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What is your architecture program like? also other design classes? do you ever have fashion design classes? — Asked by Anonymous


so sayeth Architect Carlos ‘14.

As far as fashion design goes, some students choose to study that mainly through costume design. Courses on fashion design itself are pretty few and far between, but with a Plan that combines, say, costume design, art history, social science (because hey who doesn’t need that?) and maybe some independent work, fashion design is definitely manageable here.


Can any kind of fashion design be studied at bennington - save theatrical costume design? — Asked by Anonymous

We do offer fashion design classes that aren’t costume design but relatively rarely. That doesn’t mean that you can’t study it though. You could certainly put together a Plan in fashion design including some combination of costume design, art history, philosophy, social and media studies and some independent projects.

I would also say that there are enough non traditional drama productions that go on here that the line between fashion and costume design gets pretty blurred.