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What is your architecture program like? also other design classes? do you ever have fashion design classes? — Asked by Anonymous


so sayeth Architect Carlos ‘14.

As far as fashion design goes, some students choose to study that mainly through costume design. Courses on fashion design itself are pretty few and far between, but with a Plan that combines, say, costume design, art history, social science (because hey who doesn’t need that?) and maybe some independent work, fashion design is definitely manageable here.


Can any kind of fashion design be studied at bennington - save theatrical costume design? — Asked by Anonymous

We do offer fashion design classes that aren’t costume design but relatively rarely. That doesn’t mean that you can’t study it though. You could certainly put together a Plan in fashion design including some combination of costume design, art history, philosophy, social and media studies and some independent projects.

I would also say that there are enough non traditional drama productions that go on here that the line between fashion and costume design gets pretty blurred.


Hi, I just found Bennington totally by chance (I happen to be visiting Bennington [the town] this week and was looking for colleges to possibly visit around there), and from what I've seen so far, I've fallen in love! I'm an incoming junior in high school, and I've already set up a tour, and I'm really excited. I was wondering how your theatre production is (sound, set design, lights, stage managing)? — Asked by Anonymous

Glad to hear it!

I think the theatre production program is great. The general theatre program is all about studying broadly within theatre, so even I, as an acting student, am asked to take things like theatre history, playwrighting, set design, etc.

So here’s the skinny: we offer all the things you mentioned in your post and more - here’s a sampling of the kind of drama classes we offer. And there are constantly productions going on, so there is ample opportunity as you become more advanced as say a lighting designer to apply your skills in a production environment, whether it’s working officially for credit on a main stage faculty directed production, or designing a set for your friends show that she wants to do in the woods behind Jennings.

If you have more specific questions about drama, feel free to send me an email at


[Part 1 of the Posters at Bennington Series]

One of the most common questions I’m asked on tours is “What is there to do at Bennington?” I know that before I came here I couldn’t for the life of me imagine what one would do all day at a small liberal arts school in Vermont. But when I visited campus I realized that everywhere I looked, the walls were plastered with posters advertising clubs, performances, discussions, lectures, films, and more. 

So I thought, for those of you who can’t visit campus just yet, that I’d start a weekly series where I showcase some of the posters around campus over the past year or two. All photo credits go to the folks behind the Bennington College Flickr!



Madison Best

Senior (Class of 2012) studying Art History and Photography.

I ran into Madison in the costume shop and asked her if she would participate in my first Student Profile!

Madison (in the top picture) is working on a dress for her job in Bennington’s Costume shop. I also managed to get some pictures of the shop all lit up from the giant VAPA windows (bottom two pictures)

Madison has worked in the shop for two years and enjoys the work as a way to “be a part of the [drama performance] shows” even though performing isn’t really her thing. She’s currently working on mending and creating a dress out of a “weird piece” that the costume crew found.

Madison’s proof that you don’t need to be a Costume Design, Fashion Design, or Theater student at Bennington to get your hands dirty in the Costume Shop. It really is a magical place.

-Leah ‘13

p.s. Student Profiles will be an on-going segment on the blog, and any suggestions would be highly appreciated!!

Six months out

I am so thankful and amazed that about six months out of undergrad, my work is now my life. 

On Sunday, I closed my first show as costume designer in Boston: Not-a-Box New Play Festival with GAN-e-meed Theater Project.  It was a very good experience (seriously) and I was proud of the work I did.  I think that’s the most important part, that I’m proud of the work I did. I met a whole bunch of wonderful, talented people.  And got another gig out of it.

Yesterday, I had my first production meeting for Stoneham’s the young co production of Once Upon a Mattress.  Short and sweet — I’m excited to delve into that project.

On Monday, I have an audition for Play About the Baby.

I did some thinking on Monday or Tuesday night.  I moved to Boston in September. I’ve been working consistently (both part-time and in theater) ever since.  By the end of the season, I’ll have worked on —as designer or wardrobe— six shows.  That’s six runs.  That’s work for an entire season.  I’ll have been theatrically employed for the entire first theater season I spent in Boston.