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More from Trevor Wilson Vocal Ensemble. Which I wrote earlier about here. We have received good word from the former Benningtonians. Being NYC based, they made it through Sandy and are returning to help out with relief efforts where they can. 

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Old Grrl, by Ethan Woods

I have a friend here named Ethan who I met during freshman orientation. I remember him always being really interested in music, especially experimental and electronic music. I have this faint, distant memory of him our freshman year playing a guitar with a pencil and pen stuck under the strings to create these insane dissonant chords that totally mesmerized me.

During our time here, I’ve seen his work grow and change and fluctuate in so many different ways. This year, Ethan will be presenting his music in his senior show, an important part for any music concentrate’s work at Bennington. Seniors must put on a show with at least half an hour of original music.

Besides that, Ethan has been keeping himself busy. He composed the score for our on campus production of “Angels in America” and has been writing music for a few of his dance student friends. You’ll find in this post his song “Old Grrl”, one of his most recent electronic compositions.

Check out his bandcamp! 
And to hear one of the scores composed for a dance piece, click here!

-India K, ‘12