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Images of a Summer Weekend at Bennington

Sometimes we do things on weekends! It’s fun.

For example: hike up Bald mountain, bake bread, eat food while reading John Donne, farm, eat food while hanging out with friends, and take pictures of things.

Other adventures not pictured might include: waiting for the bus with Sam, listening to This American Life while mending jeans, and trekking into town to do the laundry. Who knows — if you stop by this summer to pay us a visit, you might see some of these people, or some of these eggplants! 

Wishing you a lovely summer,

Sylvia M. ‘16

how does the meal plan work? is it all-you-can-eat or per item or by weight? does it apply to all the places to get food, or just the dining hall? — Asked by Anonymous

There’s two places to get food on the meal plan, and the rules are slightly different for either so let me drop some knowledge:

Student Center - open for lunch (11:30-1:30) and dinner (5-6:30). When you get food here, you have a set amount of money alotted to your card by the meal plan that you can use for food - at lunch, it’s $7.20, and at dinner, $9.25. You can spend more than that if you want, you just have to pay out of pocket (or using the points on your card). The Student Center has a full kitchen where food is made to order; a convenience store; and grab-n-go.

Dining Hall - open for breakfast (7:30-9(?)), lunch (11:30-1:30), and dinner (5-6:30). Plenty of food options, all you can eat at every meal. There are different entree choices every day which always include a meat, vegetarian, and vegan option (and, often, one or all are gluten-free). In addition to the main entree stuff, there is a salad bar, sandwich bar, pasta station, daily soup, ice cream, and drink machines (and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting).

So yeah! Hope that answers your question. 

-Evan ‘13

Pasta, basil, onions, oh my!

Last night, two friends and I made dinner in my house. We made pasta with olive oil, basil, and red pepper flakes. As a side dish to add into the pasta, we sautéed onions and garlic in olive oil. This was a nice little dinner, and it was the perfect break from all the work we had to do last night. Also- the combination of flavors with the pasta and the onions was addictive. Luckily we only had one box of pasta! 

-Kate D.

I’m really picky about food and I’m always the first to criticize the dining hall. But dinner tonight was actually really good I thought. I ate herbed pasta with lots of parmasean (melt it a little in the microwave, oh yeah) and really yummy greenbeans and basil chicken.  And coffee ice cream with walnuts and sprinkles and chocolate syrup. Just saying. 


Spur of the moment dInner at the Townhouse