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What are the winters like in Vermont? How hard do you think they'd be for someone who's lived in a relatively sunny climate their whole life? — Asked by Anonymous

here is a pic of me and my friend Army James in our respective winter and army wear back home (New Mexico) taken in the middle of february two years ago:


here is another pic of me in typical winter attire in vermont also taken in the middle of february this year:


we adapt. army strong.


Normal to be getting cold feet ? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, absolutely, 100%, definitely. 

You’re already nervous about going to college, don’t get nervous about being nervous. 

It may seem like everyone is super excited and just can’t wait for this new adventure but trust me, everyone going to college is at least a little scared, probably terrified. You’re starting a whole new phase of your life and likely moving away from home for the first time how could you not be terrified? 

Talking to the folks around the office it seems that everyone was pretty freaked out before coming to Bennington. But it worked out for all of us so your odds are pretty good. 

I’m not going to tell you not to worry because that would be futile but just try to be open to all the new opportunities coming your way. And for the last few weeks before you start college try distracting yourself, for instance I’ve heard good things about Cold Feet. It’s a British comedy-drama show from the ’90s about three couples experiencing the ups and downs of romance…or so the wikipedia page says. I remember watching it as a kid and it was pretty good. 

Eliana ‘15

Pretend you've never really experienced cold weather before, what kind of coat/jacket/warm gear would you recommend packing to stay warm in Vermont? — Asked by Anonymous

Ok, so, even though I’m from Syracuse, NY (apparently the 4th-snowiest city in the lower 48) I think I can suspend my disbelief enough to help you out.

The real key to staying warm is layering. Lots of layers = more body heat that gets trapped inside your clothing. You probably want to stock up on plenty of sweaters (cotton »»> wool), maybe a couple good pairs of fuzzy socks, water-resistant footwear, a good water resistant jacket, and maaaaaaybe a pair of long johns. The most important thing I want to stress is that it’s not as if you’re buying all this as part of a winter outfit, but rather that they’re all components of what will become your daily wardrobe during cold, snowy stretches. You’ll be super warm with this setup regardless of what brands you choose to buy, so it’s pretty easy to go cheap as well.

I should also note that the buildings and houses on campus are really well-heated, so it’s not as if you’ll be bundled up all the time; this advice is just for days when you’ll be out of your house for extended periods of time.

The best thing about layering is that it’s easy to take off a jacket or a sweater to adapt to being indoors/outdoors. Some days you’ll only want a sweater and other days you’ll don the full suit of armor. Adaptability is key to survival, after all.

-Evan ‘13

I woke up early today, around 6:30, to prepare for a final I had in a visual arts class. After installing my artwork, I sat outside our commons building and looked at this for a while. It felt so perfect. The sky was brilliantly calming. This is my last Fall term in this place and I am going to miss it immensely.

-India K, ‘12

The first snow out my window in Bingham. Just started falling today, about an hour ago. Definitely earlier than normal this year! Pretty crazy. But so beautiful.
-India K, ‘12

The first snow out my window in Bingham. Just started falling today, about an hour ago. Definitely earlier than normal this year! Pretty crazy. But so beautiful.

-India K, ‘12