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do any of the houses have wood stoves in them? I adore wood stoves... also what is the process of roommates? are people sent a survey and it's based upon your interests and how much you are alike each other? — Asked by Anonymous

All of the houses with the exception of the Barnes (70’s) houses have fireplaces. Hence an unofficial Barnes house motto: Fires in our hearts, not in our places. See also: 3rd Street: Lights in our hearts, lights in our ceilings. Although Noyes (I can’t speak for Fels and Sawtell) has been known to play the Yule log on youtube from time to time.

As for roommates, a few people in student life go through and do all the pairings by hand after reading all of the surveys, which ask everything from your favorite types of music to when you go to bed. I can’t say much more than that, but how nice is it that it’s humans (with compassion, empathy etc.) rather than, like, an algorithm. (Is that what other schools do? I don’t know… my school only has 700 people.) They’re able to be really accommodating.

-Alan ‘15

Helloo what are the chances of someone getting a single their sophomore year? Is there anything special they would have to do? — Asked by Anonymous

It isn’t impossible, but it is pretty unlikely. For starters, it would depend on availability. You’d have to wait for juniors and seniors to reserve their rooms and then see if there are any left over. (Note that juniors aren’t even guaranteed singles — although I’ve never heard of any not getting one.) Regardless, what makes this difficult is that it’s such a gamble: while you are waiting to hear about all this, you can’t exactly have the back-up plan of already having a room and roommate secured, because then what would your roommate do? And also, everyone would do it if it were easy. Having said all that, I know a few people who have done it.

Also note that with a note from a doctor you can get a medical single. House Chairs also get singles — even if they are sophomores — but that shouldn’t be your reason for applying to that position.

You can ignore everything I just said if you want, because what you should really just do in this situation is email Sam or Sage (our housing goddesses) and talk it through with them. Especially if you are a current student, which I have a hunch you are. That way they can look at the nuances of your situation (ah, the perks of a school of 700).

-Alan ‘15

what do your houses/rooms look like? (I don't care if they're messy I just want to get a feeling for what the vibe is within each home)... if you don't mind I'd love to see a few pics! — Asked by Anonymous

Hey there!

Lucky for you, Emily, Jeremy and I did a comprehensive visual tour of our houses and rooms. You can find that here.

Also, make sure to check former intern extraordinaire India’s Room Series.

Have fun!

~Carlos ‘14

Which of these houses are Colonials, Woo, Barnes, and Co-ops? 1. Swan 2. Stokes 3. Canfield 4. Dewey 5. Booth 6. Kilpatrick 8. Leigh 9. Fels 10. Perkins 11. Paris-Borden — Asked by Anonymous

I noticed you mentioned houses with no set quiet hours, but I thought I’d just go ahead and list what type each house is!

Colonials: Swan, Stokes, Canfield, Dewey, Booth, Kilpatrick, Leigh, Woolley, Franklin, Welling, Bingham, and McCullough.

Woo (‘New’): Paris-Borden, Perkins, and Merck.

Barnes (‘Barnes’): Fels, Noyes, and Sawtell.

Hope that helps!

- Julia