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I am a creative person who loves creativity, specifically writing and dance, and likes thinking critically. I love being around artistic people but also need time by myself to think and write. Do you think i would fit into Bennington? Also, I'm a pretty sensitive sleeper so i was wondering what would be the least noisiest house? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes? I don’t see why you wouldn’t. Creativity is our thing, but not just in writing and dance…creative problem solving is a part of all disciplines, not just the arts. There is also a lot of reading, writing and thinking. Traditionally, these activities can be done in solitude or in the company of others.

Franklin is a 24hr quiet house, and a bunch of other houses set quiet hours as a community: on 3rd street, Noyes, Sawtell, Perkins and Merck — PB and Fels don’t (to my knowledge — I might be wrong, but it’s roughly that ratio). So really, you’ll find your place. All are varying degrees of quiet and houses choose their quiet hours as a community. Note that all houses are courtesy houses, meaning if there’s an issue you can knock on your neighbors door and chat about it and they HAVE TO BE NICE (and then solve the issue).

Alan ‘15

You could think it is just December 11th in the boring year of 2013…


You could realize that it is 11.12.13 (if you are in most countries outside the USA). Eliana is British and she actually writes the date that way, so we decided to try and write out this special date with our bodies (and help of the black end tables for dots)! 

This numeral sequence isn’t going to happen again for another century…

Have a great day!
-Wednesday Morning Shift