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Picked This Lil’ Nugget Out of My Reading Today

"If our young men miscarry in their first enterprises they lose all heart.  If the young merchant fails, they say he is ruined.  If the finest genius studies at one of our colleges and is not installed in an office within one year afterwards in the cities or suburbs of Boston or New York, it seems to his friends and to himself that he is right in being disheartened and in complaining the rest of his life.  A sturdy lad from New Hampshire or Vermont, who in turn tries all the professions, who teams it, farms it, peddles keeps a school, preaches, edits a newspaper, goes to Congress, buys a township, and so forth, in successive years, and always like a cat falls on his feet, is worth a hundred of these city dolls.  He walks abreast with his days and feels no shame in not ‘studying a profession,’ for he does not postpone his life, but lives already.  He has not one chance, but a hundred chances.” — Emerson, Self-Reliance

Insert ladies here too.

And we’ve got something to chew on.

— Parke ‘15

If Bennington is your absolute first choice, but you aren't as strong an applicant, is it better to apply ED or wait until regular decision? I've heard that it is good to apply early if it is your first choice, but that also, for a weaker student, it can actually be tougher as sometimes the ED applicants are more competitive and you therefore have a higher chance of being denied, not a higher chance of admittance. Just trying to figure out if I should apply in November or not. — Asked by Anonymous

First of all, I’m curious as to what makes you think you are not as strong of an applicant.  Is it a matter of GPA or the amount of AP/IB/etc classes you are taking?  Is it that you are worried you don’t do “enough” extracurriculars (how many is enough?)?  All of these concerns do not wholly reflect you as a person, nor your willingness and ability to think critically and creatively.  If you’re passionate about Bennington, there is no reason not to apply ED.  But don’t rush yourself for the sake of wanting to “prove” you are interested — I was incredibly committed to Bennington, but I applied regular decision for financial reasons and it made zero difference.  If you need more time to gather materials for a portfolio, or reflect more on your application answers (or, if you are applying via the dimensional application, curating your submission as a whole), then take the time!  It will be well worth it.  

In terms of having a “higher chance of being denied,” the time you apply really doesn’t hold much sway.  It’s more about whether or not the counselors believe Bennington would actually be a positive fit for you.  I know it can be scary to feel like “spots are being taken” early if you don’t apply ED, but don’t worry — there are many more waiting to be filled.

— Parke ‘15


this cat really wants to go to bton and it applied RD 

Fitting In

Many prospective students post on the blog or send us emails along the lines of:

Um what If I’m not cool enough/what if nobody likes me/no seriously I’m REALLY weird/help friends how do I do that/help social pressure/gahhhhh

Well, I’m here to alleviate your fears.  This stuffed uterus had THE MOST reason to worry about not fitting in at Bennington, and she fits in just fine. Not to mention she raises awareness about gender and feminism on campus.  Below are some images of her having a great time being accepted, considered cool, and not judged on campus.


Gotta do some hw brb


Gettin’ a lil’ first aid from campo

imageWho knows…you may even meet the president…

Are there any comedy troupes or stand up open mic nights at Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

We have a raucous handful of students that work in comedy - incredibly smart people that always leave me in stitches.  Bennington offers a couple of outlets, most notably a bimonthly open mic night.  Last year, some students started a comedy evening on one of our house porches - very well attended, but I’m not quite sure if it’s still up and running.  And while there have been murmurs of interest in a comedy/improv troupe, nothing has really gotten off the ground (in my time here, anyways…).  But know that if you have any desire to start a group like this on campus, it is absolutely feasible.  Interest varies from term to term, but there’s almost always something in the works that culminates with a wonderful and unusual evening of funny, funny people.  There are plenty of student contacts that would love to sit down with you and dream up some new experience for comedy@bennington.  

Remember though: there’s always something underneath.  I’ll leave you with a radio project by my dear friend and fellow intern Emily Gaynor on what it means to be a funny woman.  Enjoy!

- Jeremy ‘16

What you haven’t asked us (or any college) that you should.

Having done tours for a few years, I’ve found the same questions come up again and again; regardless of where you are from. Some of them are useful, some aren’t. Here are the questions I wish I asked when I was visiting schools. In turn, I hope you ask me them on tour or on the tumblr. More broadly, I hope it helps on any tour and helps you make this tough decision.

1. “Do the students here love to learn?”

This is crucial, to me anyway. Are you going to a college where people geek out about their studies 100% of the time, or, on the other side of the spectrum, it is an afterthought to partying. You could frame this in terms of workload or free time, but I think it kind of sidesteps the issue. What you really want to know is if students place their work first in their lives, and if they do so willingly or because the environment demands it.

2. “How is mental wellness facilitated on campus?”

College is intense. The transition from home life to campus life can be stressful, as can starting college level courses. But mental wellness can be an issue beyond one year. You want to know how the campus thinks about these issues. The answer might be therapy, or study breaks or even a thoughtfully designed housing model (feng shui?) that prevents it from being an issue. But you want to know this, because it will impact your well-being for four years. If you wanted to go a step further, ask how emotional wellness is taught, learned and encouraged — that, too (not just a paycheck) is part of a fulfilling life.

3. “What structures bring the student’s perspective into administrative decision making?”

Policy choices by the administration will affect you. Sometimes, you actually aren’t considered in them as a student. Be cynical, especially if the school in question seems more like a business than a college. How are students considered?

4. “What does your work consist of? How are you evaluated?”

Do most classes have exams or use projects? You probably don’t want to take a sculpture class that culminates with an exam. Not all colleges use letter grades, some use narrative evaluations. But also, what is the quality of feedback on individual assignments?

5. “What is your favorite and least favorite class?”

It might feel a bit awkward to ask this in a large group tour, but I think that’s exactly why you should. Asking the tour guide something that is totally subjective can give insight into their perspective, as well as a candid description of what courses are like.

6. “Are the faculty passionate about teaching?”

The school may have exceptional faculty, they may be accessible, but if they don’t love to teach it won’t make much of a difference. In my opinion, that’s because you need faculty that will bend over backwards for you and go out of their way to think of things you’d never think of and address concerns you didn’t even know you had.

Alan ‘15

Email us we are bored here!

Write to me and escape! Let’s do some matchmaking.

My name is Alan. I study ~~language and gender/sexuality~~ through playwriting and linguistics; so I’ve studied in education, playwriting, dramatic literature, psychology, Japanese, literature, um, bio twice? Most recently, this has resulted in an original play which I want to call “Trigger Warning: Catharsis” but I’m not gutsy enough so it is called “How Time Bombs Must Feel.” I love the 70s — hence the pina colada song; Really, though, Fleetwood Mac and Harry Nilsson are the best. In high school I was engaged with school just enough to maintain a television addiction. My actual education was in Alias, Buffy, Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY), Battlestar Galactica, The X-Files. But my absolute favorites are In Treatment, Six Feet Under and the Good Wife. I often channel Alica Florrick while making major life decisions. Life goals include seeing all of the 1001 movies you must see before you die, and visiting Tibet. I’m all about horror movies (I watch them whenever I’m depressed — everyone think I’m nuts for this). Email me about how strong female protagonists in television can inform YOUR college decision making process. Or if you have easy recipes that are convenient for the magic bullet. Tea drinker, playwright, scholar. Be my friend!

Im Kagan I like anime and i study animation and Chinese not Japanese lmfao..! please email anime recommendations also cool games NOT Call of DUty also I need to beat this one guy in a pokemon battle so what’s the best pokemon team. g-d bless

Hey, I’m Ray.  I’m headed into my senior work, my plan is in literature and conflict resolution, and it’s all about how fiction affects people’s thoughts on social and political issues.  I’m also a huge history nerd.  The biggest question in my life right now though is how soon I’ll be able to get Dragon Age Inquisition to run on my Mac.  Because my interest in that is… totally about studying how Bioware builds much-needed diversity into a regressive industry, and not at all about smashing things and kissing virtual girls.  That’s possibly the biggest lie I ever told.  Email me if you like cool stories, feminism/queer stuff, smashing things, or… for completeness’ sake I want to also put “kissing girls” but it might come off a little weird.  Er.

Very brief question: some colleges don't allow bed-risers. Does Bennington? Just wondrin' :) — Asked by faeyerotiggular

All the bed frames at Bennington are adjustable so you can make your bed as high or as low as you want. No risers necessary!

Your room is your oyster. 

Eliana ‘15

Bennington College shout out in Philip Roth’s Sabbath’s Theater. And yes, I use a Kindle; deal with it. What you should be fascinated by is my deep love of Philip Roth.Alan

Bennington College shout out in Philip Roth’s Sabbath’s Theater. And yes, I use a Kindle; deal with it. What you should be fascinated by is my deep love of Philip Roth.


Normal to be getting cold feet ? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, absolutely, 100%, definitely. 

You’re already nervous about going to college, don’t get nervous about being nervous. 

It may seem like everyone is super excited and just can’t wait for this new adventure but trust me, everyone going to college is at least a little scared, probably terrified. You’re starting a whole new phase of your life and likely moving away from home for the first time how could you not be terrified? 

Talking to the folks around the office it seems that everyone was pretty freaked out before coming to Bennington. But it worked out for all of us so your odds are pretty good. 

I’m not going to tell you not to worry because that would be futile but just try to be open to all the new opportunities coming your way. And for the last few weeks before you start college try distracting yourself, for instance I’ve heard good things about Cold Feet. It’s a British comedy-drama show from the ’90s about three couples experiencing the ups and downs of romance…or so the wikipedia page says. I remember watching it as a kid and it was pretty good. 

Eliana ‘15

Some advice for packing clothes for college? Bring a ton, pack sparingly? Should we expect vast influxes of T-shirts and such or should we plan on packing a fair amount of clothing? On that note--what time are we gonna have to break out the sweaters and jackets? Thnk. — Asked by Anonymous


Solid advice from our correspondent in Chicago. I echo her sentiment. 

Don’t pack much. Really. Truly. Please for everyone’s sake pack as few clothes as possible. I wouldn’t expect a vast influx of t-shirts, but please don’t overpack! On the sweaters and jackets, it really depends - maybe late September, maybe October, definitely by November. You will feel it when the time comes. 

Do, however, bring lots of lamps! Most rooms don’t have an overhead light so lamps are essential. That being said, our local Home Depot, Goodwill, Sears, and Walmart (all located very close to campus) have an amazing selection of lamps that you can buy upon your arrival at Bennington.

Also, a friendly PSA from your local firefighter: Christmas lights are a fire hazard. 

-Glennis & Emily

Don't Send Your Kid to the Ivy League

Not posting this to put these schools down…I have many friends at them who are receiving wonderful educations…but I’ve been pondering a lot this summer about what a college education is really for, and how Bennington can help support that need.  So often on tour, I get strange looks about lack of grades, lack of pre-conceived requirements, the size, etc…but these are all qualities of Bennington that (in my opinion) are put in place in order to help teach “to the soul.”  When my parents asked me why I was so set on going to Bennington, I remember saying, "At any other school, I could learn to be a better student.  But I’m already an incredible student…I don’t need to prove that to myself.  I need to learn how to be a person.”  What do you think?  

It’s a national conversation, and you’re a part of it.

— Parke ‘15

the abc’s of evaluations at bennington

So at Bennington we have the option of requesting traditional letter grades for any and/or all courses, or to take our classes on a pass/fail basis. What accompanies both of these options are extensive narrative evaluations from our teachers which include strengths, weaknesses, progress, things to keep in mind looking forward, in class performance, etc. These evaluations are personal and encapsulate your performance in a way that is forward thinking, building on your time in class as a way to talk about your work as a whole and what to keep in mind as it progresses. Over half of us (54% to be exact) take letter grades each term. So really the decision is just about what works for you as a student.

This past term was my first requesting letter grades. I found the evaluations I received from faculty to be so fair and on-point, that I couldn’t see the use of a letter grade in their presence. But as I look towards the end of my four years here graduate school is certainly on the table, and while the evaluations I’ve received are an essential part of my transcript, a GPA is something that the schools I’m looking at ask for.

While my experience has only been with a term of grades so far, I have friends who’ve been requesting them from the get-go and friends who haven’t felt the need to request them at all. So once again, it’s all about what meets your needs as a student.

- Sarah ‘15

I’ve always taken grades and I find that incredibly fulfilling to get a letter grade and an evaluation which helps me understand why I got what I did and how I could improve in the future. 


Hello! Is there an accepted students facebook page for 2018? And also, what's the dealio for if you are flying to school. What's the shuttle system what date should I book my flight for? — Asked by Anonymous

Hello there,
the angel from my nightmare,
the shadow in the background of the morgue

Yes yes there is an accepted students Facebook page! Email Mr. Evan Braun at so that you can have access to that virtual space of interests and potential friends.

There is also a shuttle system in place that the school offers for everybody coming to the school! You should have received information regarding those dates in a “Countdown To Bennington” email, or something in that vein. REGARDLESS, we are all about solutions here, so email Student Life ( or call them at 802-440-4330.

It is so hot out I LOVE it I might fall in love or something I am SO happy!

~Carlos ‘14

I have an opportunity to take Psychology my senior year instead of Government/Economics... Would bennington have an issue with me not taking Gov/Econ? I know some schools really want it and others don't mind either way... I've also taken Hon. World Cultures, World History and American History, if that Makes any difference. — Asked by Anonymous

Why would a college that is basically offering you to create and develop your own academic trajectory, require for you to have taken X, Y, Z courses? We don’t even require you to send in SAT/ACT scores.

Sounds a little silly right? 

I’d say take whatever you’re drawn to your last year! It’s your last year in high school and you should gravitate towards what you think will benefit your personal growth and not your chances of getting into a college. Plus, I think it’s pretty easy to tell when someone talks about something they’re not completely into or invested in. 

~Doug ‘16~

#finals- Sarah ‘15

- Sarah ‘15