also known as The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art is in nearby North Adams. In the picture above is Sol LeWitt’s last installation: A Wall Drawing Retrospective. They have a lovely restaurant cafe and weekly performances and events so you can make a full day out of it. Wilco also plays their “Solid Sound” concert in the summer.

Norman Rockwell Museum:

In Stockbridge MA, this museum has what feels like the complete collection of Norman Rockwell’s work. The above photo of Curious George was taken in the lobby during a show dedicated to the work of Margret and H. A. Rey, the creators of Curious George. In the town of Stckbridge there is a wonderful main street with a general store that has the most amazing ice cream from SOCO Creamery (which I first found out about while listening to an ice cream special on VPR).

The Bennington Museum:

Located in Bennington’s Historic district, the Bennington Museum is a historical collection of artifacts from the Battle of Bennington, pots and vessels from Bennington Potter’s long ceramic tradition, the work of Grandma Moses, and many other things that have to do with Bennington’s history and modern cultural artifacts.

The Clark:

(photo cred:

Only 30 minutes away in Williamstown, MA, The Clark holds the private collection of Sterling and Francine Clark as well as research and academic programs. Williamstown also has a lovely cafe where you will often find Williams students studying and some super yummy Indian food and Sushi!

Williams College Museum of Art:

(Photo cred:

Also in Williamstown, MA, the WCMA has a wonderful and diverse collection. It is connected to the campus and is a great addition to an afternoon at the Williams College library.

Hildene: The Lincoln Family Home:

(Photo Cred:

I only just heard that Lincoln’s vacation house was located 20 minutes away in Manchester, VT. New weekend plan: eat at Up For Breakfast, a yummy diner style breakfast only restaurant in Manchester, and then go to Hildene for an afternoon of American History :).