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how do things work with bennington getting our final high school transcripts? my calculus class in particular has been taught pretty poorly in terms of long term retention and my grade's probably going to go down a bit from the final. would dropping down to a C in an AP math class be a huge deal? because that may happen depending on how the final goes. If they see that grades drop do they just ask you for an explanation or something? Sorry, don't mean to seem panicked, I'm just curious. — Asked by Anonymous

Hello panicked-not-nervous!

No, that alone will not be a very big deal. We’re understanding here. Really what the admissions committee looks at is the Big Picture - WHO ARE YOU??! Are you a C in AP calculus? No…………….. Your application // interview-if-you-have-one are probably some of the most important parts.

You rokkkkk::


Is there any bathtub in the dorms xD — Asked by Anonymous

Yes. There is.

It may not be like this:


but it won’t be like this either:


And if you’re lucky and here on the right day in May you might see something like this:


-Eliana ‘15


If you’ve been through the application process this year we’ve asked a lot about your interests and the work that you make. So, I figured we should return the favor.

Here at Bennington it’s Long Weekend which means that us students are taking a much deserved break for a few days. Please take this as an invitation to follow in our footsteps. Put down that financial aid document you’ve been thumbing through and relax to the sweet sounds of Hart - a musical project created by two current Bennington sophomores.

(Oh and nodding to the last post I should mention that both members of Hart are indeed bois). 

-Eliana ‘15

Hi! Are there any Gen Ed requirements at Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

Nope. All our courses — whether it’s ceramics or neuroscience — are rigorous so there is no escaping intense learning (especially since you’ve got to have enough credits per term.) Who are we to say what you need?

-Alan ‘15

can you post some pictures of people just hanging out around campus? Or just some various silly photos pleeeeease?!?!? — Asked by Anonymous

Silly? Hanging out? People? Various photos?

We’ve got you covered! Well, Facebook has you covered… We all went looking through our photos and came up with too many. Click here to view our full post:

Sincerely, Thursday Morning Shift!

You could think it is just December 11th in the boring year of 2013…


You could realize that it is 11.12.13 (if you are in most countries outside the USA). Eliana is British and she actually writes the date that way, so we decided to try and write out this special date with our bodies (and help of the black end tables for dots)! 

This numeral sequence isn’t going to happen again for another century…

Have a great day!
-Wednesday Morning Shift

Can you live off campus when you attend Bennington? — Asked by Anonymous

Oh wow I just answered this question here neat!

- David ‘13


Hey all! In case you didn’t know there were TWO star alumni at the Oscars on Sunday. The lovely Alan Arkin was nominated for his role in Argo and Justin Theroux made waves by arriving on the arm of Jennifer Aniston. 

Do you guys know of any other Bennington alums that walked the red carpet? LET ME KNOW!