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Do you allow pets? I live with a 4 foot corn snake I've had since fifth grade. She lives in a glass cage and is only as much trouble as a fish, aside from being feared by some ophidiophobics. — Asked by Anonymous

so officially students are not allowed any pets besides fish. 

I’m not going to tell you what to do with that information but as someone who is 5 foot, the idea of a snake that is 4/5th my size in a house on campus is not exactly a calming thought. 

Again I’m not going to dictate behavior but if its as much trouble as a fish, maybe consider a fish. 

This is a snakehead fish: 


-Eliana ‘15

By any chance, is there federal work study opportunity in the dining hall to work as a cook? Or the student center? — Asked by Anonymous


I’m useless in the kitchen but before I started in Admissions I worked in the dish room. It was great I got to throw plates onto the industrial washer and get out all my aggression. 

There are cooking jobs available in both the dining hall and the student center and I believe they’re not too hard to get. 


-Eliana ‘15

I'm having a real hard time finding the list of majors on the website, so I wanted to know if there was a film program? I want to be a director — Asked by noirpineapple

Yes you can study film here. We have a range of video classes. We also have directing classes if you’re interested in working in the theater.

For the record: Go to the Bennington homepage. Click “Academics” at the bottom of the page. “Areas of study and curriculum” is the second option down. Click it. There you have a list of all the areas of study available.

We do not have majors, each student crafts their own educational plan, which may be why you were confused.

-Eliana ‘15

Is there a lot of partying on campus? And if so, are they "good old fashioned fun" parties, or "let's get totally wasted bruh" parties? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes - We have lots of parties on campus. There are bigger house parties, roughly one per weekend, and then smaller parties in people’s rooms. If I’m in the mood (who am I kidding when am I not in the mood) I can always find a party to go to, usually without leaving my house. This past term I hosted a “Safety Party” in my room. I framed my windows and my trimmings with caution tape and covered every surface in my room (floor included) with bubble wrap. I made everyone attending wear a helmet and I played lots of safety related music - (Safety Dance was of course the most played song of the night). I’m choosing not to conform to your two categories of ‘party’ but if you’re looking for either you won’t be disappointed, but I promise parties are plentiful. There is lots of fun to be had. 

- Eliana ‘15

No. I mean, yes there are parties. And the parties party (phenomenology of the party). But the student students, and so I don’t find myself partying. Okay, sorry. It depends what kind of community you are in. Noyes was always pretty quiet on Friday and Saturday nights; people would spend time together watching movies or playing games, but go elsewhere if they felt like partying. We did have a few events which were smaller (“Noyes to Meet You”) which were casual and emphasized mingling over grinding, and tortilla chips over vodka. What I’m saying is, the party scene isn’t in your face and even those of us who don’t want to go wild have spaces to have a good time while still maintaining our sobriety, but more importantly, our dignity.

- Alan ‘15 

Are there places in Bennington where I can get my eyebrows done? — Asked by Anonymous


- Eliana ‘15

Very brief question: some colleges don't allow bed-risers. Does Bennington? Just wondrin' :) — Asked by faeyerotiggular

All the bed frames at Bennington are adjustable so you can make your bed as high or as low as you want. No risers necessary!

Your room is your oyster. 

Eliana ‘15

Normal to be getting cold feet ? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, absolutely, 100%, definitely. 

You’re already nervous about going to college, don’t get nervous about being nervous. 

It may seem like everyone is super excited and just can’t wait for this new adventure but trust me, everyone going to college is at least a little scared, probably terrified. You’re starting a whole new phase of your life and likely moving away from home for the first time how could you not be terrified? 

Talking to the folks around the office it seems that everyone was pretty freaked out before coming to Bennington. But it worked out for all of us so your odds are pretty good. 

I’m not going to tell you not to worry because that would be futile but just try to be open to all the new opportunities coming your way. And for the last few weeks before you start college try distracting yourself, for instance I’ve heard good things about Cold Feet. It’s a British comedy-drama show from the ’90s about three couples experiencing the ups and downs of romance…or so the wikipedia page says. I remember watching it as a kid and it was pretty good. 

Eliana ‘15

Hey guys!...I have been checking this blog out regularly for the last couple of days and I LOVE the way you guys interact with the accepted/perspective students here, it makes me less anxious about moving across the world to Bennington (that is a subtle way of saying I got accepted YAYY!!) I'm from Bangladesh, and I was hoping that you guys could give me suggestions on what to bring with myself, also tips on winter wear! Thank you.... — Asked by asmi10

Okay here’s the secret: At least 50% of the things you think you can’t live without in your room at home, you can. Eventually you will regret having paid the extra weight charge on your suitcase. Halfway through your first term you’ll look over at that pile of your ‘favorite books’ that you haven’t touched since unpacking, or that antique jewelry box you meticulously wrapped up to fly across the globe only to break it two weeks later when one of your new friend’s spilled coffee on it and in trying to clean it up you dropped it and it smashed, and you’ll think that that 50 bucks is looking pretty good to you right about now.

But, here’s the other secret: you are not going to take my advice. When it comes time to pack you just won’t be able to resist stuffing the basketball sized beaded wire turtle called Dostoevsky that you’ve had since you were 7 into your already over flowing suitcase. Trust me though, you will learn from your mistakes. 

When you arrive for International Student Orientation there will be an opportunity for you to buy everyday essentials like blankets, pillows, lamps etc so don’t worry too much about that stuff. 

Also if your parents are willing and able you can always have them send over anything you feel like you’re missing once you’ve settled in.

On winter wear, just be ready to layer up. If you can get your hands on a down jacket - do.

Pro tip: Don’t feel embarrassed when you start having your panic attack in the airport terminal. That business man who is scoffing at you doesn’t realize you’re moving across the world and that’s a scary thing. 

-Eliana ‘15 

On average how many students enroll in a freshman class? — Asked by Anonymous

We don’t have an average. The size of the freshman class varies greatly from year to year. This is because we’re not trying to fill quotas. The admissions office looks at each applicant holistically and admits those individuals (yes individuals not numbers) that they believe will thrive here. 

I would say that over the last few years the freshman classes have roughly (very very roughly) been around the 200 mark. 

But whenever you’re talking about numbers at Bennington remember we are people not robots. 


 - Eliana ‘15

As a politically active person, how is that affected by living in a less populated area that is not close to New York or DC? Also, are there any facets through which political activity (i.e. rallies, walks, protests) can be achieved? — Asked by Anonymous

People live here so there are naturally politics here.

Brian Campion works for the administration of the college and he’s our state representative. Many students have interned/worked (woop woop, money) for him in the past. He’s constantly in communication with students and if you are/want to be engaged and involved he’d love to talk to you!  

You can also work for the Vermont Legislature during FWT. Or any other political office of your choosing - a friend of mine worked for her US Senator’s office. 

Our very own intern, Eliana and a couple of other students organized phone banks on campus during the 2012 election. She also did some campaigning in New Hampshire as well as in North Adams for Elizabeth Warren. She has also done several FWTs in the political sphere - Boston mayor’s office, a state rep campaign in 2014, and US senate campaign a few summers ago. 

The Environment Action group sometimes plans trips to rallies in cities nearby.  

Also, the internet. You aren’t closed off from the world, you can stay in touch with what is happening in New York and DC. 

All the best,

Eliana, Glennis and Emily

One of our admissions interns Ben just won the 2014 Bennington College Academy of American Poets Prize! 

Congratulations Ben!

Here is the academy award winning poem for you all to enjoy: 

This is a bit out of the realm of Bennington-related questions, but do you have any advice on procrastination? — Asked by Anonymous

I’ve been procrastinating from answering this question for half an hour. Also I’m on Level 17 of Relic Quest so I don’t know if I can help you.

Here’s what some other (less productively-challenged) Wednesday afternoon shifters have to say:

"Change environments"

"Find the right music to listen to"


"Just jump in" 

"Don’t stack your train cars"

"Alternate between doing homework and episodes of Desperate Housewives"

"keep your shoes on"

Hope that helps.

-Eliana ‘15

Is there any bathtub in the dorms xD — Asked by Anonymous

Yes. There is.

It may not be like this:


but it won’t be like this either:


And if you’re lucky and here on the right day in May you might see something like this:


-Eliana ‘15


If you’ve been through the application process this year we’ve asked a lot about your interests and the work that you make. So, I figured we should return the favor.

Here at Bennington it’s Long Weekend which means that us students are taking a much deserved break for a few days. Please take this as an invitation to follow in our footsteps. Put down that financial aid document you’ve been thumbing through and relax to the sweet sounds of Hart - a musical project created by two current Bennington sophomores.

(Oh and nodding to the last post I should mention that both members of Hart are indeed bois). 

-Eliana ‘15

To answer your question….